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A Sure Thing in Building Your Finances

Ed Heath - 700 Club Producer

From the time they met and married in 2003, Herbert and Lilia Dardon have always agreed on finances. Herbert says, “It was never a question, it was never a battle between us. We knew. When she got paid, when I got paid, check went to the church.”

Lilia remarks, “I have seen God do so many miraculous things in my life, because I trusted to step out in faith and give.” However, in 2015, they thought they were in trouble. Herbert’s company was restructuring and his name was on the list to be let go. He says, “I would be a liar if I didn't say I was scared cause I was scared. At this point I'm in my late 40s. People don't hire older people as easily as you would hire someone who's young and more trainable.” 

In spite of his fear, the Dardons continued to tithe, pray, and trust God. Soon, Herbert was offered a different managerial position in the same company. Although his title changed, his salary, benefits, and seniority were all left untouched. Herbert says, “It was a sigh of relief that he did take care of me.”

So, the Dardons continued giving. When Lilia began having health problems five years later and had to retire from her teaching job, she was worried. Lilia recalls, “When I retired I was very concerned about the tithe. And that was probably the first time in my life that I was concerned about it. I knew that my pay was going to be cut down by 80%, and we had bills. I started to wait and pay the tithe after I pay the bills, which really wasn't working out financially.”

Now, their money wasn’t going as far as it once did. She says, “When my checks were large I didn't have a problem tithing. But when my check got smaller, I had more of a problem. When I put my tithe at the end instead of first, I felt a change in my spirit.”

Lilia says God spoke to her. She recalls, “I literally heard him say to me, you know, in my mind, in my heart, and my spirit, ‘Where am I in this? You know? Are you trusting me still?’ He convicted me.” Lilia decided she needed to put her trust back in God and not in her checkbook. Lilia says, “I have to tithe first, not last. It was really a test. It really was, of my commitment to the Lord. He's never let us down, like not once.”

Since that time, Herbert has been promoted steadily and even received a bonus during the pandemic. As they’ve seen God bless them, the Dardons look for ways to bless others. One way they do that is through partnering with CBN. Lilia says, “I have been watching 700 Club, Pat Robertson, for gosh, I don't know, 40 years.”

Herbert says, “CBN is doing such a great job. I know that I can trust CBN, right?”

One area the Dardons are passionate about is clean water. They were thrilled that CBN has numerous water projects going on.

Herbert believes, “Why reinvent the wheel when God's already got the program going. So, let's partner with you.”

Lilia says, “To know that my little small amount of money goes to those areas of need is just – it's a blessing that we can do that without having to go. I would love to go, but you know, when you can't go, you'll at least send money.”

Lilia and Herbert know first-hand that their money is being used to help people around the world. They encourage everyone to trust God with their finances and see how He will bless them.

Herbert believes, “Don't hold your money this tight. Cause you hold it tight, nothing coming in, nothing's going out. Try giving and you'll see that God is faithful.”

Lilia says, “If we want to see Him work in our life, we have to trust that concept. The Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Sowing and Reaping, if you just step out and you try it, it's going to blow your mind. It works every single time.”

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