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Author, When God is Silent, Creation House 2014

Family nurse practioner

MS, Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree, University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing

Facebook live posts, Monday through Friday 5:55 am CST garners 45 million views a week

Mom to 6 kids

Husband: Lavon, since 2013

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Kellie grew up as the second of three kids in Lexington, Mississippi. She felt that she was the black sheep of the family even though she realized her parents were doing the best they could. "I felt like an ugly duckling," says Kellie. That was the beginning when Kellie starting thinking she wasn't good enough. "My sister was pretty and had a nice singing voice. My parents told her she was pretty; they told me I was smart." When Kellie learned to drive, she felt God called her so she started driving herself to church. Kellie still struggled with her self image and wanted to be accepted so badly that she started making decisions that she did not pray about. When she was 20, Kellie was single and pregnant.  She married a man who was not the father of her child. Soon they had a child of their own, but she endured neglect and emotional abuse from him so after 8 years, they divorced. Within a year, Kellie married the father of her first child--her high school sweetheart--believing this was her happy ending. Within 6 months, her Cinderella story turned into a nightmare. Kellie’s husband abused her physically and she found herself packing up and starting over again. Then she married a preacher’s son but that only lasted 6 months.  Now with 3 children, Kellie was 30 years old and felt she was the laughing stock of her small town. She realized every relationship she had was a disaster even though she was an educated professional. Kellie felt like God had forgotten her so she began praying, "If you can do anything with a person like me, then here I am." Even though God did not answer her prayers right away, that statement  catapulted her life in a new dimension.

“I prayed to God for a real husband,” says Kellie.  “I wanted my children to have a godly example, someone who would lead them in the way they should go.” In addition to her marriages, Kellie says all of the relationships she had been involved in were disasters.  “I got to a point where I knew that God was trying to get my attention,” she says.  Over time she started praying and fasting.  Many nights, she would get up and pace the floor, praying all night.  “I did that for months,” says Kellie.  At the time, her mom was battling cancer (she passed away in 2013).  Kellie endured failed relationships, 2 bankruptcies and a foreclosure yet she continued to pray, fast and stand on the promises of God.  “I didn’t want to be by myself and I wanted to have twins.”

In 2012, Kellie started a prayer line with 5 people.  One of the girls on her prayer line started talking about her personal trainer and how she was getting in shape.  Kellie hired Lavon as a personal trainer.  They fell in love and were married in 2013.  Her twins were born that same year!  “It seemed like God was not answering my prayers,” says Kellie.  “All this suffering was not for myself.”  Her overall message is not to lose hope.  “God is still the same God in the Bible who answers prayers,” she says.  Fasting is a huge component when praying for a breakthrough.  “There are things we have to do to align ourselves up with His will.  It’s done by being in His presence, hearing His voice and discerning His will for your life,” says Kellie.  

Kellie meets with 6 prayer partners every morning at 4 am.  They read, study the Bible and pray.  She goes live on Facebook at 5:55 am CST.  Her live Facebook posts have evolved into an international ministry and some of them have gone viral.  People are getting up where they are and joining me on these live segments from all around the world,” she says.  She learned how to pray when she was miserable and needed God to move in her life.  “He used that pain to show me how to really war in prayer.”

CBN News’ Charlene Aaron joins Kellie live on Facebook every Thursday beginning next week at 1:15 pm EST.

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Kellie Lane
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