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700 Club Interactive - January 8, 2021

President and CEO of the NFL Hall of Fame, David Baker honors the heroes, history and achievements of the game. While celebrating the excellence and values of its players and people, David reveres a greater enshrinement that comes with his eternal perspective.

700 Club Interactive - January 7, 2021

Eric survived a car accident that killed his best friend. Over the next 20-years he fell into a deep depression, drugs and reckless living. He was set free when he surrendered his life to God.

700 Club Interactive - January 6, 2021

Virginia suffered intense pain in her feet from bone spurs. One day while watching the 700 Club she received a word of knowledge and was healed and pain free by the next morning.

700 Club Interactive - January 5, 2021

While fixing Christmas lights, Bert slipped and fell 30 feet onto his head. His family had no choice but to pray and believe for a miracle.

700 Club Interactive - January 4, 2021

Rick, his wife Kay and his daughter Kristie, caught COVID-19. Rick was hospitalized and almost died, but God’s grace and the prayers of hundreds of people healed all of them.

700 Club Interactive - December 23, 2020

Levi Floyd drowned while on a family vacation. Prayers and CPR by family and strangers brought him back with no long-term effects.

700 Club Interactive - December 22, 2020

Routine car maintenance turns into a fight for survival after Sam Wallen's SUV falls on him.

700 Club Interactive - December 21, 2020

Elizabeth and Kevin's prayers for a baby were answered when their daughter was born on Christmas Day.

700 Club Interactive - December 18, 2020

Maria tried every vice she could to dull the pain mental illness caused. After a decade in and out of psych wards and rehab, she said “yes” to Jesus and began a transforming journey.

700 Club Interactive - December 17, 2020

Angela was 33 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with COVID-19. She delivered her baby in the ICU while fighting for her life.

700 Club Interactive - December 16, 2020

Distinguished surgeon Michael Haglund is known as “the praying doctor.” Believing prayer is medicine, he will discuss how he integrates it in his practice.

700 Club Interactive - December 15, 2020

At 23 Evan’s heart stopped working. Family and friends prayed and witnessed a miracle when Evan was released from the hospital 2 weeks later.

700 Club Interactive - December 14, 2020

Shannon was left in a coma after her car collided with a semi-truck. She made a full recovery and is even running again.

700 Club Interactive - December 11, 2020

A man is hospitalized and struggling for breath due to COVID-19 until he feels God breathe into his lungs.

700 Club Interactive - December 10, 2020

Incurable ulcerative colitis nearly sends Anne into early retirement. Plus, Two women of different ethnicities believe they can help bridge the racial divide by celebrating their differences in love.

700 Club Interactive - December 9, 2020

Singing group Point of Grace give an update on their faith, career and their upcoming Christmas special.

Show Clips

Prayer for America

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss the recent attack on the Capitol and how Christians should respond.

Find Your Own Voice in a World of Echoes

Sean Feucht will discuss his outdoor ministry outreaches during the pandemic, and how God has worked in his life.

Kalel Pratico: Empty Pursuits to a Fulfilled Life in Jesus

Kalel felt an emptiness his entire life and thought he was never good enough. Then the Lord showed him how to have a personal relationship through Jesus Christ.

Unity and Peace After the Election

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson discuss the current United States Presidential Election endgame and how the country will heal in its aftermath.

Life After Adoption

After working 14 years for Orphan’s Promise in the Ukraine, Karen took a road trip in the United States to explore what happens when families bring adopted children home and real life begins.

Disunity and Chaos in America

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss CBN Founder Pat Robertson’s recent prophetic word about the 2020 U.S. presidential election and the aftermath.

Be Seen For Who You Are

NFL linebacker Sam Acho believes it’s time to stop hiding behind emotional masks and instead allow the world to see the real you.

100 Bible Verses That Made America

Author Robert Morgan shares how the Bible has shaped the history of America.

Pastor Returns to Life After Visiting "Room of Death"

Author and pastor Glen Berteau shares his amazing story of surviving clinical death after experiencing a massive heart attack in his church parking lot.

God’s Purpose for Motherhood

Author Angela Braniff, founder of "This Gathered Nest" YouTube channel, shares her view of motherhood as she chronicles her journey to discover God's purposes in her life.

Praying For God’s Will To Be Done

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson answer questions about the purpose and power of prayer in the life of a believer.

Author Lisa Bevere Believes You Need a Godmother

Lisa Bevere shares about helping women live their best lives as daughters of God and how Godmothers are able to help build deeper multi-generational connections.

Improve Your Prayer Life

Anne Graham Lotz makes a surprising confession about her prayer life and shares tips for improving yours.

Anxiety, Depression and the Mind of Christ

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson discuss the biblical approach to dealing with anxiety, depression and mental illness.

Former CIA Analyst Provides Insider Perspective on War

Author Sarah Carlson gives her account into the U.S. evacuation from Libya in her book, “In The Dark of War.”

Shaping Hearts Through Prayer

Best-selling author and former 700 Club co-host Sheila Walsh shares about her latest book, “Praying Girls.” Sheila shares how the next generation can shape their heart and grow their faith through prayer.