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TBN’s Matt and Laurie Crouch Introduce the Hillsong Channel


Chairman of the Board, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

Former Chairman/CEO, Gener8Xion Entertainment, producer of films such as The Omega Code, Megiddo, and The Champion

son of the late Paul and Jan Crouch


Producer, known for Praise the Lord (1973), First to Know (1990), One Night with the and King (2006)
Matt and Laurie:

Hosts of TBN Flagship, Praise the Lord; Married since 1985; 2 children

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Paul and Jan Crouch founded Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1973.  Matt served as Vice President of TBN for more than 20 years before his father passed away in 2013. (His mother passed away May 31, 2016.) He was also the Chairman and CEO of Gener8Xion Enterntainment, the Hollywood-based independent film and television production company which produced The Omega Code in 1999 (which was the number one independently produced and distributed film of the year).  Matt’s grassroots innovations rallied a faith-based demographic that Hollywood had previously ignored.  

TBN has grown to be the largest religious network offering 24 hours of faith-based, inspirational programming that appeals to Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish denominations. TBN has ownership of 37 full-powered TV stations in all top 5 markets including New York, LA, Dallas, Chicago and Philadelphia.  “My father and Pat Robertson were cut out of the same cloth,” says Matt.  “They were both young teens when Israel became a nation in 1948. My generation is more of a deal maker than that of my father who was a lone wolf,” says Matt.  “My 50-year old mindset is that we need to work together and brand together to attract this generation.”  Matt believes the message of the goodness of God will draw not only new, young viewers but will sustain the audience that has come to know and view TBN on a regular basis.

Laura says the message they plan to send through their programming is one of hope and grace.  “We are using the phrase, Spirit Contemporary,” says Laurie.  “We are not trying to water down a Spirit-empowered message to be luke warm but to send a message that has the ability to go into the work place or political arena.”  She believes there has been enough of a message of condemnation.  “God’s grace never runs out.  The more hopeless people are, the more attractive the message of hope and grace seems,” she says.

In Jesus’ times, Matt reminds us that He was in the middle of controversy.  “Jesus didn’t change the political system or rage against social issues,” he says.  In fact, Matt says today Christians are known for what we believe, not for what we do.  “This is a huge mistake,” he says.  “We seem to wear our belief on our sleeves instead of showing love in every circumstance.”  He says the fire and brimstone, legalistic preaching from the past is dead and that it is time to redefine the message of the Cross as the most amazing, redemptive gesture ever done for mankind.   

Beginning this June 2016, TBN is partnering with Hillsong Church and starting the Hillsong Channel.  “We believe we will attract Christian TV’s first 25-35 demographic,” says Matt.  Another initiative includes the Salsa Network with all English and Spanish-flavored programming with Samuel Rodriguez.  Pre-production has started on a women’s daily program with a panel of women, including Bobbie Houston, Christine Caine, Victoria Osteen and Laurie Crouch. “The goodness of God is the foremost message of the programming day,” says Matt.

Jan started TBN with her late husband in 1973 with a single low-power station in Southern California.  The network grew to what it is today: 37 full-power, owned and operated stations throughout the country as well as a number of global networks including the Smile of a Child Network and The Church Channel.  She served as Vice President and Director of Programming.  She was also the President and Creative Director of TBN’s Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando FL.  “Jan Crouch loved many things,” says Matt.  “But most of all, she loved Jesus, and now has seen Him face to face and has experienced His grace in fullness.”

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