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Movie Reviews
  • Amy Schumer's new rom-com reminded CBN.com's movie critic of the Bible. See how that's possible in her review...

  • "A Quiet Place" has a surprising emotional core and several biblical themes. Parents will relate, but shouldn’t bring their young children.

  • Based on the success of the first two God’s Not Dead movies that tallied $82 million dollars at box office comes the third installment in...

Movie Interviews
  • It seems cliché, but as a community of faith people are called to be a light in the darkness to those who desperately need hope. This powerful...

  • James Faulkner shares about playing the biblical hero, what this project means to him personally, and how Jim Caviezel was a faithful asset on set.

  • At 20, she was ready to quit acting. But, God had other plans. And it all led to getting a role in the new movie inspired by MercyMe's hit song.

Movie News
  • From Samson to Jonah to the just-released Jesus, Sight & Sound Theater strives to produce live performances that can compete with virtually...

  • Set to release on DVD, March 13th, the movie explores the depths of tragedy, finding comfort in a time of loss, and the inspiration to reignite a...

  • From Pure Flix Studio, "Samson" is the thrilling retelling of a champion’s calling, betrayal, and redemption.

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