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The New Mutants: Movie Review

The New Mutants
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THE NEW MUTANTS features demon possessed teenagers with super powers seeking to escape a training center for mass murderers posing as a hospital. Aimed at teenagers it’s a bold statement by Marvel, 20th Century Fox and Disney about how low these companies intend to go.

The movie opens with a voice over of a girl named Dannielle Moonstar relating to the audience how she was taught a Native Indian saying that we all have inside a good bear and a bad bear. It turns out she has a very bad bear that upon her becoming a teenager is revealed to be demonic in extremely powerful ways. An event in her community that she believes to have been a tornado leaves her the only living person.

Danielle awakens in a hospital handcuffed to a bed. A Dr. Reyes comes to see her and informs her she’s in a special program for teenagers with mutant powers. She’s told young people first discovering mutant powers can actually be a danger to themselves and others and this program helps them to learn how to control their powers so they can be used for good. She meets four other mutants in the program who have each had some demonic experience in the outside world that resulted in some deaths. Danielle is unaware of what her mutant power might be.

The teenage mutants are not a friendly bunch. As with most super hero movies, viewers get to spend some time seeing how much they dislike each other before they can join forces. Gradually, they learn they aren’t being trained to benefit society but to be controlled for evil purposes. They must unite to even escape.

Unlike most super hero movies, this one was made to fit a horror genre. It’s filled with very demonic imagery, including a demonic attack of a little girl in her bed, a bloodthirsty priest, mask wearing villains with long pointed fingers, and a massive demonic bear. In one scene, a girl runs into a church shouting “demons can’t come in churches,” but it does anyway. The church is destroyed in the mayhem.

Sadly, Hollywood delights in conveying demons and their great powers, but too often avoids displaying to power of God and angels to battle demons. With tremendous horror raging, there is no cry out to God for help.

The movie is further marred by the two most likable characters sharing a lesbian kiss in two separate scenes. The lesbian scenes wind up being the sweetest most tender moments in the movie. Aimed at teenagers, this is pure LGBT propaganda.

The movie contains some vulgarity, but PG-13 in nature. The violence is intense. There are the lesbian kisses and a scene that looks like the beginning of a child in bed rape scene. The worldview is occult, with some false religion. In reality, people don’t have a good bear and a bad bear inside them. We are all born into a sinful world and need a savior, Jesus Christ. People also don’t need a good bear. The good that we really need we receive when we give our life to Jesus, who gives the fruit of His Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control.

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