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Daughters of the King Claim the Crown

Beauty queen Tarah-Lyn Elien shares her story of overcoming a debilitating disease to inspire other women to see themselves as God sees them.

Claim Your Crown

Beauty queen Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien discusses how to walk in confident faith as a daughter of the King.

The 700 Club - February 20, 2020

It’s mom versus wild as a camper goes one-on-one with a black bear in the survival fight of a lifetime. Plus, beauty queen Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien discusses how to walk in confident faith as a daughter of the King.

'This Beautiful Book': Museum of the Bible Founder on Why the Bible Matters Today

As president of Hobby Lobby and the founder of the Museum of the Bible, Steve Green is a lifelong student of the scriptures and in his new book, zooms out to look at the big, beautiful picture they paint. 

Studio 5: Matty’s Riches - February 5, 2020

Filmmaker Matty Rich shares his movie-making journey. Disney premieres Timmy Failure, its first film at the Sundance Film Festival. And Tom Hanks could earn an Oscar for his role as Mr. Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

The Top 5 Most Beautifully Stunning Moments at the State of the Union

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's feud with the president captured a lot of attention at the State of the Union. While that display of animosity was certainly stunning for its negativity, there were at least five moments that were uplifting, offered by the President, and here they are: 

CBN NewsWatch PM: December 4, 2019

The impeachment inquiry continues with first hearing in House Judiciary Committee. China sanctioned for Human Rights violations. Mother fights for her daughter’s right to sing Joy to the World this Christmas. The director of “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” talks about the movie about Mr. Rogers along with the real-life writer the reporter in the movie was based on. Miss Kay of Duck Dynasty talks about the early years with Phil Robertson and what it was like before he came to Christ.

Studio 5: First Looks - November 20, 2019

Get your first look at Frozen II, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood and Klaus. Sample Kanye West’s Sunday service at Lakewood Church and preview the film Waves. We also pay a visit to Montgomery, Alabama to preview the film Just Mercy.

God Can Rescript Your Life

After feeling that her life story was useless and broken with a stalled singing career and a failed marriage, Jaci Velasquez experienced renewal when God took her broken pieces and repurposed them into something beautiful.

Prayer Link - Erica Campbell - September 24, 2019

Grammy Award-Winning Gospel Artist Erica Campbell shares about her new book, “More Than Pretty: Doing The Soul Work That Uncovers Your True Beauty.” And Marilyn Rhames discusses the challenges teachers and students face in today’s classrooms and how her non-profit, “Teaches Who Pray,” is helping to meet the spiritual needs of teachers and students.

Studio 5: My Neighbor

Get an exclusive first look at Tom Hanks in the film A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. See a preview of the new season of God Friended Me with its star, Brandon Micheal Hall. And see Dolly Parton collaborate with For King & Country.

The 700 Club - August 15, 2019

A beautiful actress gets caught in a California wildfire and races to escape the inferno. Plus, Detroit Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris explains why he embraces an unconventional lifestyle.

Breakout Breakthrough: Clear-Up Your Complexion With Dirt

Many skin problems are the result of not having enough good bacteria on our skin and in our bodies.

'Message Dresses': Beautiful Outfits Also Shout Pro-Life Message

Cedarville University students hope to send a pro-life message with a new fashion trend: combining baby clothes with their own. It produces a startling visual statement of the human cost of abortion.

'God is Present in Pain:' Kara Tippetts' Heroic Cancer Fight Retold in New Film

A new documentary called "The Long Goodbye" retells Kara Tibbetts' courageous fight with terminal breast cancer and offers a fresh look at how she bravely dealt with suffering and pain.

'Beauty Is Important in Our Understanding of Who God Is': College Students' Millennial-Worthy Bible Reaching Thousands

A pair of college students have created a Bible made for millennials by millennials. The Alabaster Co. Bible matches artistic design with God's timeless word to appeal to today's image-hungry culture. 


Young Girl Discovers the Joy of Life!

Eleven-year-old Talia had trouble fitting in, often fighting with her schoolmates and calling them names. She finally lost interest in everything and felt sick all the time. Talia’s aunt had an idea she thought might help. Her church had a summer kids’ program featuring CBN’s Superbook stories. Watch what happened next!

12-Year-Old’s Search for God

Zakhar is growing up in Ukraine. Although he’s popular at school and has lots of friends, this 12-year-old had questions about life, death—and God. Fear of dying kept him awake at night, and he wondered where God fit into this puzzle. Don’t miss Zakhar’s great awakening when something he saw on TV put all the pieces together!

Ignite Your Life - Polar Opposite Faith Sharers

Steve Wilburn’s forwardness contrasted with Walt Kallestad’s meekness proves that the best faith sharing tactic is staying within your own comfort zone and personality. There is no “one style fits all” formula for loving people into Heaven!

A Cough Becomes a Death Sentence

Doug thought his fits of coughing were allergies until his doctor discovered cancer in his body. Given a few months to live, Doug fasted and prayed with his family.

The 700 Club - January 22, 2019

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

Getting Free From the Heavy Weight of Debt

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

Not College Bound? Why a Skilled Trade or Apprenticeship Could be the Perfect Fit

A college degree is not for everyone. There are alternative career paths that might be a great fit and help the US economy at the same time by closing a national skilled trades gap.

Simple of Act of Generosity Births Effort to Combat Homelessness in City of Brotherly Love

It's the season of gratitude and one non-profit is giving people in the "city of brotherly love" plenty of reasons to be thankful. 

Oregon Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Judge Who Says He Was Targeted for Christian Beliefs

The state of Oregon is dropping criminal felony firearms charges against suspended Marion County Judge Vance Day because a key witness refused to testify at his trial.

700 Club Interactive - August 30, 2018

Is chronic pain keeping you from sleeping? Fitness expert Sue Hitzman shares self-treatment techniques for pain-free sleep.

'A Fit of Heebie-Jeebies': Will Theresa May Still Be Prime Minister When President Trump Visits UK This Week?

Theresa May now faces a possible confidence vote by the Conservative Party; if she loses, May would have to resign.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 26, 2018


28 Days to a Stronger, Smarter, Happier You

Award-winning fitness trainer Samir Becic discusses fitness, health, and how to re-set your life for years to come.

Club 700 Hoy #636

Pastor Jorge Márquez, Fundador de Esalcu, nos habla del sistema de hogares comunitarios que ha creado en Uruguay, en el cual se ayuda a cientos de personas diariamente. Con este sistema se ha logrado rescatar a muchos jóvenes de las adicciones, la prostitución y las calles, y en su libro titulado "Historias Que Sanan", Jorge Márquez nos cuenta siete de estas impresionantes historias.

Get Fit After 50

Author James P. Owen explains how Baby Boomers can slow the aging process and improve their physical function.

General Health

Plane on Medical Evacuation Mission Crashes in Philippines, Killing 9 People on Board

MANILA – Tragedy struck the Philippines Sunday as frontline medical workers in the battle against COVID-19 perished in a tragic airplane crash.

Social Not Spiritual Distancing - The Superbook Show

The Superbook Show hosts share how they are staying plugged into community during the coronavirus pandemic.

'My Faith Tells Me Every Life Is Precious': Why Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Took Bold, Early Action to Battle the Virus

In a one-on-one interview with CBN News, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says the tenets of his faith have guided him through the coronavirus. DeWine is largely praised for recognizing the threat early. He says that he lives with the pressure every day of making decisions that can determine if someone lives or dies. 

Record 3.3M File for Unemployment, but Relief Checks May Be in the Mail Soon as Senate Passes Historic Bill

The COVID-19 economic fallout has begun as 3.3 million people have applied for unemployment. That is a record-high number of jobless claims. The unemployment news comes as the US Senate has just passed a historic $2.2 trillion economic rescue package that would mean checks in the mail for Americans within weeks. 

What's In the Biggest Economic Stimulus Package in American History, and What Isn't

A vote on Congress' massive relief bill to help keep the economy running is expected today.  Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says the president will "absolutely" sign the deal.

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 25, 2020

On Newswatch AM March 25th: Senate, White House agree on $2 trillion economic rescue bill amid warnings of a sharp recession, as President says he hopes parts of the economy can be up and running again by Easter, though some health care experts warn the country isn’t ready to return to normal; Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus; Nobel Prize winner in chemistry – Michael Levitt of Stanford- correctly predicted the worst of the outbreak would be over in China long before health care exp

'Total Lockdown, no Visitors:' Virginia Senior Living Community Protects Residents from Coronavirus; Equips Them to Connect with Loved Ones

As we've been reporting, the coronavirus affects the elderly and people with existing health problems on a much higher level than others. CBN News took a look at what's being done to protect older adults.

Do Not Be Afraid - The Superbook Show

The Superbook Show hosts share encouraging scriptures in response to the fear caused by the coronavirus.

Why We Care - The Superbook Show

Morgan and Miriam talk about how God gave us all different passions that can be used to help and bless others.

700 Club Interactive - March 23, 2020

Dr. David Perlmutter shares what to do to protect your health and build your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump Announces Non-Essential Travel Ban to Mexico, Canada as Illinois Follows CA with 'Stay Home' Order

On Friday, President Trump announced a ban on non-essential travel with Mexico and Canada. Health experts say travel bans have been effective in delaying the spread of the virus. 

Protect Your Health During Coronavirus Crisis

Dr. David Perlmutter shares what to do to protect your health and build your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak.

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 19, 2020

On Newswatch AM March 19th: new report says 38 percent of US coronavirus patients are between 20 and 54, President Trump pushes Congress to approve economic recovery measure, and a federal government plan warned that the pandemic could last 18 months or longer; how the virus is hitting other countries, like Italy, Iran & Israel, as well as parts of Asia; ministries are reaching out online (including on Facebook) as so many people are quarantined and isolated; Regent University offering education

Trump Administration Calls on Americans to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

The Trump administration is calling on all Americans to do their part to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Faith Nation: March 16, 2020


CBN NewsWatch AM: March 13, 2020

The latest coverage on the coronavirus from shutdowns to containment. CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson with the latest health information related to fighting the virus. Shawn Brown talks about all the shutdowns in sports, I am Patrick movie in theaters March 17 and 18. Soapy helps clean hands to destroy Coronavirus and more.


Eat Real, Lose Weight

Brittany Williams shares how eliminating processed food from her diet helped her lose 125 pounds.

The 700 Club - February 18, 2020

A woman ditches dieting and loses 125 pounds! Hear her secret. Plus, Tyler Perry speaks out on the movement to free the wrongly convicted on today’s 700 Club.

The Key to a Younger You

Dr. Josh Axe talks about collagen, and how it is the key to glowing skin, great gut health, and a younger you.

The 700 Club - February 13, 2020

A cabin explodes with a man trapped inside. Watch a miraculous story unfold in the ICU. Plus, Dr. Josh Axe shares tips on glowing skin, gut health and how to feel like a younger you.

What The Heck Should I Cook?

Dr. Mark Hyman discusses lifelong health and how to use food as medicine for a vibrant, healthy body and mind.

Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into One-Pot Wonders

Best-selling author Ellie Krieger shares how you can make quick, healthy meals out of thanksgiving leftovers.

Try These Healthy, Easy One-Pot Meals

Ellie Krieger discusses healthy eating and how to make a complete meal in a single pot, pan, or skillet.

Going the Distance - Episode 20

Shawn’s talks with Nutrition expert Robert Ferguson about the new app that uses Augmented Reality to help you stay healthy; Don Carey share’s about his new book It’s not that I’m better than you.

Healthy Living - September 24, 2019

Nutrition Expert Reveals Which Foods Best Prevent Disease

Clean and Lean Life

Dr. Ian Smith discusses clean eating, intermittent fasting, and healthy living.

The Essential Oils Diet

Dr. Eric and Sabrina Zielinski discuss healthy living including the use of essential oils and other foods to aid abundant health.

'Mice Preferred Sugar to Cocaine': Study Confirms Obesity Links to Disease and Early Death

A new study confirms obesity increases the risk of disease and early death.

This New Way to Treat Medical Problems Gets to the Root Cause of What's Bothering You

Functional Medicine is a new way to treat disease that is so effective compared to conventional medicine that millions of Americans are making the switch.

A Diet Lifestyle to Benefit Your Brain

Dr. David Perlmutter shares how changes to your diet can bring you lasting, disease-free brain health.

What to Eat When: A Strategic Eating Plan

Dr. Michael Roizen discusses how your body’s internal clock allows you to function best for survival.

Eat What You Love

Best-selling author Danielle Walker discusses how she changed her life by changing her diet.

Weight Loss

Healthy Living - March 31, 2020

Lose Weight with these Instant Pot Recipes

Healthy Living - February 25, 2020

Lose Weight with these Instant Pot Recipes

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 24, 2020


'The Weight of History': Two Christian Congressmen Visit the Land of Israel

Republican Congressmen Jim Jordan from Ohio and Mike Johnson from Louisiana visited Israel recently and sat down with CBN News to discuss their trip. 

Eat Real, Lose Weight

Brittany Williams shares how eliminating processed food from her diet helped her lose 125 pounds.

Life-Changers: Journey Through Worship

Jessica Datsko and Simisola Okai discuss the meaning of worship and its many expressions around the world.

TPi - Bounce Back

Christian Hip-Hop Artist, Tedashii, shares how the loss of his 1-year-old son impacted his life, music, and faith.

VP Pence to CBN News: Democrats Pushing 'Weak' Impeachment Case to Overturn Devastating Election Loss

Vice President Mike Pence sat down for an exclusive interview with CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody on Thursday in Jerusalem. He spoke about the impeachment trial in the US Senate and how the Democrats' sudden need for new witnesses shows "just how weak" their case is against President Donald Trump.

Healthy Living - January 21, 2020

Christ-Centered Weight Loss

700 Club Interactive - January 7, 2020

Sarah Myers grew up with a mom who chose drugs over parenthood. See how it took the loss of her own kids for Sarah to break the cycle.

Are You a Sugar Addict? Take This Quiz

America's weight problem is getting worse. Health experts increasingly point to sugar addiction as the root problem, brought on by the consumption of highly processed foods. Lorie Johnson talks with author Molly Carmel about how to "break up with sugar."

'Find Your Weigh': A New Approach to Lasting Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most popular of new year's resolutions people make. Most of us start off well but sometimes falter after a few weeks.

Churches Join the Hottest New Business Trend: The 'Sharing Economy'

Churches become part of one of the fastest-growing business trends in history, the sharing economy.

Healthy Living - December 17, 2019


6 Ways to Prevent Packing on the Holiday Pounds

Six strategies you can use to avoid overeating and gaining weight during the holidays.