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Saving Their At-Risk Son

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Norfolk, VA

Samantha and Zachary enjoy spending quality time with their children. Whatever the activity, they find life is better together.

“We play with the dog, and we run around,” Samantha said, “and they go ride scooters. I get joy and happiness from watching them grow and have fun.”

When the Covid-19 crisis hit the United States, their main concern was keeping their children safe, especially their son, Lucas.

“He has asthma. So, he’s high risk,” Samantha said. “You worry about bringing it back home and then him going to the hospital. Everything just felt like it was crumbling, but as long as they were safe that's all that mattered.”

Through the pandemic, Zachary kept his full-time factory job, but to protect their kids from the virus, they both let go of their side jobs with ridesharing companies.

“She would drive during the day while I was at my full-time job,” said Zachary, “and then I would drive on nights and weekends.”

“I was making the money for the food; he was paying the bills,” Samantha added, through tears. “So, I gave everything up, so I could stay home and make sure that they were safe.”

It didn’t take long before they ran out of money.

“The bills started rolling in and we had to start picking and choosing what we were gonna pay,” Samantha said, “and we just started choosing food over paying bills.”

When it looked like there was nowhere to turn, they met someone from Jonathan Cares, which partners with Operation Blessing.

“They deliver food around the communities that need the food. It felt like a weight had been lifted," Samantha said while smiling. “The kids like getting the bags and opening it and going through it – ‘Oh look, chicken salad, and beans and rice!’ And, ‘Oh look, snacks, and juice!’”

“It's helped me keep things going the way that they need to be,” Zachary said, “and reduce stress on not only myself but my family as well.”

Samantha and Zachary are grateful for the help, but they’re looking forward to getting back to their side jobs once it’s safe.

“I want to go back to work,” Samantha said, “I miss being with the people.” 

In the meantime, they’re thankful for the food that’s helping fill the gap – food provided by Operation Blessing partners.

“You've changed our lives and made a difference,” Samantha said thankfully.

“Thank you,” said their young daughter.

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