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Military Family in Distress   

Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

U.S. Airman Curtis knew from an early age he wanted to enlist in the military.

Curtis says, “I came from a military family. I have a lot of relatives who served. It was just the clear path that I was going to follow.”

Curtis’s military career path changed significantly when he was screened to become an officer and accepted into the Air Force Officer Training Academy. His wife Chelsey was thrilled.

Chelsey says, “It makes me very proud to be able to support him. It was just really exciting for us.”

Curtis would be gone for two months. Then report directly to his new duty station in California, leaving Chelsey to drive the 15-hundred-mile journey alone with the baby to meet Curtis. They decided to fly Chelsey and the baby and pay someone to drive their car out to California. The plan was expensive but worth it. However, their finances took another hit when their car broke down half way across the country and had to be towed to California.

Chelsey explains, “It was definitely hard, all these costs coming at once. We didn't have the funds in savings. So, it just went on the credit card.”

Curtis explains, “We probably spent $10-$12K in a couple-day period. Moving the house, getting the broken car halfway across the country. It was completely unplanned.”

Curtis and Chelsey relied on their faith that God would sustain them.

Chelsey says, “My faith in the Lord is everything. For both of us, I think at the end of the night to be able to just bow our heads and talk to God. It's helped us get through so many difficult times.”

The couple’s new church home, Arbor Christian Fellowship heard about their situation and asked Helping the Home Front to assist. Pastor Dan Daniels told them CBN was reimbursing them the cost of Chelsey’s flight and towing the car across country. And CBN would pay to fix the car too.

Pastor Dan asks, “How do you feel about that?”

Chelsey replies, “That's amazing.” 

Curtis adds, "Wow! Okay!" 

Chelsey continues, “I'm just feeling so grateful right now. I think this is amazing. Thank you so much, CBN for this gift. This is life changing for us.”

At their new duty station, they celebrated the arrival of their second daughter. They are now focusing on family, rather than worrying about finances.  

Curtis concludes, “We really appreciate it. It's absolutely goning to change our family's life. And I think in the future, if someone was considering donating through CBN to this program, they are going to change the lives of military members.”

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