Jentezen Franklin on Persevering Through the Climate of Chaos

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NYT best-selling author, his latest, Overcoming When You Feel Overwhelmed (Baker/Chosen 2022)

Senior pastor of megachurch Free Chapel Church, 10,000 plus members

Host of weekly program Kingdom Connection which broadcasts worldwide on TBN, Daystar, and local stations

Founder, Kingdom Connection Media Ministry, includes international television and publishing ministries

Attended Barton College, NC; Majored in music

Married: Cherise; 5 children, 4 grandchildren. 


“We have now arrived at the acceleration of end time events, many of which have been initiated in our generation and cannot be reversed,” shares Jentezen. The spiritual battle taking place these days is real. Satan is desperately trying to seize this generation.

He is planting his thoughts of rebellion, lust, violence, drunkenness, depression, suicide, addiction in the minds of millions. As Christians, the end times should be a major part of our belief system. Unfortunately, many find this topic scary or overwhelming. It is critical that the Church not stay silent on this subject any longer if we are to be prepared for the return of Christ. If you read the end times prophecy in the Bible there is good news, a plan of escape for God’s people. 

As believers we are to consume and believe God’s word over everything that we’re going through (reading about in the news and social media). “God wants you to be saturated with His Word and motivated by the Holy Spirit so you will be ready for the battle,” reveals Jentezen.

Jentezen says, “Instead of being fearful or paralyzed by the knowledge of what will happen in the last days, remember that this is what God is preparing you for.” Keep your eyes focused on the prize – Jesus. 

Jentezen shares five steps that will help us face everyday challenges and help us realize who we are in Christ and how we live because of Him:

•    Look within – the more you know about God, the more you love and serve Him. To the enemy you become a high value target (HVT). Guard yourself by being aware of your thought life, character, and integrity.
•    Look to Him – don’t focus on the problem. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He is always with you. “Don’t ever let the direction of the wind determine whether you believe God is with you or not.” Focus on the promises of God and the miracles of God every day, but especially during the storms of life.
•    Look ahead - know your end goal. For example, Jentezen is a runner. Before each run he decides how far he is going to run. This principle applies to our faith as well. “Finishing the race requires knowing your end goal before you even take that first step.” Get connected to the Holy Spirit every morning. Read God’s word, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to empower you.
•    Look out – share the gospel with others. Be a nighttime hero and allow God to use you to bless the Body of Christ (even when your service won’t be seen or talked about). For example, Joseph of Arimathea, a New Testament businessman went to Pilate and requested Jesus’ body after his crucifixion on the cross. He wrapped Jesus’ body in clean linen and laid him in his tomb. During this time, Joseph ministered to the body of Christ by offering what he had. When the Church was powerless and had nothing to give, Joseph stepped up and gave all he had. 
•    Look up – The state of every believer needs to be the eager expectation of the Second Coming of Jesus. 


It is important to wake up and believe the return of Jesus Christ could take place at any time. However, it is also important to not just put your head in the sand until His return. God has a powerful destiny for your life and it is time to pursue it. Jentezen shares the following tips on how Christians can wait with anticipation for Christ’s return yet still engage in the race of life:                                    

  1. Strive to master – be the very best that you can be at whatever you do. 
  2. Strive to win – live with a winner’s mentality. Put your heart and soul into the dreams God has called you to achieve, the goals He has equipped you to reach and the lives He has entrusted you to reach.
  3. Take responsibility for your effort – legacies of your parents or grandparents in the faith don’t become your achievements. Be an asset to the ministry Jesus Christ. 
  4. Never quit – get back up when you get knocked down. 
  5. Remember who is cheering for you – take a stand for God. Choose His standards over our culture’s priorities. You have a cloud of witnesses in heaven cheering you on and encouraging you to keep going and not give up in your walk with the Lord.


Personal holiness is the battle of believers in every life stage. It is important to remember to guard both your outer (flesh) and inner (heart where the Holy Spirit is enthroned) self. “You are to guard who you are and your relationship with your Lord and Savior, above all,” shares Jentezen. Some have started strong in the faith but walk away because they grow to love the world more than their Savior. Jentezen shares five areas of your life to W.A.T.C.H. in order to endure in the faith:

•    W – your Words – every word you speak is a seed that is going forth and creating the future. Also, watch the words that others say around you. Jentezen says, “Don’t make your ears a garbage can.”
•    A – your Attitude – The state of your attitude is a choice. Don’t be negative and angry.
•    T -your Temptations – Watch your temptations because they can cost you everything. Be careful of what and whom you allow into your life.
•    C – your Character – God is more interested in your character than your comfort. 
•    H – your Household – Invest in the next generation. Make time for your family. Listen to them more than you talk. Show them the love of Christ during the week. Pray for them and stand on God’s Word.

In addition to applying the T.E.A.C.H. principle Jentezen warns believers to be aware of Satan’s greatest attack: offense. “Offense is running rampant through the Church.” The enemy is constantly trying to derail the victorious life of the believer. The remedy is to forgive. To forgive another person who has offended you is not optional it’s a command. 


Jentezen is the senior pastor of Free Chapel, a multicampus church with a global reach. His televised broadcast, Kingdom Connection, reaches over 200 nations globally. Each broadcast potentially reaches 2.3 billion viewers with the Good News. Jentezen is also a New York Times bestselling author who speaks at conferences worldwide. He and his wife, Cherise, live in Gainesville, Georgia, and have five children and four grandchildren. 

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