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700 Club Interactive - February 26, 2021

Music man Rodney Stepp battled COVID-19 for over 40 days. Through prayer and expert care, he gained health and a new song to share.

700 Club Interactive - February 25, 2021

Salemtown Board Company uses the building of skateboards to mentor and disciple young men in the economically challenged area of Nashville.

700 Club Interactive - February 24, 2021

Guest John Cooper will discuss how life changed for him when he rejected fame and chose to always serve Christ. He has toured over 20 years with his 12-time platinum-selling rock band Skillet.

700 Club Interactive - February 23, 2021

When doctors told Diane that nothing could be done to cure her chronic back pain after a car accident, she decided instead to believe that nothing was impossible with God. Plus, a look into Le Club 700 with Jessica Datsko and Life Changers. ?

700 Club Interactive - February 22, 2021

Carla based her entire identity on her own achievements. One night while partying at a bar she heard a calling that led her to find her true identity in Christ.

700 Club Interactive - February 19, 2021

Ben Higgins, contestant on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” reveals how he experienced feeling alone even when surrounded by others. Hear how he has found God’s love and acceptance.

700 Club Interactive - February 18, 2021

For years BJ believed the lie that love was painful and she deserved it. When she encountered Jesus her life and heart changed forever.

700 Club Interactive - February 17, 2021

Abandonment fueled Elizabeth Verver’s grief and led to a drug and alcohol addiction. After reading God’s word she experienced a life-changing encounter.

700 Club Interactive - February 16, 2021

An alcoholic experience a life transformation that does wonders for his self-esteem. Plus, CBN News Reporter Charlene Aaron discusses how more people are reading the Bible during these troubled times.

700 Club Interactive - February 15, 2021

“Foot Soldier” Henry Allen shares his memories of the Civil Rights Movement, Bloody Sunday, and how only Jesus Christ can bring us together.

700 Club Interactive - February 12, 2021

Anne was abused as a child and later adopted a homosexual lifestyle. She began attending Christian meetings where she recognized Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

700 Club Interactive - February 11, 2021

Christy loves to sing, but severe jaw pain stole her joy and left her in so much pain she could barely eat or sleep. Christy prayed with Terry and was instantly healed.

700 Club Interactive - February 10, 2021

Christina living in a world of sexual immorality is hardly new. However, we can learn from the 1st century church how to find true love even in the middle of a hookup culture.

700 Club Interactive - February 9, 2021

Adrian was a self-described "adrenaline junkie" who raced cars as a teen with her parents. She later became addicted to drugs until she saw a Facebook video about Jesus.

700 Club Interactive - February 8, 2021

President and CEO of the NFL Hall of Fame, David Baker honors the heroes, history and achievements of the game and celebrates their excellence from an eternal perspective.

700 Club Interactive - February 5, 2021

CBN News reporter Heather Sells reports on how mental health issues have increased during the pandemic and how the church can help.

Show Clips

Spiritual Gifts As Part of Today’s Christian Living

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible and how Christians experience them in modern times.

Multi-Platinum Rocker Shares Secret to Success

Skillet front man John Cooper shares how life changed for him when he rejected fame & chose to always serve Christ.

Spiritual Gifts and the 21st Century Christian

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible and how they work in 2021.

Cure for Loneliness Comes Off Camera For Reality TV Star

Thrust into the public eye on ABC’s The Bachelor, Ben Higgins struggled with loneliness until he realized love and acceptance was right there within him.

Teaching Children to Cope with Prayer and Faith

Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares strategies to help parents and children facing the unknown anxieties of today’s world and how adults can offer encouragement through prayer and faith in God.

What the Bible Says About Faith

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about faith in relation to the Scriptures.

Anxiety, Depression and COVID

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson answer viewer questions about anxiety and depression in the midst of the global pandemic.

Recognizing Greatness in Special Needs Children

Co-authors Mark and Dawn Lawrence discuss their journey and practices raising their two special needs sons. Their desire is to help others to think creatively and recognize greatness in every person.

Living by Faith During a Pandemic

Living out your faith day to day can be difficult, especially during a pandemic. 700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson tackle viewer questions about staying true to your convictions.

Labeling Millennials God’s Way

Author Arden Bevere discusses his new book that challenges negative labels assigned to millennials and replaces them with a God-given identity.

Prayer for America

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss the recent attack on the Capitol and how Christians should respond.

Find Your Own Voice in a World of Echoes

Sean Feucht will discuss his outdoor ministry outreaches during the pandemic, and how God has worked in his life.

Kalel Pratico: Empty Pursuits to a Fulfilled Life in Jesus

Kalel felt an emptiness his entire life and thought he was never good enough. Then the Lord showed him how to have a personal relationship through Jesus Christ.

Unity and Peace After the Election

700 Club Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Gordon Robertson discuss the current United States Presidential Election endgame and how the country will heal in its aftermath.

Life After Adoption

After working 14 years for Orphan’s Promise in the Ukraine, Karen took a road trip in the United States to explore what happens when families bring adopted children home and real life begins.

Disunity and Chaos in America

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key discuss CBN Founder Pat Robertson’s recent prophetic word about the 2020 U.S. presidential election and the aftermath.