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700 Club Interactive - May 24, 2022

Worship leaders Rebekah and Brad Bichsel were told her cancer was inoperable. Their relentless faith in God led them to a miraculous outcome.

700 Club Interactive - May 23, 2022

Carla Pratico based her entire identity on her own achievements. Then one night while partying at a bar she heard a calling that lead her to find her true identity in Christ.

700 Club Interactive - May 20, 2022

Soon after her spinal fusion surgery, Lorraine’s health plummeted, and a series of miracles took her from death’s door to completely healed.

700 Club Interactive - May 19, 2022

Taylor Cain Matz developed a mysterious illness upon returning from a missions trip in Honduras that left her with a possible lifetime treatment of dialysis. Her family and God had other plans.

700 Club Interactive - May 18, 2022

Airman Amber was raising two kids alone, and when the pandemic hit, she took in her sisters to protect her mom, a high risk for COVID-19. Then Amber married Jon and they became a family of six! A move off base put them in serious debt.

700 Club Interactive - May 17, 2022

Shantal and RJ were upset about the water they had to drink. They saw things in it. They could smell it. And they were shocked at what people were doing in it. See how CBN Partners brought a life-changing resolution.

700 Club Interactive - May 16, 2022

Trent Dilfer shares the highs and lows of his career, the devastating loss of his five-year-old son, and personal transformation from chasing the world to sowing significance into the next generation.

700 Club Interactive - May 6, 2022

Rob Hull was thrown headfirst from his motorcycle when a vehicle struck him from behind. His body came to a halt only after skidding across the highway. How did he miraculously walk out of the hospital that same night without any serious injuries?

700 Club Interactive - May 5, 2022

John was the only survivor of a terrible car accident, and his family was told he has a zero percent change of living. If he did live, he would most likely be paralyzed. Hear how prayer changed everything.

700 Club Interactive - May 4, 2022

Jeff was a star ice hockey player but turned to drugs to stifle his pain. Addiction followed him through years of success, until he finally began to hope.

700 Club Interactive - May 3, 2022

Having been diagnosed with a severe case of COVID-19, James Story clung to prayer and worship to sustain him through an arduous 71-day hospital stay.

700 Club Interactive - May 2, 2022

Did you ever have a dream that was so real; you thought you were still awake? Best-selling author Eric Metaxas had one of those, and it changes his life.

700 Club Interactive - April 29, 2022

She lost a baby, struggled through years of infertility and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Still, she knew God had a plan.

700 Club Interactive - April 28, 2022

Johnny became what he never thought he’d be: an alcoholic. Then, after years of hiding his addiction, shame drove him down a new path.

700 Club Interactive - April 27, 2022

Luis and Yvette were living the rich life they thought they wanted. When Luis got a shocking medical diagnosis, their medical bills and debt skyrocketed and their whole world changed. They made one important decision to shift their focus.

700 Club Interactive - April 26, 2022

Nathan rebelled after his parents abandoned him and his sister died. He balked at his grandparents’ faith until a play about Heaven and Hell showed him faith in a new way.

Show Clips

Wisdom for Women from Duck Dynasty Matriarchs

Ashley Key chats with Duck Dynasty’s Kay and Lisa Robertson about encouraging women to use their divine voices for good and to fulfill their purpose in Christ.

Mother of Music Stars Chronicles Journey of Faith

Helen Smallbone, mother to singer Rebecca St. James and Christian pop duo, for KING and COUNTRY, shares in her book, “Behind the Lights,” the compelling lessons learned by trusting God as her family left their native Australia for America.

Teenage Boys Are Being Targeted Through Online Gaming

Caleb Kinchlow reports on the FBI warning that an increase in "sextortion" reports of teenage boys is taking place and they are being targeted through online gaming.

Journalist Answers Kid’s Questions About Heaven

As an award-winning journalist, Linsey Davis knows how to tackle complicated questions. As an author of children’s books, she does it from a mother’s heart. In her latest book, “How High is Heaven?”

Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson Shares New Children's Book

Children need to experience unconditional love and author Missy Robertson has created a beautiful book that teaches the importance of healthy family relationships.

Making an Impact for Christ in Your Community

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss How we can we be the salt and light to hurting believers in our own communities.

Power in the Name of Jesus

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss the power found in the name of Jesus and how believers can experience it in daily life situations.

700 Club Interactive Viewer Questions

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key answer 700 Club Interactive viewer questions.

Looking Ahead to 2022

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss CBN Founder Pat Robertson’s vision for 2022 heard at the New Year’s Day Chapel.

Simple and Easy Recipes From Terry

Our own Terry Meeuwsen shares her favorite Christmas snacks your whole family and friends are sure to enjoy.

700 Club Interactive Viewer Questions Answered

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key answer viewer questions.

Kathie Lee Gifford Gets Personal About Jesus

This bestselling author and award-winning TV host shares her conversations with well-known personalities about who Jesus is in her most recent book The Jesus I Know.

The Goldsmith’s Journey to Becoming a Family of Ten

Tabitha Goldsmith shares her family’s journey from fostering to adoption and growing to a family of ten.

Simple Sugar Cookies with Ashley Key

With Christmas right around the corner, Ashley shares a simple way to make a holiday treat with easy-to-bake cookie recipe, a family favorite.

Unpacking the Astroworld Tragedy

Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss the Astroworld tragedy and the dangers of being blind to the darkness behind this genre of music and its artists.

Be More Than a Conqueror

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss the keys to being more than a conqueror.

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