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They Found Financial Peace—Here’s How

Amy Reid - 700 Club Producer

Jamie and Jenny have a full household!  With four children, they know a thing or two about juggling.

“We run around with the kids a lot with baseball, basketball, some football,” says Jenny.

Jenny works part time as an occupational therapist and Jamie owns a painting business. The Wisconsin winters often made it necessary for Jenny to juggle their bills.

“The bills come in regularly, but the money didn't always come in real regularly. and I just remember feeling terribly stressed about paying the bills,” Jenny recalls.

“Generally, around November, you know, when it started getting cold, I would drop down to maybe two or three days a week of work, through at least February,” remembers Jamie.

“I can remember just lying in bed one night, and I had a seven hundred dollar credit card bill, and it was, I think, due the next day.” Jenny recalls. “I can remember not being able to sleep for hours. I knew I would be able to pay it eventually; it's just I didn't have the money at that moment. I was always looking for a way to bridge that gap until the money did come in. I hated seeing bills in the mail.”

Then, Jenny started watching the 700 Club and learned about tithing. In 2015, the couple began tithing ten percent of their income regularly.

“I do like the telethon,” says Jenny. “One of the things that stuck in my head was like, you know, if you give regularly, then God gives back to you. so maybe if I give regularly on a monthly basis, maybe our money will come in a little bit more regularly.”

As Chairman’s Circle members, they love giving to CBN.

“I feel like I have the easy part,” Jenny observes. “All I have to do is give the money and then they know what to do with it. They know where the need is; they combine everyone's money to be able to dig the wells, to be able to fix the cleft palates. it's a great feeling being able to know that you are a part of that.”  

Soon after, Jenny transitioned to a new job in the same field but with more pay and better hours. And by the next year, Jamie had all the business he could handle!

“I'm pretty busy and I keep my guys busy all winter,” says Jamie.

“There's always money in the checkbook,” says Jenny. “For me, it's that little bit of proof where, you know, you do get to test him and have him show you that he's serious and that it works. and if you do this, everything else, you know, will work in your favor, too, if you follow through on what he wants you to do. And, oh, life is so much more comfortable.” (laughs)

Jamie and Jenny say that if you’re in a financial bind, tithing is the key to a peaceful life.

“If you want financial stability or financial freedom, you know, tithing is the way to go,” Jenny declares. “I know you probably feel like you can't afford it, but you probably can't afford not to do it. So just give it a try and keep your eyes open for what God will do for you and it'll come back to you.”

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