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Receiving Healing After 17 Years of Waiting

Michelle Wilson - 700 Club Producer

Becky says, “I just couldn't keep anything down. The nausea and the fatigue and the shortness of breath. The stooling was worse, eventually bloody. I knew there was something major going on.”

In 2001, Becky Johnson, a registered nurse and medical case manager was out of town attending a 3-day ministry conference in Memphis, Tennessee when she got sick.

Becky shares, “As a nurse I knew it wasn't just a flu. The cramping was too bad. The dehydration I knew was dangerous. I could not drink anything. And I was concerned, really concerned about that.”

As soon as Becky got back home to North Carolina she drove immediately to Duke University hospital hoping to get answers.

Becky recalls, “They really weren't clear about what it was. After the second hospitalization the one thing that I responded to was the prednisone.”

While prednisone eased the symptoms, Becky still wanted to know what was going on with her body. So, she asked God for a solution.

Becky shares, “My prayer was, ‘Lord, give me a diagnosis and give me a treatment plan. Give me a doctor who knows me and understands what's going on.’”

A year after her symptoms appeared, Becky got her answer. A gastrointestinal specialist diagnosed her with Crohn’s disease. She was prescribed Remicade infusions every six weeks.

Becky says, “My first infusion I didn't know what to expect. I remember praying through the whole thing, expecting some kind of crazy reaction and I didn't have one. It really worked.”

Becky endured the treatments for the next 17 years. Even then, she trusted God to heal her completely. One day, on her way to church, Becky says He made her a promise.

Becky recalls, “He called my name, it was as if He was in the car with me and said, ‘I'm going to heal you.’ And I just was in awe.”

Then, on March 3rd, 2017, Becky, a long-time viewer of the 700 Club, sat down to watch the show. Gordon and Terry were praying for viewers.

Becky remembers, “And Gordon said, ‘If you want to be healed right now?’ He said, ‘You just put your hand on that body part, so I did.’ I put my hand and I said, ‘Lord, I believe in you, that you can heal me.’ And at that moment Gordon said,”

Gordon says, “There’s someone you’re saying, ‘Please say Crohn’s Disease.’ And so, we are saying Crohn’s Disease for you. And just be restored in your innermost being. Let your body no longer fight against itself. But be restored now in Jesus’ name. And be made whole. No more pain. No more cramping. None of those issues anymore. Be gone now and never return. In Jesus name.”

Becky says, “I remember praising God and saying, ‘God, I claim that. I claimed it. That is for me.’”

The following week when Becky showed up for her Remicade infusion, she told her doctor she had been healed. After performing a few tests...

Becky shares, “She agreed with me. We cancelled the infusion, and I've had no issues since that time. And I just give God the glory for that.”

Because she’s at a higher risk, Becky has had a colonoscopy every year since. And everyone has been negative for Crohn’s.

Becky says, “What I know is that Jesus touched me and that I've been healed. And I have absolutely no symptoms. And it is wonderful not to be controlled or be concerned about that, to be able to live a healthy life and fulfill the plan that God has for my life. No matter what you're going through, know that we serve a faithful God and He's a powerful God and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above anything you can even ask or imagine.”

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