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700 Club Interactive - October 22, 2021

Deven became a wealthy drug dealer who went straight after spending time in prison. Then he was lured into a sex trafficking ring, and the family who set him free led him to salvation.

700 Club Interactive - October 21, 2021

PTSD from the Bosnian war sent Aleksandar Opancic into a hopeless life of prison and drugs.

700 Club Interactive - October 20, 2021

Efrem Graham drops by to share his top five stories from the entertainment world.

700 Club Interactive - October 19, 2021

Long Island preacher Doug Jansson was struck with COVID and endured 62 days hovering near death. The prayers of his family, church and a huge global intercessory movement prayed him back from the brink of death.

700 Club Interactive - October 18, 2021

Uber driver Joshua Rowe was shot in the head by a passenger and left for dead. As people begin to pray, Joshua miraculously survived.

700 Club Interactive - October 15, 2021

Hedieh spent most of her adult life seeking God in Islam. She saw a pastor's message on YouTube and found assurance of salvation through Jesus.

700 Club Interactive - October 14, 2021

Rob and Diane Perez were restauranteurs who drank hard and lived to buy more things. That was until they opened "DV8 Kitchen" in Lexington, Va where they have employed former addicts and helped transform lives.

700 Club Interactive - October 13, 2021

Efrem Graham drops by to share his top five stories from the entertainment world.

700 Club Interactive - October 12, 2021

Illiana Soltani spent most of her life in the occult until a lady at her job prayed for her. This led her on a journey to know her identity in Jesus and find salvation.

700 Club Interactive - October 11, 2021

Adam Davis tried to live up to God's rules but couldn't. He finally grew tired trying to be good and found peace when he surrendered to God.

700 Club Interactive - October 8, 2021

Casadi Schroeder was attacked by a black bear while at a family camp in Canada in 2018. She survived and fully recovered thanks to prayers for safety from the camp and church community.

700 Club Interactive - October 7, 2021

Shearica Wright always desired unconditional love but never found it at home or school. Eventually, she gave up trying to be accepted and started partying to escape the feeling of loneliness. years later when her marriage was struggling and she was suicidal, she decided to take her mother's advice and to church.

700 Club Interactive - October 6, 2021

Elizabeth Marquez had pain in her neck. She turned on the 700 Club and heard Pat say her name and prayed for healing in the neck. The pain left immediately.

700 Club Interactive - October 5, 2021

When Dr. Tom Renfro was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, the doctors gave him months to live. Thousands of people prayed and 25 years later he is still cancer free.

700 Club Interactive - October 4, 2021

Against doctor's advice Sabina Patterson refused to end her ectopic pregnancy and beath the odds, giving birth to Judah, who is healthy today.

700 Club Interactive - October 1, 2021

ZhanXu’s parents gave their baby a bowtie necklace made out of money in hopes that he would have a long life. But he had a hole in his heart and was sick all the time. When he was on the verge of death, CBN provided free surgery.

Show Clips

Suffering for Christ

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss facing adversity because of faith highlighted by recent events in Haiti in regard to the kidnapping of missionaries and their children.

Evangelism in the 21st Century

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson and Ashely Key discuss the strategies for effective evangelism in the current age.

Gordon Robertson’s CBN Origins

Ashely Key chats with Gordon about his CBN journey. From his early days at CBN Asia to the hosting chair at The 700 Club and 700 Club Interactive, hear from the heart of CBN’s CEO.

How You Can Be An Apostle

Gordon and Ashley will discuss the latest episode of their new CBN podcast, “The Lesson with Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key," Dig deeper into what it means to be an apostle.

Called and Sent

What does it mean to be an apostle? Ashley and Gordon go deeper into the meaning(s) of that ancient word and encourage all believers, everywhere to recognize we’re all called to preach the Gospel. Referenced: Jn 20:21-23, Mt. 28:1-10, 1 Cor. 12:28-30

Raving and Drugs Almost Killed Her, A Testimony Saved Her

Tiffany Barney’s substance abuse threatened her life in her 20s. A pastor’s testimony of deliverance from cocaine led to a transformation in her life.

Persistence in Prayer

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson discuses the importance of incorporating persistence in your prayer life.

Empowering the Believer

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key share the heart behind “The Lesson” and why it’s important for believers everywhere to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Why Christians Should Recognize Jewish Holidays

Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss the significance of Jewish holidays and why it is valuable for Christians to celebrate them.

The Power of Purity

Former porn star Brittni De L Mora shares with Ashley why purity is more than skin deep.

700 Club Interaction Viewer Questions

Gordon and Ashley discuss prayer and will take social media questions.

Satan and Popular Culture

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss Converse advertisement mimicking a Pentagram and the official sign of the Church of Satan.

Why Do You Believe with The Chosen director Dallas Jenkins

Ashley Key talks to Dallas Jenkins, the writer and director of The Chosen, about the failure that led to a spiritual and professional shift in his life. Dallas shares why they chose to make one the disciples on the Autism Spectrum and what it is like to direct the actor portraying Jesus.

Taking Mental Health Seriously

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss how Simone Biles has brought the importance of taking care of mental health to the spotlight.

How Christians Can Deny Themselves in Favor of Pleasing God

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss what Jesus meant when He said to His disciples “take up your cross and follow Me.”

Why Do You Believe with content creator Allen Parr

Ashley Key talks to Allen Parr about why he left his engineering career to start the Bible based YouTube channel called “THE BEAT” and how others can follow Christ’s true calling for their lives.