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Truck Driver Receives Healing Watching TV

Ed Heath - 700 Club Producer

Robert Bigham was grateful for his new job as a truck driver. He says it was an answer to prayer.

Then only a few days into the job, he started experiencing pain when he turned the steering wheel. He says, “My left elbow would pop and it would hurt immensely. This happened probably three or four times a day for about two months. It was painful and weak, all at the same time. And then it would go away after several minutes.”

Since Robert was a new employee his insurance hadn’t kicked in so he was reluctant to see a doctor. He recalls, “So, I just dealt with the pain. I was contemplating on quitting due to the pain in my elbow. But I was conflicted because I knew that the Lord had gotten me that job.”

And at the same time, he says God also healed him. For over a year Robert had been dealing with pain from an old back injury that had come back at his previous job working in a warehouse. Robert recalls, “Due to my prior back issues, because I had prayed for that job and I got it, I told the Lord, 'that if this is the one for me, you're going to have to heal my back.'"

 And that’s exactly what God did! He recalls, “My first week out solo, I had to unload 350 15-gallon spruce trees and my back didn't hurt at all.” So instead of quitting his new job, Robert kept praying and believing. He says, “I knew that the Lord had taken my back pain away, so I had prayed over my elbow, but nothing was happening.”

Then in March of 2020, with his driving hours cut back because of Covid-19, Robert had more time to enjoy one of his favorite tv programs… The 700 Club. He’s always loved the part of the show when the hosts pray for people’s needs through words of knowledge. He says, “I close my eyes and pray for the people that they are speaking to. And I'm genuinely happy for the person that is going to receive that healing because I know they’re going to receive a healing.”

That’s what he was doing on March 17, when he heard Terry say, “Someone else has a locking elbow, every time you move your arm in and out it is clicking and sometimes it is catching and very uncomfortable. It is loose now in Jesus name.” Robert put his hand on his left elbow and received the word by faith.

He says, “I claimed that healing and the Lord healed my elbow. Two days after that and I was able to turn the wheel with my left arm and there was no popping or clicking or pain. It reminds me that it is a personal relationship with the Lord. That He really cares about me individually.”

Robert is back to driving full-time and has had no issues with his elbow since. He’s quick to share his story of healing. He says, “I've told several people to start watching The 700 Club because they could potentially get their healing from God.”

Robert also tells people that God is there for them no matter what their needs might be. Robert thinks, “People feel like God isn't there or God isn't listening. I'm sure a lot of people want to give up on God. But just know that He will never give up on you.”

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