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Movie Reviews
  • "War for the Planet of the Apes" is an elaborate, redemptive story, but comes from a politically correct humanist worldview.

  • Does Marvel Studios' new take on Spider-Man live up to the hype? And, what message does Peter Parker's "Homecoming" story send?

  • Fans of #1 and #2 might enjoy Gru & Co's new adventure, but will general audiences? And, is it suitable for kid viewers?

Movie Interviews
  • In what was labeled a national family meeting, Kirk Cameron’s one-night movie theater event from last fall, Revive Us, has just been released on DVD...

  • Filmmaker Ralph Winter shares his motivation for making "The Promise" and how filming a movie about the Armenian Genocide of 1915 affected the cast...

  • The Case for Christ, based on Lee Strobel's bestselling book, is a thought-provoking yet tender glimpse at coming to grips with mankind’s...

Movie News
  • Hitler had 400,000 Allied troops pinned by the English Channel. Warner Bros. brings their inspiring, miracle story to the big screen in "Dunkirk".

  • The Apostle Paul talked about truth and beauty in pop culture, and we can too. So, let's look at five insights Christians can agree with in Patty...

  • One item that's always on my to-buy list for Dad is movies. Here are five films that showcase fatherhood.

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