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700 Club Interactive - October 23, 2020

David Zach shares his journey from a comfortable life as the lead singer of "Remedy Drive" to becoming an undercover operative and fighting against human trafficking.

700 Club Interactive - October 22, 2020

Sam Acho, a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will discuss his life, faith and the importance of letting people see the real you.

700 Club Interactive - October 21, 2020

Doctors struggled to stabilize Heather Hughes after she sustained critical injuries from a car accident. Her mother Ann refused to believe the negative reports, and prayed to God for her healing. Heather was released from the hospital 3 months later, giving glory to God.

700 Club Interactive - October 20, 2020

Pastor and author Robert J. Morgan will discuss the Bible and how it has shaped the history of America.

700 Club Interactive - October 19, 2020

The evening of her twin daughters’ 16th birthday, Julie Brittain went to sleep not knowing she would die. It was the beginning of a miracle story for her family.

700 Club Interactive - October 16, 2020

John Humphries’ insecurities led him into a life of drugs and he eventually lost his daughters, but God restored him and his family.

700 Club Interactive - October 15, 2020

Jeremy suffered PTSD stemming from an abusive childhood and the Iraq war. It wasn't until he fully surrendered to God that he found the peace he needed.

700 Club Interactive - October 14, 2020

Vincent had a high risk of death with COVID-19 and other health issues. His mother's prayers had an instant effect on his healing and recovery. Plus, Sarah Huickabee Sanders talks about her new book, “Speaking For Myself.”

700 Club Interactive - October 12, 2020

Anne Graham Lotz is a renowned Bible teacher and shares her struggles with prayer and how by writing them down she is drawn into a deeper, more intimate conversation with God.

700 Club Interactive - October 9, 2020

After years of constant beatings, Elizabeth took her daughter and ran straight into the arms of the occult. What happened to her on the dark side?

700 Club Interactive - October 8, 2020

Popular author and speaker Lisa Harper never married but always wanted a child; her life is forever changed when she adopts a dying orphan from Haiti.

700 Club Interactive - October 7, 2020

Melody Dillard woke up after surgery and the doctor told her she had breast cancer but then tells her she is pregnant.

700 Club Interactive - October 6, 2020

Gravely ill for 11 years, a Norwegian boy is miraculously healed while visiting Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

700 Club Interactive - October 5, 2020

Given only a couple of months to live, Stan knew his only hope was in the miracles of God. Plus, founder of Blexit, black conservative Candace Owens shares about her new book, “Blackout.”

700 Club Interactive - October 2, 2020

A couple caught up in the instant gratification of drugs, alcohol and sex comes to the realization that their marriage is in big trouble. Plus, shutting down businesses and silencing people; Cancel Culture is exploding in America but who is behind it?

Show Clips

Be Seen For Who You Are

NFL linebacker Sam Acho believes it’s time to stop hiding behind emotional masks and instead allow the world to see the real you.

100 Bible Verses That Made America

Author Robert Morgan shares how the Bible has shaped the history of America.

Pastor Returns to Life After Visiting "Room of Death"

Author and pastor Glen Berteau shares his amazing story of surviving clinical death after experiencing a massive heart attack in his church parking lot.

God’s Purpose for Motherhood

Author Angela Braniff, founder of "This Gathered Nest" YouTube channel, shares her view of motherhood as she chronicles her journey to discover God's purposes in her life.

Praying For God’s Will To Be Done

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson answer questions about the purpose and power of prayer in the life of a believer.

Author Lisa Bevere Believes You Need a Godmother

Lisa Bevere shares about helping women live their best lives as daughters of God and how Godmothers are able to help build deeper multi-generational connections.

Improve Your Prayer Life

Anne Graham Lotz makes a surprising confession about her prayer life and shares tips for improving yours.

Anxiety, Depression and the Mind of Christ

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson discuss the biblical approach to dealing with anxiety, depression and mental illness.

Former CIA Analyst Provides Insider Perspective on War

Author Sarah Carlson gives her account into the U.S. evacuation from Libya in her book, “In The Dark of War.”

Shaping Hearts Through Prayer

Best-selling author and former 700 Club co-host Sheila Walsh shares about her latest book, “Praying Girls.” Sheila shares how the next generation can shape their heart and grow their faith through prayer.

Is There Hope for America?

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson review the contentious 1st 2020 Presidential Debate and look for reasons to be hopeful about America.

No One is Beyond Redemption

You’ve heard of his brothers Donnie and Mark, but Jim Wahlberg wants to be known for how God changed his life. Jim went from a drug addicted homeless teen to a prison inmate until a visit from Mother Teresa changed everything.

Teaching Children to Worship God

Songwriters Brooke and Scott Ligertwood are passionate about worship and they believe that teaching children to worship will introduce them to the wonder of who God is.

Nik Wallenda’s Return to the High Wire

This renown aerialist shares how he overcame fear after an 8-person pyramid collapsed in training, seriously injuring his sister and others.

Confronting the Pain of Infertility and Miscarriage

The struggle with infertility or grief from miscarriages can be devastating. 700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson discuss what the Bible has to say on the topic.

Don’t Flirt With Darkness

After a decade-long struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, author Ben Courson shares how he defeated this evil and how you can too.