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The Global Lane - June 15, 2018

Toddler raped in Pakistan, rare justice for Christians; Aftermath of Trump-Kim summit. What are Christians praying? The Singapore affect. Big Bump for Trump? After the primaries. Blue wave or Red Wave coming? Netflix & animated "Superdrags"

The Global Lane - June 8, 2018

Trump travels to Singapore for a historic summit. Meet & greet, or something bigger? Volcano brings death & destruction in Guatemala; US unemployment is down--way down; Pastor burnout. What can be done? SCOTUS wedding cake ruling & pork sandwiches.

The Global Lane - June 1, 2018

9-years after blasphemy charges, jailed Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi awaits final appeal; big announcement with annual religious freedom report; did Trump obstruct justice? Black Americans abandon politics as usual; poison tweets & taming tongues.

The Global Lane - May 25, 2018

Mike Pompeo shakes the Middle East by promoting Iran regime change; Spies & dossiers. Who is DOJ protecting? The best ways to protect kids from mass shooters; the government is storing your child’s DNA; Trump’s deal-busting mistakes with Kim Jong Un.

The Global Lane - May 18, 2018

Jerusalem embassy dedication as violence grows against Jews; Dumping the nuke deal--& Iranian Christians; Illegals, animals, & MS-13; Coffee, social media? Choose this to jump start your day; Palestinians gunned down at Gaza border. Who is to blame?

The Global Lane - May 11, 2018

Donald dumps the Iran deal. What it means for the Middle East; Why Gina Haspel should be confirmed as CIA director; How the GOP can win millennial votes; Who is behind male bias in our society and why? The real reasons Trump dumped the Iran deal.

The Global Lane - May 4, 2018

Nuclear agreement decision ahead. How to change Iran; Iraqis go to polls. Christians want this to happen; Inconvenient facts on climate change; Can Google change election outcomes? The real target of attack at the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

The Global Lane - April 27, 2018

Historic meeting in Korea paves way for Trump’s summit with Un. What are the risks? How China’s 400-million millennials may change their country; Acid attack kills Pakistan Christian woman; Raising independent kids; Armenian Genocide recognition.

The Global Lane - April 20, 2018

Christians murdered by Islamic State terrorists in Pakistan; Chinese missionary to Myanmar imprisoned; Rape crisis stirs India; Former First Lady Barbara Bush passes; Common Core education dangers; abortions for illegal immigrants.

The Global Lane - April 13, 2018

Chemical weapons & red lines crossed in Syria. Dangerous escalation? Anti-Semitism rising in Europe; Speech under fire in America; Is college wasting time & money? And what kind of Crimson Tide voodoo mojo was that at the White House?

The Global Lane - April 6, 2018

What Can U.S. & Christians Expect from Xi Jinping? Somali Refugees Win the Hearts of People in Maine: Things are Not as Bad as You May Think: Hong Kong Immigrant Finds Success in America; Freed Illegal Immigrant Blasts ICE Agents.

The Global Lane - March 30, 2018

This Week: A compilation of some of our best segments from winter 2017-2018.

The Global Lane - March 23, 2018

The Global Lane - March 23, 2018 - Despite hostilities, Israel’s U.N. ambassador hopeful; Christians saved more than Jewish lives from Nazis; Protests & unrest. America on verge of revolution? Free speech concerns on campus; Israel’s growing dangers. Bible prophecy soon realized?

The Global Lane - March 16, 2018

Big changes at State & CIA. How it may change the world; Sinner, or saint in Africa? A humanitarian’s dark, disturbing secret revealed; Young Indians abandoning marriage tradition; Is America becoming a nation of tribes? Good riddance to Tillerson!

The Global Lane - March 9, 2018

This week:Transformation in Mid-East. Arab nations vs. Iran; Malaysia Christians denied religious rights; “Kremlin Conspiracy” new Czar. Fiction or Fact? Saying Happy Easter at Simmons College micro-aggression against Muslims; Hollywood pedophilia.

The Global Lane - March 2, 2018

This week: Papal meeting brings new hope for Pakistan prisoner Asia Bibi: Life & legacy of Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand in print & new film; American classroom: the nation's new battleground; GDP & rise of the new economy; Billy Graham final farewell.