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700 Club Interactive - January 17, 2020

TV host, Speaker and Author Brenda Crouch discusses her childhood sexual abuse, adult domestic violence and how the Lord healed her of a victim mentality.

700 Club Interactive - January 16, 2020

After being abandoned by his abusive father, a young boy grows into a man addicted to drugs before finally finding a loving God.

700 Club Interactive - January 15, 2020

Jesus embraced us as He embraced the cross. Artist Selina Dominguez shares a spoken word about how there is hope in the message of the cross.

700 Club Interactive - January 14, 2020

Widow of Chris Kyle ("American Sniper”), Taya Kyle discusses her life and work with families of military service members and first responders as well as her new book, “American Spirit.”

700 Club Interactive - January 13, 2020

Born without arms, Daniel Ritchie became depressed, hopeless and felt like a mistake. Watch how he began to see God’s design for his life and realize we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

700 Club Interactive - January 10, 2020

A young woman finds out she has colon cancer and a week later, learns she’s pregnant. See how she found peace in the midst of it all.

700 Club Interactive - January 9, 2020

An accident left Dean Otto paralyzed from the waist down and his doctor gave him less than a 2 percent chance of walking again. See how he recovers and runs a half marathon with his doctor and the driver who hit him.

700 Club Interactive - January 8, 2020

Michael’s parents were alcoholics and his father was abusive. When his mother went to jail, Michael turned to drugs and crime, but made a promise to God when an officer gave him a break.

700 Club Interactive - January 7, 2020

Sarah Myers grew up with a mom who chose drugs over parenthood. See how it took the loss of her own kids for Sarah to break the cycle.

700 Club Interactive - January 6, 2020

Author of Your Highest Calling, Bill Hamon will discuss the secret ways to fulfill your destiny, to become like Jesus, and co-labor with Him forever.

700 Club Interactive - January 3, 2020

Abandoned by his father, a man’s quest for affirmation leads him down a destructive path of drug addiction; until he finds acceptance from his heavenly father.

700 Club Interactive - January 2, 2020

A five-year-old with a brain hemorrhage the size of a golf ball, see how prayers from around the world saved her.

700 Club Interactive - January 1, 2020

When unhealed childhood wounds drive her to a nervous breakdown, Shawnta Pulliam cries out to Jesus for help.

700 Club Interactive - December 31, 2019

The ultimate comeback: a young pastor shares his gut-wrenching faith journey of conquering tongue cancer to sing again.

700 Club Interactive - December 30, 2019

Born without arms, Daniel Ritchie became depressed, hopeless and felt like a mistake. Watch how he began to see God’s design for his life and realize we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

700 Club Interactive - December 23, 2019

Shortly after take-off, the engine of Ken McKenzie's private plane quit. See how Ken was able to land safely on a gravel road and escape with only minor burns.

Show Clips

Embrace Your Highest Calling

Author of Your Highest Calling, Bill Hamon shares the secret ways to fulfill your destiny, to become like Jesus, and co-labor with Him forever.

Hearing the Voice of God from Within

Author and church leader Jane Hamon shares tips on empowering the Holy Spirit in your life.

The Singing Contractors Build a Christmas to Remember

Singing is nothing new for Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett, but when they combined it with their building talents, they weren’t expecting what happened next.

Partier Transforms into Purveyor of Truth

From world-class partier to a man on a mission, Ryan Ries was living for himself until he almost died.

Trusting God in Tough Times

Luke Lezon is a dynamic preacher who loves God and is passionate about seeing others come to know Jesus. However, it wasn't long ago that Luke struggled to trust God in the midst of his own difficult circumstance.

Dangerous Surgery Sets Up Miraculous Healing

Jessica Datsko shares about the surgery to remove a dangerous tumor from her skull, a miraculous healing, and CBN International’s new show “Life-Changers.”

Gloria Gaynor’s Survival is Ongoing

Hear the story behind the song, “I Will Survive,” the famous adversity anthem of the 20th century and the role that faith played in the process.

The Sorbos Are Reaching the Lost With Original Movies

Kevin and Sam Sorbo share their latest movie projects which they hope will reach the lost for Christ.

Crazy Stories of God’s Hand In American History

Michael Medved shares bizarre stories that prove God’s hand in American history.

Making My Will Thy Will

Mike Donehey fronts the popular band, Tenth Avenue North where he writes introspectively about Christian living. In his first book, Finding God’s Life for My Will, Mike tackles the questions we all have about God’s plan for our lives.

The Reassuring and Affectionate Role of Mom

TV host, author and speaker Megan Alexander shares the inspiration behind her latest book, “One More Hug.”

Solutions For Healing in America

Avleda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. believes in pairing social justice with righteousness when confronting the issues plaguing our nation.

God Can Rescript Your Life

After feeling that her life story was useless and broken with a stalled singing career and a failed marriage, Jaci Velasquez experienced renewal when God took her broken pieces and repurposed them into something beautiful.

Merry Godwink Christmas to All

Well known for their popular Godwink book series, SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt preview their latest Hallmark Christmas movie, “A Godwink Christmas II”

Beyond the Cosmos

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross discusses Area 51, public intrigue with extraterrestrial life, and his book Beyond the Cosmos.

Marilyn Hickey Reflects on God’s Faithfulness

Groundbreaking minister and humanitarian has never let closed doors or challenges stop her from sharing the gospel.