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700 Club Interactive - April 22, 2021

Years of abuse from his father drove Rigoberto to fill his life with demons who drove him to suicide.

700 Club Interactive - April 21, 2021

Grammy Award-winner Harry Connick Jr. emerges from COVID lockdowns with a fresh perspective and a new album, “Alone With My Faith”.

700 Club Interactive - April 20, 2021

Jason's baseball career was sidelined due to an injury. He began using drugs and an overdose sent him to rehab, where he found Jesus and began writing Christian music.

700 Club Interactive - April 19, 2021

Guest Mo Isom Aiken will discuss how we are made for intimacy with God, a oneness that bears powerful spiritual fruit. She is the author of Fully Known.

700 Club Interactive - April 16, 2021

When Anna was feeling lost and unhappy with her life, a stranger reminded her that God is real.

700 Club Interactive - April 15, 2021

When the facade of being a successful surgeon crumbled, Tom cried out to God and found the peace he longed for.

700 Club Interactive - April 14, 2021

Anthony was in a foster care group home from ages six to sixteen. Bennie was a teacher who learned of his situation and adopted Anthony.

700 Club Interactive - April 13, 2021

At 33 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with COVID-19, Angela delivered her baby in the ICU while fighting for her life.

700 Club Interactive - April 12, 2021

After being in 20 different psych wards, abusing drugs and cutting, God healed Alexis after she prayed with an evangelist.

700 Club Interactive - April 9, 2021

Five-year-old Kaylee Turley had a severe brain bleed that nearly killed her until she was miraculously healed.

700 Club Interactive - April 8, 2021

At the age of 23 Jeffrey decided he was in the wrong body and began living as woman named “Scarlett.” He began drinking and prostituting his body. During those 2 years, he was secretly watching Jentzen Franklin on YouTube. Jeffrey surrendered to Jesus after hearing God tell him “You will live for me.”

700 Club Interactive - April 6, 2021

Abandonment fueled Elizabeth’s grief and led to a drug and alcohol addiction. After reading God’s word she experienced a life-changing encounter.

700 Club Interactive - April 5, 2021

Marathon runner Tarrant Cross was successful when a tragic event led him to alcoholism and gambling. After a failed suicide attempt, he gave his life to God and now he runs for God.

700 Club Interactive - April 2, 2021

For years BJ believed the lie that love was painful, and she deserved it. When she encountered Jesus her life and heart changed forever.

700 Club Interactive - April 1, 2021

Daniel was on a ventilator and close to death after contracting the Corona virus. See how a dramatic turn of events changes a family’s future.

Show Clips

Why Do You Believe with actor Nathaniel Buzolic

Nathaniel Buzolic talks to Ashley Key about being a Christian actor, his journey to following Christ while working on The Vampire Diaries, and how his million plus social media following opens doors to share his faith.

Overcoming Addictions

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss overcoming addictions.

Achieve Greater Intimacy With God

Author and speaker Mo Isom Aiken offers access to God’s blueprint for how to grow closer to the Almighty.

Musician Georgian Banov Shares the Joy of the Lord

Georgian Banov will discuss growing up in communist Bulgaria, his escape and journey to the US where he was led to the Lord.

Thank You for Rejecting Me

Kait Warman is a dating coach and podcaster who will discuss her battle with rejection. In her book Thank You for Rejecting Me, she offers tools to heal from the past and walk in strength, victory and love.

The Bond Between Christians and Israel

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss the special relationship between Christians and the nation of Israel.

How to Walk in the Spirit

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson share their perspective on walking in the spirit.

Mental Illness and the Church

Pastor's widow Kayla Stoecklein will share her journey through grief after her husband's suicide in 2018, as she seeks to understand his battle with mental illness.

Spiritual Gifts As Part of Today’s Christian Living

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible and how Christians experience them in modern times.

Multi-Platinum Rocker Shares Secret to Success

Skillet front man John Cooper shares how life changed for him when he rejected fame & chose to always serve Christ.

Spiritual Gifts and the 21st Century Christian

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible and how they work in 2021.

Cure for Loneliness Comes Off Camera For Reality TV Star

Thrust into the public eye on ABC’s The Bachelor, Ben Higgins struggled with loneliness until he realized love and acceptance was right there within him.

Teaching Children to Cope with Prayer and Faith

Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares strategies to help parents and children facing the unknown anxieties of today’s world and how adults can offer encouragement through prayer and faith in God.

What the Bible Says About Faith

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about faith in relation to the Scriptures.

Anxiety, Depression and COVID

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about anxiety and depression in the midst of the global pandemic.

Recognizing Greatness in Special Needs Children

Co-authors Mark and Dawn Lawrence discuss their journey and practices raising their two special needs sons. Their desire is to help others to think creatively and recognize greatness in every person.