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700 Club Canada: July 20, 2017

Trial by fire leads to a radical life of faith for National Best- selling author John O'Leary. Why is there evil and suffering? - Dr Andy Bannister answers this age old question. 

700 Club Canada: July 19, 2017

A life long thief gets hooked on drugs before finding freedom in Jesus. Plus, after being arrested for a high-speed police chase in downtown Toronto, Jeff Yaneff had a supernatural encounter that changed his life forever. 

700 Club Canada: July 18, 2017

A woman's shame of her sexual past became so great she had a nervous breakdown. Jeremy came from a family that prayed and for a while he lived fully for God, but a family move opened the door to a wild lifestyle.

700 Club Canada: July 17, 2017

Jahan felt she was possessed by sprits that often attacked her in her dreams until one-day freedom came. And one woman, after her mother left her and her brother on their father’s doorstep, felt deep feelings of rejection throughout her life.

700 Club Canada: July 14, 2017

After enduring years of abuse and addiction as part of the sex industry, Annie Lobert cried out for help and escaped and chronicles her journey in the book, 'Fallen'.

700 Club Canada: July 13, 2017

A drunk driver crosses over the median and slams into a car of teenagers at 80-miles per hour, but there’s one survivor. Unexplained depression, emotional distress and panic attacks can sometimes indicate unresolved post traumatic stress, learn more with Christian psychologist Dr Merry Lin.

700 Club Canada: July 12, 2017

A woman grows up to be like her destructive alcoholic father until one day she met a man who showed her God’s love. Then a husband's love for an adulterous wife leads to an incredible testimony of God's forgiveness.

700 Club Canada: July 11, 2017

Author Kim Gowdy explains how each one of us has the great ability to break free from our hurts and be world changers to the glory of God. Plus, see how a life changing moment led to a change of life for a drug addict. 

700 Club Canada: July 10, 2017

Harlem Globetrotter Lefty Williams had aspirations that were sky high and playing professional basketball while touring the world was definitely on the top of his list.  See how a beauty queen finds worth beyond pageants. Discover how to have the ‘Winning Edge’ in order to live life to the fullest.

700 Club Canada: July 7, 2017

A re-cap of Canada’s 150th Anniversary and the historical Christian heritage the nation was founded on. Learn how the shallow marriage of a couple led to adultery until a transformation took place.

700 Club Canada: July 6, 2017

Watch how a doomed marriage is saved by prayer. Plus, an interview with ministry speaker and author Emelia Osei Wirenko who discusses her book 'Shaken Into A New Dimension’ and how God shook up her life to prepare her for ministry. 

700 Club Canada: July 5, 2017

Addiction and hopelessness were close companions of Jamie and she couldn’t see a way out. And later on in the show, learn how to be set free from your inner secrets.

700 Club Canada: July 4, 2017

A woman’s quest for perfection came at a price. Brett’s search for purpose led him from Australia to homelessness in Nashville. Guest teach by Christian psychologist Dr Merry Lin on transforming your thought life.

700 Club Canada: July 3, 2017

Being sexually abused by a youth pastor led Michael Cannatello onto the dark path of his attempt to escape the pain. Demetrius Guyton was just two months old when his mother tried to kill him by lacing his bottle with hydrochloric acid. This and more on the sow.

700 Club Canada: June 30, 2017

The party lifestyle became and addiction until Aleisha found help at the Windsor Life Centre. Join your hosts for a time of ministry and intercession as this weekend marks a significant year of jubilee for Canada!

700 Club Canada: June 29, 2017

After years of battling alcohol addiction, Sherry Vanderswagg found freedom at a faith based rehab centre in Windsor, ON. Pastor Mark Redner discuss the upcoming Canada On Track tour, hosting prayer gatherings from coast to coast across Canada.