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Kim Walker-Smith Takes Us into the "Throne Room"

Kim Walker-Smith continues to put out great worship music. Her latest, On My Side, is on trend. The follow-up to her 2013 release, Still Believe, this record offers listeners 12 tracks of worship-ready music.

The Jesus Culture worship leader shared the story and meaning behind her hit single, "Throne Room".

Here's what she had to say:

"This song is all about getting into the presence of God," Walker-Smith says. "We all have Jesus inside of us, but there’s something about the posture of our hearts and our willingness to really lay down all the distractions and the concerns and stress and everything else and shift our perspective and mindset to be on him and to lift our eyes to Him."

"No matter what’s going on, what I’m facing, there is one place - it’s Him and His presence - where I can get peace, where I can get answers, where I can get everything I need. It’s also the place where we should be visiting and checking in on a regular basis."

"A relationship with God includes consistency and quality time and complete access to Him and His presence anytime of day at any moment no matter where I am. All I have to do is shift my perspective and put my attention on Him."

Kim Walker-Smith's Official Music Video for "Throne Room"

Check out more of the story behind Kim Walker-Smith's single, "Throne Room" on YouTube.

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