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Spiritual Life

Daily Devotions
  • Through it all, we’ve found hope in offering each other one more chance for redemption.

  • Joseph was in what seemed an impossible situation. Despite all that, the Bible says the Lord was with him.

  • Jesus will be with us when we step out of our comfort zone to join in His work. 

  • When the scientists discover the ascending order of the plants and animals on earth, their factual observations are generally in harmony with the...

  • There is evil, then, because of Satan and because of man's nature--and evil has a tendency to multiply itself.

  • God rarely answers our questions of “Why?” but he is more than willing to answer three other questions.

  • If you have ever changed your mind about anything, then you understand the basis of one of the most important spiritual principles in the Bible:...

  • Our prayers, like the incense, should be salted, pure, and holy. They are the sweet smoke of sacrifice and are a pleasing aroma to God.

  • Christ has been betrayed by Judas and arrested by Roman soldiers. He is now facing Pilate, who thinks he holds Jesus’ fate in his hands. Unbeknownst...

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