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How to Make Worrying About Finances a Thing of the Past

Michelle Wilson - 700 Club Producer

Paula had a great job as an account manager in sunny south Florida. But…she felt god telling her to resign and take a job at her church…even the salary they were offering was far less than what she was making.

Paula shares, “It was hard for me because I'm like, ‘God, you see I’m struggling.  Like, I'm trying to pay my bills, I'm trying to pay this. I'm being responsible.’ I asked God to help me in terms of just ‘add more money in my account.’  ‘That's all you have to do.’ So I was telling God how to fix it.”

Paula took the job at the church and immediately had a hard time paying her bills. Soon she resorted to pay day loans.

Paula says, “It solved the problem, but it was just for that small amount of time.  And then those loans became due.”

Eventually, Paula drained what little savings she had. Within a few months, she had to leave her apartment and moved in with her mother. She stayed in the same room with her sister and her two kids.

Paula recalls, “And I remember I went to work and I looked flustered and frustrated. And one of my coworkers came and she said, ‘What's wrong?’  I said, ‘You know what, I need to do something different.’”

Paula had trusted God earlier when she took the job at her church. Now, she knew it was time to trust God again…this time, with her money. It’s a lesson she learned while watching the 700 Club. Then one day, she asked her friend to help her stay consistent with her giving.

Paula says, “And I said, ‘You need to be my accountability partner.’ So we set up the automatic deduction out of every check that I get.  And it was going to be the exact amount for the tithing. I'm just going to tithe and I'm not even going to think about it.   I said, ‘Okay God, you want me to do this, I'm going to go full-fledge.’ But I knew at that point that my act of obedience I had the word to back it because I went to God and said you said to test you in this!

A little while after Paula made the decision to trust God and tithe and give to the 700 Club a door opened up at her job for her to get a higher salary.

Paula remembers, “And literally in three days I got an offer letter with a new position, a higher position within that within the children ministry that I was working in, and then also God increased my salary $4,000. I said, ‘Okay God, yep, you really are, you know, honest with what you say. You said 'test' and you said 'bring' and you will open the heavens" and I felt like I was getting a little spoiled by God.”

A few months later, Paula felt God telling her that it was time for her to make another career move. She applied for a job as the director for a college prepatory company. Because of her experience working with children at the church she was the perfect candidate. Paula got the job and today, she is bringing in more money than she’s ever had before!

Paula shares, “I've learned that I need to put God first.  Because that is a prerequisite for him to even pour out the blessings.”

Looking back, Paula can see how God was with her every step of the way
Now she’s almost debt free and has her own place again.

Paula says, “Oh my goodness.  Not worrying about how I'm going to pay a bill, it actually has helped me to sleep better.”

Today Paula encourages others to trust God in their lives as well and watch him do the impossible.

Paula shares, “He wants to bless us.  He wants to give us more than enough, exceedingly abundantly.  But we have to take that first step of faith. Just take that leap of faith cause what he did for me, He'll do for you.  Because God is a protector of His word and He's not going to lie, He always is faithful.”

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