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Studio 5: Legend Calling

Harrison Ford, Omar Sy and Cara Gee go behind-the-scenes of their new film, The Call of the Wild. Justin Bieber drops new music and LeBron James pens his first children’s book, and surprises the first graduating class from his school.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 18, 2020

I have cut down going to the casino and now I like going to the arcade, is this a sin also? When does our name get written in the Book of Life? Why does God have a particular problem with liars?

Prayer Link – Social Media Influencer Emma Mae Jenkins on Being Loved - Feb. 18

Teen social media influencer Emma Mae Jenkins, shares from her new book, “Be Loved.” Plus how one family chose faith over fear after their teen suffered a life-threatening injury

The 700 Club - February 12, 2020

A high-risk surgery is one woman’s only hope after 25 years of back pain, so why was the operation cancelled? Plus, Colonel Oliver North takes a shot at our troubled times in his new book, “The Rifleman.”

How to Be Content Where God Has You

Author Jentezen Franklin discusses his latest book, Acres of Diamonds, which shares how you can experience His best for you right where you are.

Prayer Link – Pastor Robert Morris on Taking the Day Off – Feb. 11, 2020

Pastor Robert Morris discusses his new book, “Take the Day Off: Receiving God’s Gift of Rest. Plus, Ashley Key shares about the CBN/Regent Event “Unhooked,” and How Christians can Live Pure in a Pornified Culture.

'This Beautiful Book': Museum of the Bible Founder on Why the Bible Matters Today

As president of Hobby Lobby and the founder of the Museum of the Bible, Steve Green is a lifelong student of the scriptures and in his new book, zooms out to look at the big, beautiful picture they paint. 

Col. Oliver North's Book Set in 1775 Sounds a Lot Like 2020

There's no question we're living in troubling times, but Col. Oliver North has written a new book that helps put things into perspective. In fact, his latest work reminds us that while change is constant, much remains the same.

'What Belief Can Do': One Man's Powerful Story of Overcoming Life's Overwhelming Obstacles

Ron Archer is a speaker in high demand by Fortune 500 companies and churches around the country. He tells his story of overcoming a difficult childhood.

'I Put Seeds in Them:' VA Teacher Connects Students to Reading Across the USA

Keisha Yearby, is a Virginia elementary school teacher and avid reader who wants to share that passion. So, when the school-day is done, she takes her students and many others on an adventure from behind the screen of her laptop.

Prayer Link – Wendy Griffith’s 29 Days of Praying for Singles – Feb. 4, 2020

CBN’s Wendy Griffith shares her journey from singleness to Mrs. She also discusses her 29 day campaign to pray for other singles. Plus, 40 Days for Life President Shawn Carney discusses his new book, “To the Heart of the Matter: The 40-Day Companion to Live a Culture of Life,” which encourages believers to support the unborn through prayer.

Dr. Perlmutter: Modern Culture 'Rewires Your Brain' with Devastating Effects

New research shows our modern culture, everything from what we eat to what we view online, stimulates the part of the brain that's connected with fear and impulsivity while at the same time suppresses the part of the brain responsible for empathy and planning for the future. 

Ten Strategies to Live Out a Counter-Culture Faith

Robert Jeffress discusses his new book, Courageous, providing Christians with tools to live out their faith in today’s hostile, anti-Christian environment.

Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say

Sheila Walsh discusses her new book, Praying Women, and how women can embrace the lifechanging power of a healthy prayer life.

Trump's Legal Team Rests Their Case, but McConnell Warns of a Mutiny Over Witnesses – Now What?

President Donald Trump's legal team wrapped up their defense Tuesday afternoon, ending the argument period of the trial. 

Defense Attorneys Remind Senate of 'Undisputed Facts' as Bolton's Book Adds Push to Hear Witnesses

A potential game-changer in the impeachment trial after a draft of John Bolton's book appears to undercut a key defense argument. 


Studio 5: Matty’s Riches - February 5, 2020

Filmmaker Matty Rich shares his movie-making journey. Disney premieres Timmy Failure, its first film at the Sundance Film Festival. And Tom Hanks could earn an Oscar for his role as Mr. Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Evangelist Luis Palau on his 'Final Chapter,' Battling Cancer, and Why He Believes the Future Looks Bright

International evangelist Luis Palau offers reflections on the final chapter of his life as he battles terminal cancer. He spoke exclusively to CBN News before his 85th birthday – a milestone neither Palau nor his doctors expected him to make.

The 700 Club - January 3, 2020

Fulfil your destiny! Dr. Bill Hamon shows you how to discover your highest calling. Plus, meet the real-life inspiration behind the brand-new movie, “Just Mercy.”

Helping Wrongly Convicted Prisoners Receive 'Just Mercy': Lawyer's True Story Told in New Movie

New major motion picture, "Just Mercy," tells the story of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, who has fought for 30 years for those wrongly convicted of crimes.

New Movie Reveals Injustice in Criminal Justice System, Advocate Argues 'It's True'

The story of a wrongfully accused man sentenced to death is coming to life on the big screen. 

The movie "Just Mercy" tells the powerful true story of a Harvard lawyer who heads to Alabama to defend an innocent man on death row. 

Starring Michael B. Jordan and Oscar winners Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson, the new  Warner Brothers film brings to light the plight of inmates on death row. It will be released to theaters nationwide on Jan. 10. 

CBN News spoke with Hannah Cox, an advocate working to shed light on injustice within the criminal justice system. 

Healthy Living - December 31, 2019


5 Fun Family Christmas Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Five fun family Christmas movies you can stream right now.

TPi - Merry Christmas

A TPI Christmas Celebration!

Prayer Link – Children’s Book Teaches Kids to Have Pro-Life Worldview - Decembe

Bethany Bomberger of Radiance Foundation shares about her book, “Pro-Life Kids,” and her desire to help parents instill a pro-life worldview in their children. Plus a look at what Christmas movies are available for streaming this holiday season.

Prayer Link – 9-Year-Old Boy Raising Money For Homeless Vets - December 10, 2019

Christian King is only 9 but for his 10th birthday, he wants a big present – not for himself but for homeless Vets. Through his non-profit organization, “Dimes 4 Vets,” he has launched a campaign to raise $10,000 for vets living on the streets. He’s raised $5,000 so far. Plus it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the campus of CBN. We’ll show you the sights and sounds of the holiday season.

The Sorbos Are Reaching the Lost With Original Movies

Kevin and Sam Sorbo share their latest movie projects which they hope will reach the lost for Christ.

The 700 Club - November 26, 2019

Kevin and Sam Sorbo stop by to share about their latest movie projects. Plus, hear how one man was radically changed after planning to kill his adopted brother.

700 Club Interactive - November 13, 2019

SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt discuss their new movie airing on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel, A God Wink Christmas II-Meant for Love starring Kathie Lee Gifford.

Merry Godwink Christmas to All

Well known for their popular Godwink book series, SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt preview their latest Hallmark Christmas movie, “A Godwink Christmas II”

A Godwink Christmas – Meant for Love

SQuire Rushnell and Louis DuArt share about their latest Hallmark movie with Kathie Lee Gifford, debuting on November 17th, 2019.


Studio 5: Legend Calling

Harrison Ford, Omar Sy and Cara Gee go behind-the-scenes of their new film, The Call of the Wild. Justin Bieber drops new music and LeBron James pens his first children’s book, and surprises the first graduating class from his school.

TPi - Free Too Be Me

A South African youth finds himself at death’s door after addiction takes hold of his life. TPi gets a sneak peek into the life of Studio 5 host, Efrem Graham.

Life-Changers: Journey Through Worship

Jessica Datsko and Simisola Okai discuss the meaning of worship and its many expressions around the world.

TPi - Bounce Back

Christian Hip-Hop Artist, Tedashii, shares how the loss of his 1-year-old son impacted his life, music, and faith.

TPi - A Masterpiece in the Making

A woman who is a pastor, wife, and mother has a dark secret that could cost her everything. Chart-topping Hip-Hop Artist, Dee 1, performs on the TPI stage.

Studio 5: Heaven’s Citizen - January 29, 2020

Grammy nominated singer Tauren Wells shares his new music project, Citizen of Heaven. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas opens up in a new documentary. And we are counting down to Oscar night with a look at the film 1917.

TPi - Live Well Lived

700 Club co-host, Terry Meeuswen, shares personal stories from her past that helped shape her into the woman she is today. Acclaimed Ghanaian worship leader Joe Mettle joins Muyiwa in the studio.

Can We Limit God? - The Superbook Show

Abby and Alex explain how we can limit God by our unbelief and unwillingness to allow Him to take control of our lives.

Life-Changers: Conversations with Muyiwa Olarewaju

Host Jessica Datsko visits TV host and musical artist Muyiwa Olarewaju on the set of CBN’s TPI (Turning Point International). He talks about his decision to follow Christ and how to remain strong in the faith.

TPi - Rise To The Call

International author, Pastor, and Psychologist, Dr. Faith Wokoma, shares with Muyiwa what it means to be marked by God. A man hears a song that makes him rethink taking his life.

TPi - Good-Bye Yesterday

International speaker and best-selling author, Dr. Cindy Trimm, shares the keys to unlocking supernatural faith that will change your life.

Studio 5: Jonathan’s Journey

Recording artist Jonathan Butler shares the love story behind his music. Actors Will Smith and Tom Holland bring an animated film to life. And comedians Lionel Harris and Vernard Hines serve up a dose of laughter.

TPi - Never Give Up

Internationally known Pastor and Evangelist, Benny Hinn shares intriguing stories of his forty-plus years in ministry. Popular gospel artist, Travis Greene shares the details of his latest project.

Pat Boone - Musician, Actor, Author

Join Shawn Bolz as he interviews, Musician, Actor and Author, Pat Boone who is a cultural icon, spiritual father and forerunner to christians in the entertainment industry everywhere. Pat has been at the top of the charts in music, acting and author. Today he shares a glimpse of his spiritual journey, his deep faith and how this impacted his career, family and ultimately the world. Pat shares never before told stories of his divine appointments with A-list entertainers and shares about the rec

Woman's Prayer Leads to a Miracle

Not to be kept away from her love of music, Prentice turned to prayer to take away the pain in her jaw. See her miraculous story.


Dr. Dobson Asks Why Fox Says 'Yes' to Drag Queens, 'No' to Abortion Survivors in Super Bowl Ads

After Fox Sports declined to air a pro-life advocacy group's television commercial during the Super Bowl this Sunday, Dr. James Dobson, the founder and president of the James Dobson Family Institute, asked the network, "Why are you saying 'yes' to drag queens and 'no' to abortion survivors?"

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 31, 2020

Virginia’s new Democratic majority in the state’s government gives nation a model of progressive agenda in politics. Senate Impeachment trial continues with possible vote on witnesses as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Ukranian president. Attorney General William Barr talks separation of church and state not the problem in America but militant secularists. CBN’s David Brody interviews U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman about President Donald Trump’s peace plan. World Health Agenc

Commercial Featuring Abortion Survivors Blocked from Super Bowl, Group Claims

The founder of a nascent pro-life advocacy group has been working since last summer to get a Super Bowl ad approved to run on Fox Sports during the February game. But with less than a week until kickoff, Lyric Gillett is accusing the network of censoring her commercial.

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 27, 2020

Sports fans mourn the death of NBA great Kobe Bryant after his helicopter crashes Sunday. President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial continues in the Senate. Latest on deadly corona virus. Remembering the liberation of Auschwitz on National Holocaust Remembrance Day. What President Trump said to pro-lifers in the National March for Life. A drag queen’s surprise warning about allowing children to be “involved” in drag. Woman honored for fostering 600 children over five decades.

The Global Lane - EP328 - January 16, 2020

Christian persecution rising. China uses high tech software to destroy church; Are Christians to blame for American cultural decline? Australian brush fires. Climate change, or Deja vu? Transsexuals in sports. Feelings, fairness, physiology & DNA,

5 States Consider Ban on Transgender Athletes Competing Against Biological Females

So far five states have weighed in with possible legislation that will prevent biological males who identify as female from competing in female sports. According to The Wall Street Journal, legislation pre-filed or introduced in New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri would attempt to keep female sports competition simply that – female – meaning biologically female.  

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 3, 2020

The world awaits what’s next from Iran after the United States kills a top General in the rogue nation. Wildfires continue to ravish parts of Australia as calls for prayer go out. Bride killed on the way to her wedding. Memorial scheduled for evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Woman forgives Texas Church shooter who killed her dad. Sports talk with Shawn Brown on NFL playoffs, College Championship game and Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. Tim Allen says the P-C police are killing comedy.

Equality and Fairness? Transgender Athletes in High School Sports Now a Political and Campaign Issue

In the world of high school sports right now, the issue of transgender athletes is becoming a challenge, especially for female athletes forced to compete against boys who identify as girls. It's also becoming both a political issue and a campaign issue. 

700 Club Interactive - November 6, 2019

Over 250,000 coaches, student athletes and their friends are coming together for what they call, “Fields of Faith.” See how they are bringing God and sports together!

Going the Distance - Episode 25

Shawn talks with Houston Astros relief pitcher Will Harris about keeping perspective in Baseball; Carson Wentz shares how he’s using his platform to share God’s message of hope; Obstacle course runner Sean Clayton shares about his journey from anger and self-destruction to Salvation, forgiveness, and peace.

Turning Sports Fields into Fields of Faith: Christian Student Movement Reaching Millions

About 250,000 coaches, student-athletes, and their friends have been coming together this fall for what they call "Fields of Faith." Their goal is to show that God and sports make an awesome and powerful combo.  

How Faith Made 'Little Giant' Jose Altuve a World Series Star

The Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals face off tonight in the final game of the World Series. Helping the Astros in their run for the championship is faith-filled player Jose Altuve. Baseball scouts said he was too small to play pro ball. but Altuve has proved them all wrong. How did the 5' 6" slugger swing it into the major leagues? Faith is central in his Cinderella story.

Going the Distance - Episode 24

Houston Astros Jose Altuve opens up about being the smallest player in baseball, Shawn talks with New England Patriots Devin McCourty, NASCAR driver Michael McDowell shares how his faith changed his life.

Going the Distance - Episode 23

Seattle Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett tells stories through spoken word; Shawn talks with Chicago Bears Tight End Trey Burton; Pro Bass Fisherman Randy Howell shares how he found faith through adversity.

Rachael Denhollander: 'Predators Are Always Watching' – Here's What To Do

Former Olympics gymnast Rachael Denhollander talks about her book, What is a Girl Worth? It tells the story of exposing the sexual abuse she and other athletes experienced at the hands of USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

Going the Distance - Episode 21

Shawn’s sits with Former San Francisco 49ers Running Back Glen Coffee ten years after his abrupt retirement from the game because he felt God had another plan for his life.


Trump Celebrates Acquittal at White House, Apologizes to His Family for Having to Go Through 'Very Rotten Deal'

President Trump took a victory lap on Thursday, giving his first speech after being acquitted on Wednesday in the Senate. 

Dr. Dobson Asks Why Fox Says 'Yes' to Drag Queens, 'No' to Abortion Survivors in Super Bowl Ads

After Fox Sports declined to air a pro-life advocacy group's television commercial during the Super Bowl this Sunday, Dr. James Dobson, the founder and president of the James Dobson Family Institute, asked the network, "Why are you saying 'yes' to drag queens and 'no' to abortion survivors?"

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 17, 2020

The U.S. Senate readies for President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial. President Trump gets praise for his efforts to protect student’s rights to pray. As pressure builds on the Iranian regime, we hear from the Middle East on what the Iranian people want. Also, Mike Ansari with Heart4Iran talks about the growth of the church in Iran. A warning for parents when it comes to streaming services and content from Hollywood targeting their kids. Shawn Brown talks sports and NFL playoffs.

Jessica Oyelowo - Actress

Join Shawn Bolz as he interviews Actress & Producer Jessica Oyelowo about her faith journey when they left their life in the UK behind, to pursue film and television in Los Angeles. Discover together what it looks like to be a famous family in Hollywood. Because Jessica lives a life of vulnerability, we’ll investigate her personal struggle with significance when she laid her own career down while her husbands career soured. Now she's living in an explosion of God activity as she and her husban

Karen Covell - Producer

Exploring The Industry with Shawn Bolz: Join Shawn Bolz as he interviews, TV Producer and spiritual mother in the entertainment industry, Karen Covell, as we explore her unique perspective of what is happening in Film & Television. Karen shares the story of her first high profile interview with Hugh Hefner, how the Lord opened that door and how that interview changed her. She discusses her journey to Hollywood and how she’s called to build a bridge between the church and hollywood, building a co

The Global Lane - December 5, 2019

Was Jesus a Palestinian? Fact, or Palestinian delusion? Cease fire or Turkish slaughter? The truth about northern Syria; Andrew Cuomo restricts religious freedom rights in New York; Courageous Yazidi woman confronts her ISIS rapist on television.

Bloomberg Newest Democrat in the 2020 Presidential Race, Announces He's 'Going All In'

With only about two months away from the Iowa caucuses, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is officially jumping into the 2020 presidential race. CBN News takes a look at how his late entry could affect the race.

Bribery? US Ambassador Testifies Trump Wanted 'Nothing' from Ukraine    

Both sides are claiming victory after US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland's testimony. Republicans maintain his account is proof President Trump was not involved in any quid pro quo, while Democrats argue otherwise.

'We Did Nothing Wrong and They're Doing Nothing': Trump Strikes Back at Televised Hearings 

President Trump certainly isn't ignoring the impeachment inquiry hearings. Case in point, Thursday night's rally in Louisiana.   

Egyptian TV News Report Alleges Turkey Supplying Weapons to Nigeria's Boko Haram

Turkey is clearly a terrorist state with a broad reach, according to an Egyptian television news program. Ten.tv reports Turkey is supplying weapons to Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Studio 5: The Way Home

Pillars in the Bethel Music community Paul and Hannah McClure release their first solo album The Way Home. Actor Ashton Kutcher puts on his producer's hat, and makes America's student debt crisis the star of a new television series.

America Hears Impeachment Testimony for First Time

Democrats are taking their case for impeaching President Trump to your TV and electronic device. 

Todd Starnes to CBN News: Live Impeachment Hearings Just a 'Deep State' Scheme to Embarrass Trump

Despite the impeachment inquiry hearings going public on Wednesday, few political analysts believe the Democrats will be able to remove President Trump from office. 

CBN NewsWatch AM: November 13, 2019

On Newswatch AM November 13th: televised impeachment hearings begin today with two Democratic witnesses being called; most political analysts- including conservative radio host Todd Starnes – believe the Democratic effort will die in the Senate; more warfare in Israel as it carries out more airstrikes against Islamic Jihad, which launches more rocket attacks against Israeli cities and towns; cold wave hits 200 million Americans; Turkish President Erdogan visits President Trump at the White House

'Soul Fuel': Finding Faith for Life's Journey in the Simplicity of Christ's Love

British adventurer and reality TV star Bear Grylls talks about his Christian faith and his new devotional, Soul Fuel.