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Melissa Verwey - 700 Club Producer
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When Heavenlight was two months old her mother found a bump on her head. As time went by, it grew bigger.

Her mother said, “When she plays, I make sure she does not hurt herself or bump her head. She often touches her head and says, ‘Mommy get this off.’ I realized how dangerous it was and went all over to find help.”

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said, “The plates in her skull didn’t fuse the way they should have. So, she’s had fluid from her brain accumulate here just under her skin. Left untreated, over time, her brain would eventually start to grow through that hole, and she’d probably develop mental disabilities.”

“When I learned Heavenlight needed surgery, I lost all hope, because I couldn’t afford it,” said her mother. “I worried for her future, because daily activities are dangerous for her. I prayed God would make a way for us, because there was nothing I could do.”

Heavenlight’s mother kept searching for help, and learned about Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre, a hospital supported by Operation Blessing. We soon arranged and paid for Heavenlight’s surgery.

“She recovered completely,” said her mother. “I am so relieved and at peace now. Afterward, she felt her head and said, ‘It is gone now,’ and smiled. She will be able to go to school safely. She can interact and play like other children. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. You have changed our lives."

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