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Husband Shocked by His Wife's Investment

Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer
Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

Shane and Heather never argued about money. When they married, they had the same motto. "Spend all the money you earn."

Shane explains, "I think I was feeling a little entitled because I never had anything growing up. So, once I saw a little money coming in like yeah, I'm going to spend it."

Heather adds, "We were at the time in our life where we were working and we deserved it."

Shane and Heather had steady incomes as teachers. But, it wasn't long before they were using credit cards to spend money they didn't have.

Heather says, "Foolish spending, going out to eat a lot, buying new clothes, new shoes. We felt like we have that money. We have cards. We are good."

Shane adds, "We accumulated some debt. We were living, I believe, out of our means."

Before long, the couple had $20,000 in credit card debt, and were having a hard time paying their monthly bills.

Shane says, "We were struggling pretty good, living from check to check. We can't even afford to get back and forth to work."

During this difficult time, The 700 Club caught Heather's attention.

"I sat down and I was so enthralled I recorded it and i just kept watching," she says.

As Heather learned more about the work of CBN, she wanted to become part of it.

"I prayed and said, "God, you know how I feel about giving my money away, but I feel like this is the real deal. So, I wrote a check for $45 and I asked God to bless it and let me know this is the right thing."

When Shane heard that Heather had written a check to CBN, he did not share her enthusiasm. Now, there was a conflict over money.

Shane remembers, "I was like, 'What do you mean? What's this tithing?' I was angry at the time for sure. I just could not understand why she wanted to give money when we didn't have money to give."

What happened next shocked both Shane and Heather.

"The very next day, she received a check for $45 dollars. It was the same amount she sent in. So I was like, this is amazing. It blew my mind."

Still, Shane wasn't convinced to tithe on a regular basis.

"She wanted to tithe and give money that I didn't think we had." He said, "that's fine, if that's what you want to do, then take it out of your part of your money".

So, Heather began to tithe faithfully on her salary. Six months later, both Shane and Heather received raises at work. So, Heather increased her giving. During this time, the couple began to pray and study the Bible together.

Shane says, "In Malachi, God said, ‘Just test me and watch the flood gates open up'. In Exodus, He said, ‘give your first fruits'. That's when I really started to began to understand this tithing process. That's when we became as one, together as one tithers."

Heather smiles and says, "It was joyful to me to see him come on board and to see how God's worked in his life."

A few months later, Shawn was offered a higher paying job in another school district, a job he had been seeking for three years!

"When I started to give and become a cheerful giver, that's when things started changing in my life. It's just wild … the timing and how God works! I look forward to giving now because I just see how our money is working through The 700 Club. We see the kids with cleft palates. We see the homes that have been torn apart and then rebuilt. And with 'Helping the Homefront'. That's when I was like, 'I want to give to this.'"

The couple have had several pay increases in the last few years. They're almost debt free. And, now they're saving for the future.

Heather says, "I promise you, God is faithful on this. Just test Him and try Him like the Bible says and see what He does for you and how the floodgates open."

Shane concludes, "I encourage people to tithe. Take that leap of faith and see how God can work in your life and in your family's life."

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