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The Global Lane - June 13, 2019

Trump's Mexico immigration deal--brilliant, or bad diplomacy? Lowering high cost of prescription drugs; Who is responsible for Anti-Semitism increase in USA.? New poll shows what Americans think; Loving your neighbor, but not drag queen story hour.

The Global Lane - June 6, 2019

30-years after Tiananmen Square massacre, how should U.S. respond? Kenya Christians fight female genital mutilation; College student tuition fees pay for abortions; Within hours of Virginia Beach massacre, liberals resume drum beat for gun laws.

The Global Lane - May 30, 2019

Shocking election result in Europe. Dark forces on the rise? Orwellian big brother nightmare. Watching, rewarding & punishing citizens in China; In Pakistan--Muslim mob rampage, out for Christian blood; Eugenics & targeting black babies for abortion.

The Global Lane - May 23, 2019

Immigration & border wall battles. Will courts strike Trump down? China tariffs & Iranian threats. Are higher prices for gasoline & consumer goods on the way? Pro-life speech shutdown on American college campuses; "Unplanned" banned in Canada.

The Global Lane - May 16, 2019

The Global Lane - May 16, 2019

The Global Lane - May 9, 2019

The Best of the Global Lane. Children of ISIS rape hated and rejected in Iraq; Activist Mommy fights for America’s future; Christians & Jews united battling global persecution; Helping ex-cons gain employment & move on with their lives.

The Global Lane - May 2, 2019

Heart wrenching story from the mother of a 21-year old who joined the ISIS jihad; Should felons be allowed to vote--from prison? The cost of free college tuition; Offensive mural of the father of our country. Bye-bye George?

The Global Lane - April 25, 2019

The Global Lane - April 25, 2019

The Global Lane - April 18, 2019

Trump’s Middle East plan. Is peace possible, or just a pipe dream? Third Jihad--Islamic struggle & infiltration by stealth; Redacted Mueller report-- no collusion, but what about obstruction of justice? UK Christians doubt resurrection of Jesus.

The Global Lane - April 11, 2019

Re-election victory for Israel's Bibi Netanyahu. The Trump effect & what's next; Millions of jobs unfilled in USA--is the immigrant caravan the answer? Offended students at GWU. Buh-bye Colonial George? Why Americans turning their backs on religion.

The Global Lane - April 4, 2019

Temporary Gaza truce. More rocket attacks after Israeli election? Washington awaits release of Mueller report. Up next--investigate investigators? Doing time for the crime. Law reformed, but what about jobs? Religious liberty not only for Christians.

The Global Lane - March 22, 2019

New State Solution for Middle East. Time for new ideas & two-state solution? 5-years after ISIS invaded Iraq, Christians desperate in Turkey; College professor resigns over Chick-fil-A; Giving 16-year-olds right to vote--Pelosi's not kidding!

The Global Lane - March 14, 2019

Last stand for Islamic State in Syria. Chuck Holton reports from front lines. Human shields, those fleeing ISIS; Humanitarian crisis: Christian medics step in to help the injured; And babies of Yazidi sex slaves, ISIS children rejected back home.

The Global Lane - March 7, 2019

ISIS bride wants back in US. Jihadist psychopath? Finnish woman brings Christians & Jews together to combat persecution; Abortion & racism ignored. Florida Democratic takes on her party without apology; Time to change system of selecting president.

The Global Lane - February 28, 2019

Vietnam summit ends abruptly. What now? Trump's peace deal for the Middle East. Which Arab leader is trying to sabotage it? Student assaulted for conservative speech at UC-Berkeley; Negotiating freedom for eternity on the Korean Peninsula.

The Global Lane - February 21, 2019

Unrest & violence rock Haiti. American missionaries at risk? “Activist Mommy” says time to fight & take back American culture; Death threats at SUNY-Oswego for students supporting border wall; What to do about anti-Semitism rising in European & USA.