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Movie Reviews
  • Starring John Corbett, Affirm Films' "All Saints" is not intended to be a "message" movie. But, it does serve as a valuable reminder for all of us.

  • It's a fun family movie that has a strong, morally uplifting worldview about helping and supporting others.

  • Director Christopher Nolan's new WWII movie is getting rave reviews. Find out what CBN.com's critic has to say about the film.

Movie Interviews
  • How does a pastor get caught up in a Hollywood story? And, what does Mel Gibson have to do with it? Find out in this in-depth interview.

  • Executive producer Jason Pamer explains why the parable of the prodigal son, the heart of this documentary, relates so well to contemporary culture.

  • Known for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Northern Exposure", Corbett's added a movie in which he stars as a small-town minister to his credits.

Movie News
  • Sony Pictures Animation has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming holiday season release The Star. Check it out!

  • Hitler had 400,000 Allied troops pinned by the English Channel. Warner Bros. brings their inspiring, miracle story to the big screen in "Dunkirk".

  • The Apostle Paul talked about truth and beauty in pop culture, and we can too. So, let's look at five insights Christians can agree with in Patty...

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