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700 Club Canada: January 19, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 19, 2018

700 Club Canada: January 18, 2018

Rachel Starr Thomson is one of 1:11's primary speakers. With her confident, clear speaking style, combined with profound Biblical insights, Rachel shares the love of Christ in a profound way. She also performs as a spoken-word poet and singer. Her and Laura-Lynn discuss the book she co-authored entitled 'Fearless' as well as her own journey of faith and how it led her to 1:11 Ministries.


700 Club Canada: January 17, 2018

As a young girl, Lauryn associated beauty with weight and a deadly eating disorder took root in her life.

700 Club Canada: January 16, 2018

Tamar Huggins is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, speaker and author. She has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs find success using their God-given talents and abilities. Her and Brian discuss her new book 'Bossed Up: 100 Truths To Becoming Your Own Boss God's Way".


Learn more about Tamar: tamarhuggins.com

700 Club Canada: January 15, 2018

Bram is a Sunday school teacher in Indonesia. Recently he was preparing his first lesson using the Superbook curriculum. When it came time to preview the episode, he invited his son Richard to watch with him. What happened next shocked him.

700 Club Canada: January 12, 2018

Laura-Lynn is joined by Faytene Grasseschi to discuss the on-going issue of Freedom of Religion in Canada. They discuss what happened last fall when Liberal MPs walked out of a status of women committee meeting in opposition to Rachel Harder (Lethbridge MP), simply because of her views on abortion.

700 Club Canada: January 11, 2018

After the communist takeover of Vietnam, Vinh Chung and his family decided to leave their homeland, encountering corruption, pirates and dehydration during their journey to freedom.

700 Club Canada: January 10, 2018

Tony and Megan were excited to announce their pregnancy to everyone over the holidays, but Tony’s admittance to the ER had them asking for prayer instead.

700 Club Canada: January 9, 2018

Raymond Mowla shares about his pilgrimage to discovering the truth about God. From drugs, violence and attempted murder to discovering the love of a Savior, Raymond’s story of ‘Broken Hearted Joy’ is truly incredible.

700 Club Canada: January 8, 2018

David witnessed religion that nearly destroyed his family. He decided early on that he wanted nothing to do with God. Instead, he chased after his own idea of fulfillment – money, alcohol and women. As his ambitions grew, so did his addictions. Until he lost everything.

700 Club Canada: January 5, 2018

We’re back with another Superbook special! Grab those kids and tune in to the story of Samuel.

700 Club Canada: January 4, 2018

Mercy Hope is one of 1:11 Ministries' primary speakers. She has a love for God and people and it shines through her compassionate, relatable and deeply Christ-centered messages. Her and Brian discuss the book she co-authored entitled 'Fearless', which is about how to find true freedom in Christ.


Learn more about Mercy, and ‘Fearless’ at: http://www.one11ministries.com/fearless-get-the-ebook/

700 Club Canada: January 3, 2018

Joey was an alcoholic by 12-years-old, smoked pot, and was constantly getting in to trouble. To him, life was one big party. After a car accident ended his football career, his drinking escalated. An invitation to church changed his life forever.

700 Club Canada: January 2, 2018

Lauren spent years wishing she was someone else. She felt that her burden was too heavy to carry. Watch how God broke through her depression.

700 Club Canada: January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! Take time to pray and reflect on this past year. And on this holiday, grab your kids and watch this special Superbook episode on John the Baptist!

700 Club Canada: December 29, 2017

Texas Deputy Sheriff, Johnny Rose, shot and killed a man involved in a domestic dispute after the man pointed what Johnny thought was a gun at him. It turned out to be a large stick. Guilt and anger resulted in a diagnosis of PTSD.