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700 Club Interactive - July 6, 2022

Lynn faced a series of trials that have tested her body, her faith and her life. Those same adversities have also led her to an adventure she never could have imagined.

700 Club Interactive - July 5, 2022

After a football coach suffered a heart attack, doctors had little hope for a positive outcome. Meanwhile, his wife wasn't praying for healing—she was demanding it.

700 Club Interactive - July 4, 2022

Demarioa is a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. He & his wife are strong Christians, but their faith was tested when their baby daughter was diagnosed with cancer and had her eye removed. She's fine now and the experience has strengthened the couple's faith.

700 Club Interactive - July 1, 2022

A traumatic childhood marked by personal crisis had Melanie at her breaking point when her coping mechanisms shattered. Ready to end it all, see what prompted her to call 911 and how she’s able to sing a song of God’s restoration.

700 Club Interactive - June 30, 2022

Robert was ready to end it all until a friend encouraged him to read the Bible. He tried it, and his life was never the same.

700 Club Interactive - June 29, 2022

Rob and Diane Perez were successful restaurateurs, but their lives felt shallow until they opened “DV8 Kitchen,” a cafe that hires people in recovery.

700 Club Interactive - June 28, 2022

Singing star Mandisa shares about her struggle with depression and anxiety after the loss of a close friend.

700 Club Interactive - June 27, 2022

Lore and Michael’s son Graham suffered from Asperger's syndrome, bipolar disorder and depression. Nothing they tried helped him and they surrendered it all to God.

700 Club Interactive - June 24, 2022

When a 5-year-old suffers a brain bleed and is at risk of death, her helpless parents begged God for a miracle.

700 Club Interactive - June 23, 2022

Katie didn’t feel like a priority to her parents, but looking for fulfillment in jobs and drugs never worked. Then she found the answer for true peace.

700 Club Interactive - June 22, 2022

After her father's suicide, Tara turned to drugs. She lost custody of her children and experienced multiple trips to jail before finally reaching her breaking point.

700 Club Interactive - June 21, 2022

A young man loses his brother and turns to dealing drugs to mask his pain; facing a felony, he reaches out to a pastor for help and receives a life-changing opportunity.

700 Club Interactive - June 20, 2022

Efrem Graham talks with Greg Laurie about his new book, “Lennon, Dylan, Alice & Jesus.”

700 Club Interactive - June 17, 2022

The national celebration of fathers began with a daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, wanting to honor her dedicated father, William Jackson Smart, in a special way. Learn more about the family behind the worldwide celebration of Father's Day.

700 Club Interactive - June 16, 2022

Father and daughter duo, Luke and Annalee Barnett, were in the middle of an 800-mile hike when one step set into motion a 6000-pound boulder, propelling Luke down the mountain. Witness how thousands of prayers saved this father’s life.

700 Club Interactive - June 15, 2022

With pressure mounting from his studies and athletics, Chase was ready to take his life until a phone call changed everything.

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Atheist’s Faith is Rattled by Higher Power

Guillaume was a French atheist and also very successful as a software engineer in finance, a musician, and a volleyball player. Yet a chance encounter with a beautiful woman would change the way he thought about his life and beliefs forever.

Singing Sensation Mandisa Continues to Overcome

Mandisa discusses her career and overcoming the darkness of depression and anxiety after a close friend passed away. Clinging to the hope of Psalm 40 she slowly came back to light where God was at work.

Miss Georgia USA, Katlyn Bryan Teaches about God’s Responsibility in our Lives

Katlyn Bryan teaches that if you let God have the responsibility of your calling, you don’t have to worry because God will help you through it.

God Redeems A Life Discarded

Born addicted to heroin, Denise was at a disadvantage right out of the gate. As she grew, the ensuing bad decisions and lack of guidance were no match for the restoration God had in store for her life.

Reconciling with the Father, Spiritual and Earthly

When Terrence’s father returned home after a prison sentence, he slid into alcoholism and became abusive. The negative spiritual impact on Terry derailed his relationship with God for years.

Engaging With Politics and Culture as a Christian

Pastor and author, Andy Stanley, discusses the impact of 2020 national events on the church and suggests a positive path forward.

Financial Advice That Will Change Your Life

Erik is the Principal of WCM Global Wealth LLC (a financial advisory firm), whose clients include celebrities and billionaires. He firmly believes that wealth by itself does not satisfy and needs to be balanced with priorities of faith in God, family, friends, and fitness. 700 Club Interactive’s Andrew Knox interviews Eric about his new book, Who's Eating Your Pie?

Wisdom for Women from Duck Dynasty Matriarchs

Ashley Key chats with Duck Dynasty’s Kay and Lisa Robertson about encouraging women to use their divine voices for good and to fulfill their purpose in Christ.

Mother of Music Stars Chronicles Journey of Faith

Helen Smallbone, mother to singer Rebecca St. James and Christian pop duo, for KING and COUNTRY, shares in her book, “Behind the Lights,” the compelling lessons learned by trusting God as her family left their native Australia for America.

Teenage Boys Are Being Targeted Through Online Gaming

Caleb Kinchlow reports on the FBI warning that an increase in "sextortion" reports of teenage boys is taking place and they are being targeted through online gaming.

Journalist Answers Kid’s Questions About Heaven

As an award-winning journalist, Linsey Davis knows how to tackle complicated questions. As an author of children’s books, she does it from a mother’s heart in her latest book, “How High is Heaven?”

Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson Shares New Children's Book

Children need to experience unconditional love and author Missy Robertson has created a beautiful book that teaches the importance of healthy family relationships.

Making an Impact for Christ in Your Community

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss How we can we be the salt and light to hurting believers in our own communities.

Power in the Name of Jesus

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss the power found in the name of Jesus and how believers can experience it in daily life situations.

700 Club Interactive Viewer Questions

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key answer 700 Club Interactive viewer questions.

Looking Ahead to 2022

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss CBN Founder Pat Robertson’s vision for 2022 heard at the New Year’s Day Chapel.

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