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700 Club Interactive - April 23, 2019

After being abandoned by his abusive father, a young boy grows into a man addicted to drugs before finally finding a loving God.

700 Club Interactive - April 22, 2019

How an act of kindness in 1964 resulted in a 50 year friendship between Coach Harold Jones and James "Radio" Kennedy and a town in South Carolina was changed forever.

700 Club Interactive - April 19, 2019

Jesus embraced us as He embraced the cross. Artist Selina Dominguez shares a spoken word about how there is hope in the message of the cross.

700 Club Interactive - April 18, 2019

Ryan was in and out of prison and yearned for hope and love. See how he found both in God and became close friends with his former enemy.

700 Club Interactive - April 17, 2019

Former NFL Running Back D.J. Dozier discusses how to succeed in sports, life, professionally, and personally.

700 Club Interactive - April 16, 2019

Born without arms, Daniel Ritchie became depressed, hopeless and felt like a mistake. Watch how he began to see God’s design for his life and realize we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

700 Club Interactive - April 15, 2019

A series of miracles save a skydiver after he was nearly killed by a mid-air collision with another skydiver.

700 Club Interactive - April 12, 2019

Cody Byrns was rear-ended by a truck and his S-U-V exploded. See how he survived with burns covering over half his body.

700 Club Interactive - April 11, 2019

Studio 5’s Efrem Graham shares his top five entertainment stories.

700 Club Interactive - April 10, 2019

Ashley Hallford was diagnosed with stage IV cancer at 32 weeks pregnant. See how Ashley and her husband Dave experienced a miracle.

700 Club Interactive - April 9, 2019

Josh Turner’s velvety baritone voice and long-standing country music success leads to his recent and first Gospel album, profiling time-tested and treasured hymns.

700 Club Interactive - April 8, 2019

Stacie Taylor turned away from God at age 17 and married a very abusive man. See how she miraculously escaped a life threatening marriage.

700 Club Interactive - April 5, 2019

Widow of Chris Kyle ("American Sniper”), Taya Kyle discusses her life and work with families of military service members and first responders as well as her new book, “American Spirit.”

700 Club Interactive - April 4, 2019

An inside view of rescuing sex trafficked child slaves through the work of former CIA, Navy Seals and Special OP Operatives.

700 Club Interactive - April 3, 2019

New York Times bestselling author Don Piper recounts his experience meeting people in heaven.

700 Club Interactive - April 2, 2019

Stricken with a mysterious, debilitating illness, Pastor John Barton prays as he slips into an unconscious state and knows he can only trust God.

Show Clips

Retired Athlete Prepares You to Dominate Your Life

Former NFL Running Back D.J. Dozier discusses how to succeed in sports, life, professionally, and personally.

Taya Kyle Uncovers “American Spirit”

Widow of, “American Sniper” Chris Kyle shares about her work with families of military service members and first responders.

At the Gates of Heaven

New York Times bestselling author Don Piper recounts his experience meeting people in heaven.

Kim Walker-Smith’s Brave Surrender

Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith shares how facing her painful memories led to redemption and hope.

Caleb Kinchlow Tech Gifts

Are you looking for birthday gifts ideas or perhaps something to make your life easier? Tech Lifestyle Expert Caleb Kinchlow has you covered.

Lessons for Life from the Battlefield

Pat Williams shares how 12 virtues taught to West Point students for success on the battlefield can foster success for people of all backgrounds.

Corey Thomas

Due to cruelty from church leaders, Corey Thomas saw God’s love as unattainable - until messengers, both divine and human, taught Him God loved him all along.

From Heroin and Homelessness to Faith and Freedom

Mariah tried every vice she could to dull the pain mental illness caused, resorting to prostituting herself to pay for her addictions. After years of psych wards and rehabs, Mariah said “yes” to Jesus and began a journey to transformation and healing.

Celebrating a Death-Defying Faith

The wife and son of the late Peter Pretorius discuss his 30-year ministry in Africa and the book he finished just before his death.

Battling Depression with Godly Praise

Bethel Church worship leader Brian Johnson shares his battle with anxiety and depression revealing how praise, worship & the Word were vital in his recovery.

Kait Warman: Practical Dating Tips

Relationship coach Kait Warman gives practical dating tips for today’s Christian single.

Author Rosenberg Previews, The Persian Gamble

Author Joel C. Rosenberg discusses his high-speed, high-stakes fictional novel, The Persian Gamble.

Loving Your Spouse When You Don't Feel Like It

Author Gary Chapman shares ways to keep love alive in marriage during difficult times and when memories start to fade.

Father of Four Adjusts to Life as Widower

Jonathan Pitts shares how he and his wife Wynter experienced the fullness of a beautiful marriage and how he is dealing with her unexpected passing.

Wendy Griffith: Worth the Wait

CBN’s newly married Wendy Griffith and author of You Are a Prize to be Won! says it’s possible to live an abundant single life while you’re waiting for the right one.

Achieve Your Purpose in Life

Former Miss California, Christina Meredith shares how her faith guided her journey from being a homeless child living in a car to being a pageant winner.