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700 Club Interactive - June 2, 2020

After a decade of studying meditation and communicating with spirits, a woman experiences the demonic living in her before calling out to God for help.

700 Club Interactive - June 1, 2020

In the midst of crisis and war in the Middle East, there is a story no one else is telling: the emergence of worship. The documentary, 50 HOURS follows a team as they share stories of people finding hope through life-changing encounters with Jesus.

700 Club Interactive - May 29, 2020

Musical artists Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes discuss the power of worshiping through a crisis.

700 Club Interactive - May 28, 2020

A woman haunted by years of pain and unforgiveness is set free when she chooses to forgive the person who harmed her.

700 Club Interactive - May 27, 2020

After a Parkinson's diagnosis in 2016, things looked bleak for Pastor Robbie Willis. But through faith and prayer, a miracle occurred.

700 Club Interactive - May 26, 2020

Arynn Andrews struggled with depression and attempted suicide at age 19. Hear what life- changing advice she was given while she was institutionalized.

700 Club Interactive - May 25, 2020

A man is hospitalized and struggling for breath due to COVID-19 until he feels God breathe into his lungs.

700 Club Interactive - May 22, 2020

A 17-year old turns from God and marries an abusive man until years later when she receives God's love and escapes the life-threatening marriage.

700 Club Interactive - May 21, 2020

Efrem Graham shares how Hollywood is coping with the pandemic, and other top stories in the world of entertainment.

700 Club Interactive - May 20, 2020

As Major League Baseball eyes a comeback, former all-star and current Fox Sports broadcaster Paul Byrd discusses why we love sports and what the games teach us about the gospel.

700 Club Interactive - May 19, 2020

A little Ugandan orphan suffering from cerebral palsy captured the affections of an American family. Meadow Merrill shares how their unlikely adoption taught them about the power of love, faith, hope and family.

700 Club Interactive - May 18, 2020

Wisconsin State Representative Paul Tittl was raised in church. However, Paul never felt God was real or interested in him until the day he heard a message from Pat Robertson that changed his mind… and his heart.

700 Club Interactive - May 8, 2020

Routine car maintenance turns into a fight for survival after Sam Wallen's SUV falls on him.

700 Club Interactive - May 7, 2020

Efrem Graham drops by to share his top five stories from the entertainment world.

700 Club Interactive - May 6, 2020

Seniors are missing out on a major milestone: Graduation. See what is being done to help them celebrate in the midst of the pandemic.

700 Club Interactive - May 5, 2020

Introduced into the sex industry at 19, Corrine thought she was in control until daily anxiety attacks drove her to find answers.

Show Clips

Documentary Captures Unprecedented Move of Christ

In the new documentary 50 Hours, filmmaker Randall Martinez and his team witness Muslims in multiple Middle East nations experience Jesus Christ for the first time.

The Power of Worshipping God During a Crisis

Worship leaders Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes join the fight against loneliness, depression and fear plaguing those confined to home with online worship events.

Hope in the Waiting

Gordon Robertson and Roberto Torres discuss how to not lose hope when our prayers are not being answered.

Emmy Award-Winning Fox Sports Broadcaster Paul Byrd Discusses Baseball’s Return

As Major League Baseball eyes a comeback, former all-star and current Fox Sports broadcaster Paul Byrd discusses why we love sports and what the games teach us about the gospel.

Is God Hearing My Prayers?

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key joins Gordon Robertson to discuss how to overcome negative thinking and not lose hope while waiting on answers to prayer.

The Practical Path To Changing the World

Matthew Barnett shares how to change the world by following God's nudges & acts of compassion one at a time.

Celebrating a Mother’s Legacy

Trudy Cathy White’s father founded Chick-fil-a, but she says it’s her mother that was the heart and soul of the Cathy family.

Coronavirus and God

Gordon Robertson and Roberto Torres tackle the tough spiritual questions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Where is God? How can we use our suffering for His glory? And more.

Confronting Fear During COVID-19

Author Max Lucado encourages Americans to face fear with a positive, Godly mindset during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Preparing for Spiritual Warfare

Author and evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares about his latest book, “Slaying Dragons,” which serves as a practical guide to the spiritual warfare every believer faces.

How Coronavirus Affects the Brain

Celebrity doctor and psychiatrist, Dr. Amen, discusses how the brain is affected by the Coronavirus.

Boost Your Immune System During COVID-19 Crisis

Dr. Josh Axe shares tried and true strategies to strengthen your body’s defenses in the face of coronavirus.

How to Process Anxiety in Uncertain Times

As people are wondering, “where is God,” Gordon Robertson and Roberto Torres-Dedillo tackle tough question Christians face on global suffering, uncertainty, anxiety and joblessness.

Protect Your Health During Coronavirus Crisis

Dr. David Perlmutter shares what to do to protect your health and build your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak.

Is Peace in the Middle East Fiction?

Best-selling author Joel Rosenberg discusses his latest political thriller, The Jerusalem Assassin, which tackles the real-life issue of lasting peace in the Middle East.

Meet the Creative Force Behind “I Am Patrick”

“I Am Patrick” writer and director Jarrod Anderson shares his experience as a key part in the new CBN Film.