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Robert Hull - 700 Club Producer

CBN.com -The small town of Canon, Georgia has been hit hard by the recession. Jobs were hard to find. Marsha Bradley and her husband Eddy were both out of work. In what could have been a depressing time, they were encouraged by watching The 700 Club every morning.

“We just watched how God was really blessing – not only the ministry, but how he was blessing other people through other people giving to those who don’t have anything,” Marsha says.

“It was during telethon; and we both just looked at each other, and it was like our spirits connected,” Eddy remembers. “She said, ‘What do you want me to do?’ I looked at her and I said, ‘Call them.’

“I said, ‘Give. We need to give. I’ve took from people so long that it’s time to give back. I don’t know how we can do it. I don’t know how we can manage it; but we’ve got to,’” he adds.

Eddie and Marsha didn’t have much money, but they gave what they could - five dollars. Soon after, Marsha applied for a temporary job at an egg farm. To her surprise she was hired the next day.

“And I know that the Lord opened that for me. Every day that I would go in, I would just thank God for giving me this job,” Marsha says. “Just being obedient to Him and giving back to Him, He gives back.”

They increased their pledge to The 700 Club level.  Within a month, Marsha was given a permanent position and soon after that, was promoted to quality control.

“I knew God has His favor on me through my obedience to Him… and it just encouraged me to just want to continue to do my part, because God had already been doing his part,” she says.

After her promotion, they increased their giving again, to The 700 Club gold level at $40 a month.

“We don’t have a whole lot, but I don’t have a need of anything,” Marsha shares. “And I just thank God that I am allowed to, to help someone else.”

Eddy and Marsha say they feel good being a part of CBN.

“We watch all the work and the outreach that The 700 Club does and it just touched our hearts tremendously,” she adds.

“I love it and I want to be more a part of it,” Eddy says. “I mean it overwhelms my heart; it really does.”

“I mean, it’s just 65 cents a day,” he adds. “We can find that much on the ground or in our couch if we dug deep enough, you know. Give it a chance; see what happens. See what it does to your heart.”

God wants to bless you too, just as He has blessed the Bradleys. One way you can give to God’s work is through CBN. Not only will you reach thousands each day with a message of truth and hope through The 700 Club, you will also help feed and clothe children around the world, bring medical aid to those suffering and so much more. Please join with us today.

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