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The Key Ingredient to Fighting Life's Battles: True Faith

Kevin: Co-author, latest: True Faith (Reveille Press, 2020)

Before the Wrath documentary (narrator, 2020Co-author, Share the Light devotional, (Broadstreet, 2018)

Narrator of Pat’s book, Ten Laws for Success

Actor, The Reliant (2019)

Actor, producer, director, Miracle in East Texas (2020)

Actor, producer, director Let There Be Light (2017)

Co-producer/Voice of God, Breathe Bible Audio New Testament (Tyndale, 2017)

Actor in more than 40 movies and TV shows, most known for his roles in hit TV series, Hercules (1993-1999)Andromeda, and Kull the Conqueror

Appeared in movie Soul Surfer and played the atheist professor in the box office hit God’s Not Dead (2014)

Married to Sam, 22 years

Three children: Braeden, Shane, and Octavia


Sam:  Co-author, latest True Faith (Reveille Press, 2020)

Author, They’re Your Kids and Teach From Love (Broadstreet, 2017)

Co-author, Share the Light devotional, (Broadstreet, 2018)

Actress, producer, Miracle in East Texas (2020)

Actress, producer, writer Let There Be Light (2017), Executive Producer Sean Hannity


Radio show host - The Sam Sorbo Show

Homeschool advocate

She and Kevin have three children: Braeden, Shane, and Octavia

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Kevin and Sam Sorbo have been married for 22 years. Their marriage, like most, has been filled with ups and downs. In their latest book, True Faith, they share the key ingredient in facing life battles: faith in Jesus Christ. Sam explains, “When you take on battles together, with faith, and you overcome them, you emerge stronger.” That’s why they believe you should embrace adversity, as uncomfortable as it is. Challenges are going to come regardless. 

On Television and in film, Kevin has portrayed demi-gods and evil professors, while in his private life, he's battled his fair share of demons - the three strokes that left him nearly paralyzed and still partially blind. He credits his wife's "tough love" encouragement; nauseating, relentless optimism; and tireless, constant nagging for pulling him through some of the worst episodes in his recovery. Getting married to a fundamentally debilitated "Hercules" was something Sam never shied away from. In Kevin, she recognized the love of her life and determined to see him through thick and thin. The phrase goes, "for better or for worse," and Kevin often says, "She got the 'worse' part out of the way first!" Sam had confidence that Kevin would recover and thrive, and she put action to her faith. In their third year of married life, once doubt about Kevin's full recovery was laid aside, the near-newly-weds determined to build their family. That was going to be yet another trial for them to endure and conquer. Dealing with infertility and losing twins broke their hearts. They both credit their faith in God for pulling them through the tough times and laying the foundation for their joy. That is how they came to make movies as a team. Christ said, "In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33) Throughout True Faith, the Sorbos personify this verse as they embrace the struggles they meet and use their faith to bolster their responses. Be uplifted and inspired as you join Sam and Kevin on a journey through trials and triumphs, a couple of faithful Christians who work together, learn together, grieve together, and live life as Christ advocates: abundantly (taken directly from KevinSorbo.net).


Rediscovered evidence from the time of Christ reveals exciting findings that could prove the upcoming Rapture is not only real but also sheds light on how and why this event must take place. Before the Wrath examines new depths of theological understanding regarding what Jesus revealed to the ancient Galileans like how the Galileans are the key to understanding the Second Coming of Christ.  These findings resulted from 10-years of research in Israel by leading ancient anthropological scholars which rediscovered lost Middle-Eastern views regarding how and why the biblical catching away was prophesied to occur. While everyone has been debating when this event is to happen, 

many have forgotten to ask why.  To fully present the impact this genuine eye-opening discovery has on the world, award-winning documentary writer and director Brent Miller Jr. reproduces what Jesus Christ Himself unveiled to the ancient Galileans regarding the end of the world through emotional and beautiful cinematic reenactments with over 60 actors and extras on a Hollywood set.


Kevin grew up in a Christian home in Minnesota.  His mother worked as a nurse and his father taught junior high school resulting in a down-to-earth upbringing that forged the outstanding work ethic Kevin holds to this day. When he was 13, he attended a Billy Graham crusade and responded to the altar call.  “It was a very happy emotional night for me,” says Kevin.  “And I always remembered.”  In college, Kevin majored in business but secretly wanted to be an actor.  He was covering tuition costs with modeling work. He soon dropped out of the university and started his acting career in the late 80s with his first appearances on Prime Time shows such as Murder She Wrote and The Commish.  While filming Hercules in 1997, he met Sam Jenkins, the leading lady.  In their first scene, she made Kevin so nervous that he couldn’t remember his lines. 

Sam grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and studied biomedical engineering at Duke University after high school.  She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling and acting and landed roles in several films and TV shows. Sam guest-starred in the hit TV series, Hercules, in 1997 opposite Kevin Sorbo.  It was love at first sight, and they married 

in 1998.  When their oldest child started public school, Sam realized he was not learning the same values as they taught in their home.  “Your kids are a gift from God,” says Sam. “Why are you putting him or her in an institution for eight hours?”  Sam has become a huge proponent for homeschooling.  “We do not ask schools to teach anything related to God,” says Sam.  “So how will godly values enter the classroom?”  Sam believes all education starts at home.

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