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700 Club Interactive - December 1, 2021

A couple takes a premature, orphaned baby named Cornell into their home. The Cornell Effect chronicles their 25 years as parents and caregivers and guides readers through the lessons and principles they learned from Cornell, resulting in a more peaceful, blissful, and content life.

700 Club Interactive - November 30, 2021

After a major injury, doctors told Josh Harmony that he would eventually be in a wheelchair. See how God used the experience to give him insight into suffering and a desire to encourage others through music.

700 Club Interactive - November 29, 2021

Ashley Key interviews Tabitha Goldsmith about her story of fostering and adopting children.

700 Club Interactive - November 26, 2021

Jeff Durbin almost lost his life to an ecstasy overdose, but God rescued him to an abundant life of ministry.

700 Club Interactive - November 25, 2021

Merilee Koss was told she had months to live after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Through months of chemo and radiation she held fast to Scriptures of healing and prayers of friends around the world. Today she shows no signs of cancer.

700 Club Interactive - November 24, 2021

A carpentry business owner and single dad faced pay cut and foreclosure, but he kept giving. God opened the doors to quadruple his income.

700 Club Interactive - November 23, 2021

Basketball was the center of Joel Haler's life until he was left paralyzed from the waist down. Through the prayers of his family and church, Joel experienced a miracle.

700 Club Interactive - November 22, 2021

Years of back pain fade away overnight after a prayer at church prove more powerful than a rare spinal condition called Spondylolisthesis.

700 Club Interactive - November 19, 2021

With Christmas right around the corner, Ashley shares a simple way to make a holiday treat with easy-to-bake cookie recipe, a family favorite.

700 Club Interactive - November 18, 2021

After a miscarriage and a complicated pregnancy, Kate and Terrance Sutton hope the worst was behind them. Then, their faith was challenged when their newborn daughter, Torin stopped breathing.

700 Club Interactive - November 17, 2021

Season 24 finalist on The Bachelor, Madison Prewett shares how she kept her faith and stood firm in Christ on her journey, and how she shares with others.

700 Club Interactive - November 16, 2021

When George and Margaret discovered their son was a serial arsonist, they turned him in only to have their friends and business clients abandon them. They leaned on God and with His strength were able to overcome depression and bankruptcy.

700 Club Interactive - November 15, 2021

Chad Veach teaches how not to take the "bait of Satan but how the "hope of God" will get you through hard times and lead you to a brighter future.

700 Club Interactive - November 12, 2021

Patricia was a victim of satanic ritual abuse. She lived in darkness and fear until she was set free later in life.

700 Club Interactive - November 11, 2021

At 31-years-old, Hope found out she had colon cancer. A week later she found out she was also pregnant. Ignoring advice to terminate the pregnancy, Hope found her peace in God and learned how to trust Him, even to the point of death.

700 Club Interactive - November 10, 2021

Daniel Ritchie explains how he found contentment in a life without arms.

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The Goldsmith’s Journey to Becoming a Family of Ten

Tabitha Goldsmith shares her family’s journey from fostering to adoption and growing to a family of ten.

Simple Sugar Cookies with Ashley Key

With Christmas right around the corner, Ashley shares a simple way to make a holiday treat with easy-to-bake cookie recipe, a family favorite.

Unpacking the Astroworld Tragedy

Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss the Astroworld tragedy and the dangers of being blind to the darkness behind this genre of music and its artists.

Be More Than a Conqueror

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss the keys to being more than a conqueror.

Explore Biblical Peace

Roberto Torres-Cedillo delves into the rich, Biblical meaning of peace (Shalom) and explains how only Jesus is the fulfillment of our heat's cry for peace.

Family Fosters Love and Inclusion

The Abernathy’s have been married for 24 years and never imagined adopting two young kids until they met Zoey and Tyler.

Take Back Your Family

YouTube sensation Jefferson Bethke encourages you to be proactive in reclaiming your family from the clutches of culture’s individualistic and consumeristic ideals.

Sarah Liberman Invites the Middle East to Know God

This worship leader and songwriter will discuss her experiences living in Israel as a Christian, her heart for the Arab world and the story behind the project she is raising funds for, “The Invitation.”

Suffering for Christ

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss facing adversity because of faith highlighted by recent events in Haiti in regard to the kidnapping of missionaries and their children.

Evangelism in the 21st Century

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson and Ashely Key discuss the strategies for effective evangelism in the current age.

Gordon Robertson’s CBN Origins

Ashely Key chats with Gordon about his CBN journey. From his early days at CBN Asia to the hosting chair at The 700 Club and 700 Club Interactive, hear from the heart of CBN’s CEO.

How You Can Be An Apostle

Gordon and Ashley will discuss the latest episode of their new CBN podcast, “The Lesson with Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key," Dig deeper into what it means to be an apostle.

Called and Sent

What does it mean to be an apostle? Ashley and Gordon go deeper into the meaning(s) of that ancient word and encourage all believers, everywhere to recognize we’re all called to preach the Gospel. Referenced: Jn 20:21-23, Mt. 28:1-10, 1 Cor. 12:28-30

Raving and Drugs Almost Killed Her, A Testimony Saved Her

Tiffany Barney’s substance abuse threatened her life in her 20s. A pastor’s testimony of deliverance from cocaine led to a transformation in her life.

Persistence in Prayer

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson discuses the importance of incorporating persistence in your prayer life.

Empowering the Believer

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key share the heart behind “The Lesson” and why it’s important for believers everywhere to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.