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Christian World News - January 21, 2022

Christian World News - January 21, 2022

Christian World News - ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ as Statecraft - January 14, 2022

In countries that don’t support religious liberty experts say ‘love thy neighbor’ is the best way forward.

Christian World News - A Dream of Safety - January 7, 2022

How a dream from God became reality and fulfilled one pastor’s deepest wish.

Christian World News - December 31, 2021

Christian World News - December 31, 2021

Christian World News - Behind the Scenes at “The Chosen” Christmas Movie - Decem

We visit the cast and crew of the popular TV series “The Chosen” as they make a special Christmas movie.

Christian World News - Haitian Gang Frees Kidnapped Missionaries

The remaining missionaries held hostage by a Haitian gang have been released.

Christian World News - Faith in the Face of Invasion - December 10, 2021

As Ukraine faces a possible Russian invasion, churches are preparing to serve in a time of suffering.

Christian World News - China’s Church: Staying Faithful in a Police State - Nove

China’s police state operates a ‘surveillance society’ monitoring everyone, everywhere. Including churches.

Christian World News - Serving the Stranger - November 19, 2021

Texas churches are opening their hearts and their doors to help Afghan refugees make new lives in America.

Christian World News - Waiting for Haiti’s Hostages - November 12, 2021

A Haitian priest who spent 20 days in captivity has a message for the families of the 27 hostages held in Haiti.

Christian World News - ETHIOPIA SUFFERING - November 5, 2021

The civilian population in a Christian region of Northern Ethiopia is targeted by two armies.

Christian World News - Remember Those Who Are Suffering - October 29, 2021

How Global Prayer and Smuggled Bibles are Strengthening the Persecuted Church.

Christian World News - Global Outcry for Missionaries Held Hostage - October 22,

Christian Aid Ministries is calling for churches worldwide to fast and pray for kidnapped missionaries.

Christian World News - Seeds of Forgiveness Bear Generational Fruit - October 15

When the Zimbabwe government took away a farmer’s land he chose to forgive rather than fight.

Christian World News - What Will Bring the Next Great Revival? - October 8, 2021

As America shakes under political, racial, and social upheaval, believers are looking for the next great revival.

Christian World News - Rescuing those Abandoned in Afghanistan - October 1, 2021

As the Taliban puts barbaric punishments in place to enforce Sharia law, private efforts are underway to rescue those still trapped in Afghanistan.