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The Global Lane - EP319 - November 14, 2019

Hopes dashed 30-years after fall of Berlin wall. Germans flee migrant wave for Hungary; Blacks & impeachment. Trump's secret supporters? American millennials may vote socialist. Some hard lessons from Venezuela; EU's hypocritical Israel action.

The Global Lane - November 7, 2019

Blue wave or blue media hype? Democrats on a roll. FISA report & Trump impeachment Christmas present? Good & bad news. New records set for U.S. economy; Witches cast spells against Trump. Jezebel spirit harming America; Drag queen depravity in NYC.

The Global Lane - October 31, 2019

Chinese pastor leads at least 1,000 North Koreans to Christ before he's assassinated; Free speech silenced. Dennis Prager explains why; Why fewer than half of millennials identify as Christian; And IDOP Sunday. How to pray for the persecuted church.

The Global Lane - EP316 - October 24, 2019

Accused of being a CIA spy & terrorist. Pastor Andrew Brunson tells of his darkest moments in Turkish prisons; China trade war & Trump effect. Signed deal by Christmas? Alarming trends & truth about teen suicide. What parents can do to prevent it.

The Global Lane - October 17, 2019

Can America trust the Syrian Kurds? What you may not know about them. Democrats hold their biggest debate ever. What they're proposing to win over black voters; How you can bless your pastor; 'Drag Queen Story Hour" becomes a drag queen strip show.

The Global Lane - EP314 - October 10, 2019

Turkey moves in as U.S. pulls troops out of Syria. What it means for Syria's Christians & Kurds; Suicide USA increasing for boys and white middle-aged males; UK doctor fired because he wouldn't call bearded man madam. & steps to protect Syrian Kurds

The Global Lane - EP313 - October 3, 2019

Impeachment on steroids. Whistleblower or Trump saboteur? Trump China policy & lessons from Reagan's playbook; Mattel's gender-neutral dolls. Corporate salvation through political correctness? No force can shake China? Quaking over Trump tariffs.

The Global Lane - EP 312 - September 26, 2019

Assassinated by North Korean agents. Pastor shares gospel with thousand people before his death.; China uses AI against Christians. How they’re responding; Pastor works to free girls from sexual slavery; How Trump can advance religious freedom.

The Global Lane - EP 311 091919

Open Borders Inc.: Who is Funding the Destruction of America? Michelle Malkin explains; From crack addict to CEO & the White House. The My Pillow Guy's success story; Impeachment circus comes to Capitol Hill. Risky political theater?

The Global Lane - September 12, 2019

Britain's Brexit mess. Voters betrayed, Parliament shut down. Blind attorney activist shares his vision for U.S. China policy. Trump on the right course? Did climate change cause Hurricane Dorian? What needs to be done on Hong Kong human rights.

The Global Lane - September 5, 2019

Afghanistan war nears an end. Are Afghan better off? Congress back in Washington--meaningful immigration reform coming? CEO's push social responsibility, but what about biblical responsibility? Anchor babies. Time to end U.S. birthright citizenship?

The Global Lane - August 29, 2019

More ”Best of Summer.” Previous Global Lane segments. Slaughtering Nigeria's Christians. More than just a religious war; Democrats battle to win over black voters; Jezebel spirit overtaking America; Unpatriotic USA? Things that make Americans proud.

The Global Lane - August 22, 2019

The Best of Summer. Some previous segments from The Global Lane. A former ISIS bride leaves her American jihadist husband. Preventing radicalization--the warning signs; Alveda King on the Democrats, Trump and race: And can Islam be reformed?

The Global Lane EP 306 081519 - August 15, 2019

Pro-democracy chaos in Hong Kong. What's Beijing's next move? Trump backs down on new China tariffs; Colleges protect students from active shooters, but what about intellectual terrorism? Are evangelicals abandoning values for political power?

The Global Lane EP 305 080819 - August 8, 2019

Is Trump a racist? Alveda King responds about the race card being played by presidential candidates; India water crisis. Gospel for Asia responds; Christians unwittingly supporting abortion; And do we really need AR-15's for blasting Bambi?

The Global Lane - August 1, 2019

The Global Lane - August 1, 2019