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700 Club Interactive - January 26, 2023

Human trafficking continues to plague communities around the world. Safe House Project is on a mission to bring hope, freedom and a future to trafficking survivors in the U.S. through education, safe housing and empowerment opportunities.

700 Club Interactive - January 25, 2023

Winter Jam is the country’s largest Christian music tour. In 2020, it was recording artist Billy Ballenger’s big break. His single “Tree and the Nails," is his first hit.

700 Club Interactive - January 24, 2023

Greg Kelley was a high school football player when he was wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime he did not commit. Watch how an entire community comes together and justice is served on the side of the innocent.

700 Club Interactive - January 23, 2023

An 18-year-old changes her mind as she's about to undergo an abortion, chooses adoption, and gives birth to a son who grows into a powerful voice for the unborn.

700 Club Interactive - January 5, 2023

Having lived in twelve different foster care homes herself, Tori Hope Petersen, fiercely advocates for foster youth and at-risk children. Today, she’s an author and shares how these children can overcome the stigma society places on them.

700 Club Interactive - January 4, 2023

Ken, devastated by a cancer diagnosis, dedicates himself to prayer and fasting while he waits for the results during a second round of biopsies.

700 Club Interactive - January 3, 2023

Jessa suffered extreme sexual abuse throughout her childhood, and she dreamed of being rescued. On the day she planned to commit suicide, God saved her life and established good plans for her.

700 Club Interactive - January 2, 2023

A daughter’s brain was bleeding and doctors said it could be fatal. That’s when one mother went to work invoking the power of prayer.

700 Club Interactive - December 22, 2022

A frantic call is followed by a mad rush to the hospital as a young woman is given just an hour to live. Her sodium drops and her brain swells. See the dramatic conclusion on today’s 700 Club.

700 Club Interactive - December 21, 2022

Morgan, a mother and pastor’s wife, suffered from crippling anxiety and depression that she hid from everyone, including her husband. Longing to feel God in the midst, she reached her breaking point and was ready to end her pain when she cried out to God.

700 Club Interactive - December 20, 2022

After a near-fatal cardiac event, Dell’s doctors said her heart would never be the same. Then she encountered miraculous healing power.

700 Club Interactive - December 19, 2022

23-year-old Evan was an athlete, but one day his heart suddenly stopped beating. His doctor instructed the family to do one thing: pray.

700 Club Interactive - December 15, 2022

16-year-old Aaron’s car slammed into a tree and burst into flames. There was little chance he’d live through it, and his fate was determined by prayer.

700 Club Interactive - December 14, 2022

Katherine knew she would miss out on the joy of life if she held on to hatred for the man who shot her father while he was in the line of duty as a Kentucky law officer. Learn how forgiveness and compassion arose from her broken heart.

700 Club Interactive - December 13, 2022

Founders of Catch the Fire Churches, John and Carol Arnott encourage believers not to despair, despite what the headlines say. Learn more as Gordon Robertson hosts the Arnotts on today’s special 700 Club Interactive.

700 Club Interactive - December 12, 2022

Chala suffered from stiffness and back pain as a teenager, and the symptoms only worsened when she started a family. Finally, after losing feeling in her legs, tests revealed Chala had a rare spinal condition called Spondylolisthesis.

Show Clips

Bringing Hope to Trafficking Survivors

Brittany Dunn is the COO and Co-Founder of Safe House Project, which is an organization purposing to bring hope, freedom and a future to human trafficking survivors.

Sex Trafficked By Her Own Parents

Sex trafficked from the age of 3 by her own father, this is one woman’s miraculous story of rescue and healing.

Fighting for Life

Speaker and author Ryan Bomberger shares news updates about the fight for life.

Tori Hope Petersen found Hope

Tori Hope Petersen was conceived when her mother was raped. Though her mother loved her, she was mentally ill. Tori lived in 12 foster homes. She was angry with God and with everyone else the world introduced her to, until her track coach led her to the Lord. Now married with two very young birth children, an adopted young adult son and numerous foster children, Tori is an advocating for foster children all over the nation.

Fasting for Miracles

Author Tammy Hotsenpiller discusses the power of fasting and how faith becomes reality as we see miraculous breakthroughs in our lives.

The Dangers of Exploiting Children in Advertising

Former fashion insider Becket Cook weighs in on the Balenciaga scandal concerning the use of graphic images of children in their 2022 advertising campaign.

Protecting Mental Health During the Holidays

The Christmas holiday often brings an uptick in people suffering with depression. Dr. Anna Ord, Dean of the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at Regent University, shares her experience confronting mental health and suicide.

Pastor Witnesses a Dead Man Return to Life

Pastor Archie Callahan knew just what to do when one of his church members died in the sanctuary one Sunday morning. Pray.

Man is resurrected through the power & unity of prayer!

Rick died at the back of church one Sunday morning during service. The power and unity of the congregation's prayers brought Rick back to life.

Gordon’s Homemade Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Gordon shows Ashley how to make his delicious caramel apple pie, and it’s all from scratch!

Growing Meaningful Relationships

With skyrocketing stats on loneliness and isolation, pastor and church planter, Justin Kendrick, shares in his new book, “The Sacred Us,” a radically different way of growing meaningful friendships.

God’s Prompting Saves Little Boy

Seth Doherty recounts the harrowing story of how God alerted him to a medical emergency his young nephew was experiencing and the miraculous speed of recovery that left the medical community stunned.

Miracle Birth: Mother Stands on Faith when Water Breaks at 19 Weeks

When Morgan Farr’s water broke at just 19 weeks, she and her husband, Charlie, faced a trial of faith in God’s promise, despite a doctor advising them to terminate the pregnancy.

God’s Timing Made Perfect for “Chosen” Actress

Ashley Key sits down with actress, Lara Silva, who plays Eden, Simon’s Peter’s wife in the hit series, The Chosen, to discuss God’s providence on the role that brought Lara’s dream of acting to fruition.

Christian Music’s Anne Wilson Moves from Heartache to Hope

Anne was devastated when her brother Jacob died in a car accident. In her pain, God called her to create songs that would glorify Him.

Alyssa Akins Teaching: Comparison is the Enemy of Joy

Alyssa Shares How Comparison Keep Us from Experiencing the Joy of Life.

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