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Has sold over 2 million copies of his book, The Harbinger

His latest: The Paradigm, Charisma House 2017

Leads Hope of the World ministry, an international outreach of teaching, evangelism and compassion projects for the needy

Leads Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a worship center made up of Jews and Gentiles just outside of NYC

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Has spoken at United Nations, on Capitol Hill and to millions around the world

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Jonathan says a paradigm is a pattern or a template.  He says there are paradigms which have appeared in Scripture, including the plans God gave Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant and the Tent of God’s Presence. Paradigms also appear in biblical chronicles of Israel’s history and are warnings and examples for generations.  “Not only were ancient events recorded for the sake of future generations, but they actually happened for the sake of future generations,” says Jonathan.  He believes the paradigm is that master blueprint behind everything that is happening now. “This metamorphosis taking place in our day is following the course of ancient transformation – that of ancient Israel,” he says.  Israel is the paradigm nation that stands as the pattern for good or bad to the rest of the world. “Israel had been founded for the will and purposes of God,” he says.  “But in time the nation began falling away from God.”  America was also dedicated from its inception to the will and purposes of God, established after the pattern of ancient Israel.  But in the mid-20th century, a critical metamorphosis began – a departure from God of its foundation.  “The transformation was subtle at first but in time would become increasingly blatant and brazen.”  The master blueprint gives not only the events but it gives exact times, years, dates, and even the hour.  “It foreshadows the people who are leading today,” says Jonathan.

As it happened in ancient Israel, it is happening in the modern world – America and much of the West is turning away from God to embrace idolatry.  The idols are not gods; rather they take on modern forms, like the idols of money, success, pleasure, prosperity, addictions, self-obsession and self-worship.  The idea of “a nation under God” has eroded and culture has redefined what is true and real and right and wrong.  In the early 1960s, America began driving God out of public schools, out of government and out of its culture.  Bibles were removed from schools and the Ten Commandments ripped down from public view.  American and Western culture has grown increasing harsh, crude, vulgar and profane.  “It is no accident that the departure from God has witnessed a parallel erosion of marriage and the growing divorce of marriage from sexuality,” says Jonathan.  Sex outside of marriage was virtually unthinkable and now has become the norm.  Sexual immorality has proliferated and further weakened the bond of marriage.  As in the days of Israel’s fall from God, when erotic images were everywhere, this is also happening today.  “This is evident in the mainstreaming of pornography and in the pornification of mainstream culture,” he says.  The next stage, as the apostasy deepens, is the divorcing of sexuality from gender.  Jonathan says, “In the modern replaying, it has manifested in the mainstreaming and celebration of homosexuality.”  As America dramatically began turning away from God and its biblical foundations, it also embraced the killing of babies.  As in the ancient case, Jonathan says the practice of killing unborn children took place at first in secret and against the law.  The priests of Baal were the ones who oversaw and participated in the sacrifice of children.  “Their modern-day equivalents would be those who oversee the killing of unborn children in abortions,” says Jonathan.

In ancient Israel, King Ahab was a man divided and epitomized the nation’s fall.  Jonathan reminds us that Ahab was the catalyst to accelerate the rise of a new pagan morality.  Jonathan compares Ahab to modern day President Clinton.  For most of the 20th century, Clinton’s career was linked to the culture war from the beginning of his campaign.  “Clinton stood on the side of change and specifically for the overturning of tradition and biblical morality,” says Jonathan.  He says Clinton was also a divided man: a talented politician but also a man of moral weakness and will.  Both Ahab and Clinton were catalysts for national apostasy.  “Both would operate as agents of societal change,” says Jonathan.  

“Each would lead his nation away from biblical morality.”  In each case, neither man acted alone.  Jonathan says Ahab married Jezebel, a Canaanite woman born of the high priest of the Canaanite goddess Astarte.  She attempted to change Israel into the image of her native land of Phoenicia.  The Phoenicians worshipped a multitude of gods.  Israel worshipped one God.  The paradigm of Jezebel is Hillary Clinton.  “If Bill Clinton is the Ahab of the modern apostasy, then Hillary must be the Jezebel of the same template,” says Jonathan. 

During Ahab’s reign, the Assyrian king was Ben-Hadad who proved to be Ahab’s nemesis and ever-looming threat to Israel’s security.  He plotted attacks, invasions and incursions in the land.  At one point, God delivered Ben-Hadad into Ahab’s hands.  Instead of putting him to death, Ahab released Ben-Hadad.  “He let the man who posed the most present danger to Israel’s safety go free,” says Jonathan.  Much like Ben-Hadad was the nemesis to Ahab, Osama Bin Laden was Clinton’s nemesis  During Clinton’s administration, Bin Laden’s hatred for America intensified.  The master blueprint says Ahab’s nemesis would come from a land east of Israel, from a Semitic people (and related to the Jewish people) and would declare war against the king’s land.  Same for Bin Laden.  He also came from the east and waged his war against the nation of his hatred.  He was also Arab (Arabs are Semitic people).  He also issued threats and plots against America.  The master blueprint also says the name of the nemesis would be formed out of joining two Middle Eastern Words.  In Hebrew, the word will consist of the letter bet (b) followed by the letter nun (n).  Together they form the name Bn.  “It’s hard to think of any person in the modern age known throughout the world by a name that shares those same properties with Israel’s ancient nemesis Ben-Hadad – other than Osama Bin Laden,” says Jonathan.  Other elements of the template also came into play as Ben-Hadad not only attacked Israel but invaded the land and lay siege to Samaria, which was the nation’s capital and chief city.  Same with Osama Bin Laden who threated American interests and attacked New York City and Washington, DC.  

Ahab and Jezebel had a son named Joram.  Jonathan says Obama took up where Clinton left off.  He says “Obama was their heir.”  As Joram continued his parents’ policies, so did Obama as he continued to oppose biblical standards and underlying moral values of Western civilization.  “Not only would America become a less Christian nation,” says Jonathan.  “It would become an increasingly anti-Christian nation.”  

When Joram was king, a new one was being anointed.  Jehu, son of Jehosophat, was anointed by Elisha to be the king of Israel.  He had no royal lineage that gave him right to the throne.  He was an outsider; a most unlikely ruler.  Jonathan says Donald Trump was the most unlikely of figures in the history of American presidency.  He was a man of controversy.  In a dramatic turn of events, Jehu began his rise in power.  He was a warrior and a man who had not lived his life for God.  So too in the case of Trump, who lived a life that did not exemplify that of a godly man. In the master blueprint, Jehu had to come head-to-head with the former queen Jezebel.  The template speaks of Trump and Hillary Clinton confronting each other.  Jonathan says Trump’s victory could not have been without the votes of a particular portion of the American population: religious conservatives who were torn over Trump.  His actions proved troubling and they wondered if he could be used for God’s purposes.  Like Jehu who sought the support of the conservative people of his day.  “See my zeal for the Lord,” Jehu told Jehonadab, the leader of the conservative Rechabites.  One month before his nomination, Trump stood before a thousand Christian leaders at what would prove to be a pivotal meeting in New York City.  In the ancient meeting of Jehu and Jehonadab, Jehu assured the holy man that he was on his side.  Trump’s meeting with evangelical leaders made headline news: Trump Swears to Christian Leaders, “I’m So On Your Side.”

Jonathan says the paradigm has implications: God is real; He is over all things; He works all things for his ultimate purposes; He is involved in the events of the modern world; we are living in biblical times.  “All things pass away,” says Jonathan.  “So who was it who put it all together? There is only One.”

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