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Back From the Brink of Death

MengJie was a beautiful baby, and her parents were filled with joy until they learned that she had two holes in her heart. She needed surgery that they couldn’t possibly afford. Their little girl was wasting away, until your kindness brought her back from the brink of death.

You Gave Her a Beautiful Smile

Rhonda dreamed of having a little girl. Her dream came true, but her daughter was born with a cleft lip. Rhonda worried that her child would never have a normal life. With no money for surgery, the future looked bleak—until your generosity changed their lives.

Studio 5: Big Bold Beautiful - April 7, 2021

Recording Artist Kierra Sheard take us inside the pages of her new book, Big Bold & Beautiful. Comedian Michael Jr. also has a new book titled Funny How Life Works. And Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer become super heroes.

Studio 5: Miracle Movie - March 31, 2021

Actor Kevin Sorbo introduces us to the film The Girl Who Believes in Miracles. The Erwins prepare to release new music. And we learn the sound story behind the film Nomadland.

The Beautiful Deception of the Occult

Simone believed she was doing good by pursuing the highest level of the occult until she realized she had become an ambassador for evil. Learn more about her amazing testimony and transformation.

'It Doesn't Matter Your Background': How Miss USA Asya Branch Made History Twice Despite Rocky Childhood

Asya Branch always dreamed of becoming a beauty queen. She never imagined making history on two fronts, becoming the first black woman to be crowned Miss Mississippi crown as well as the first woman from her state to win Miss USA. 

Do You Realize You Are Beautiful? - The Superbook Show

MJ and Naomi encourage our viewers to see themselves the way that God sees them.

Specific Prayer for ‘Beautiful’ Recovery

Breast cancer survivor Joyce Partenheimer goes on a retreat to celebrate her recovery when she is stricken with acute stomach pain. As doctors fight to save her life, Joyce’s family and friends pray specifically for a ‘beautiful’ recovery...

Josh & Paige Wetzel: Beautifully Broken

In their book, "Beautifully Broken," Veteran Josh Wetzel and his wife Paige share the full impact of Josh's catastrophic injuries while he was stationed in Afghanistan. Furthermore, they impart wisdom on how the right community and tools make the difference for the trials of marriage and life.

Brooke and Scott Ligertwood Teach Children about the Wonder of God

Hillsong musicians Brooke and Scott Ligertwood teamed up with Ben and Karalee Fielding to write and illustrate the children’s book, “What a Beautiful Name,” which teaches children about the wonder of God.

Is Beauty Christian? - The Superbook Show

Alex and Mia answer the question is beauty Christian?

TPi - Supernatural Faith

Apostle and Author, Demontae Edmonds, shares how we can have faith to see the miraculous.

Love in Action: Feeding Your Hungry Neighbor

Beautiful things happen when you open your heart to your neighbors. That’s exactly what’s happening in a Texas neighborhood that was feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus. “People are actually starving out here,” shared a mother of five, grateful for a bag of groceries from friends like you. See love in action, and the vital role you play in overcoming this national crisis.


TPi - A Perfect Fit

A husband and wife struggle to repair their marriage after a secret affair is revealed.

Amputated Leg Miraculously Fits Prosthetic

Avid outdoorsman Alex Soare injurers his hip and leg while exercising, but the pain only increases for his amputated leg which was never long enough for his prosthetic. After praying for healing, Alex turns on the 700 Club and little does he know, he’s tuning into his answered prayer...

Faith Nation: October 9, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is using President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment to question the office holder's fitness; Louisiana residents brace for Hurricane Delta that comes on the heels of Hurricane Laura; Netflix indicted over the controversial film "Cuties"; and one woman's journey from the Midwest to New Jersey to save the life of a baby.

The 700 Club - August 12, 2020

A great-grandmother’s gallstones become unbearable with no relief in sight. Witness her unconventional path to healing. Plus, fitness expert Jake Steinfeld shares the best ways you can stay healthy at home.

'Get Fit – Don't Quit!' Fitness Expert Jake Steinfeld Shows You How to Fuel Your Mind, Body, Spirit

For years, Jake Steinfeld of "Body by Jake" has been showing people how to get healthy with is "Get Fit – Don't Quit" program. Now he's added a nutritional component to it.

Prayer Link - July 21, 2020

Pastor Mickey Stonier of Rock Church San Diego discusses how despite being forced to closed its doo due to the pandemic, his church is reaching out to its community. Plus Fitness Coach Kim Dolan Leto shares how getting fit is more than just watching what you eat.

'Does This Virus Only Spread in Small Businesses?' Protests Rising Against 'Non-Essential' Label

American small business owners are on the brink of bankruptcy, and they're pushing back against the shutdown. They're fed up with being labeled "non-essential". Now that states are reopening, why are these businesses still being put on hold?

Trump Fine After Taking Hydroxychloroquine but Democrats and Media Are Having Fits

President Donald Trump is being attacked after saying he has been taking Hydroxychloroquine and a zinc supplement daily for a week and a half as a protective treatment for coronavirus after consulting with his doctor. 

The 700 Club - April 8, 2020

An artist’s work comes to life after a divine inspiration on Good Friday. Plus, Body by Jake’s Jake Steinfeld shares how you can get moving without getting out of your home while all the fitness centers and gyms are closed.

Young Girl Discovers the Joy of Life!

Eleven-year-old Talia had trouble fitting in, often fighting with her schoolmates and calling them names. She finally lost interest in everything and felt sick all the time. Talia’s aunt had an idea she thought might help. Her church had a summer kids’ program featuring CBN’s Superbook stories. Watch what happened next!

12-Year-Old’s Search for God

Zakhar is growing up in Ukraine. Although he’s popular at school and has lots of friends, this 12-year-old had questions about life, death—and God. Fear of dying kept him awake at night, and he wondered where God fit into this puzzle. Don’t miss Zakhar’s great awakening when something he saw on TV put all the pieces together!

Ignite Your Life - Polar Opposite Faith Sharers

Steve Wilburn’s forwardness contrasted with Walt Kallestad’s meekness proves that the best faith sharing tactic is staying within your own comfort zone and personality. There is no “one style fits all” formula for loving people into Heaven!

A Cough Becomes a Death Sentence

Doug thought his fits of coughing were allergies until his doctor discovered cancer in his body. Given a few months to live, Doug fasted and prayed with his family.

The 700 Club - January 22, 2019

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

Getting Free From the Heavy Weight of Debt

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

General Health

Healthy Living - May 11, 2021

National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins discusses Covid-19 pandemic.

Another Canadian Pastor Could Be Facing Jail for Not Following Strict COVID Rules

There are new fears another Canadian pastor could be on his way to jail for fighting government restrictions on worship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Would you like to hear my miracle story?”

Soon after her spinal fusion surgery, Lorraine’s health plummeted, and a series of miracles took her from death’s door to completely healed.

CBN NewsWatch AM: May 4, 2021

On Newswatch AM May 4th: US officials trying to reassure nervous allies in the Middle East over the Biden administration’s attempts to talk to Iran again and possibly re-enter the nuclear deal; retired Israeli General Amos Yadlin – who took part in part in attacks on nuclear reactors in Iraq and Syria – explains five options Israel has for dealing with the nuclear threat from Iran; US making more progress against Covid-19, as more states and cities opening up; German prosecutors have busted one

CBN NewsWatch AM: May 3, 2021

On Newswatch AM May 3rd: Israel mourns the 45 victims of the stampede at a religious festival- the largest civilian disaster in the country’s history; Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, the leader of the Republican Conference, blasts President Biden’s huge spending bills; one part of the President’s plans include home health care for seniors, but it faces several objections; Caitlyn Jenner, Republican candidate for Governor of California, tells TMZ it’s not fair to let transgender girls – who were o

India's Coronavirus Crisis Explodes: 'The Situation Is Critical Right Now'

With 386,452 new cases, India now has reported more than 18.7 million cases since the pandemic began, second only to the United States

Separating Fact from Fiction: Group Helps Pastors Discuss COVID Vaccine with Congregations

The CDC announced this week it is relaxing mask recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals who are outdoors, but they caution that the return to normal hinges on as many people getting fully vaccinated as soon as possible. 

Faith Nation: April 26, 2021


CBN NewsWatch AM: April 23, 2021

Israeli leaders have been trying to destroy Iran's capability to build a nuclear bomb, the D.C. Statehood Bill is now on its way to the Senate, Capitol Hill is grappling with policing and how to respond to mental health crisis calls, Former Governor Scott Walker is taking on the growing cancel culture effort to reach today's students, NFL Owners approved a series of new rules this week for the 2021 season.

Faith Nation: April 22, 2021


DOJ Launches Major Probe into Minneapolis Police Dept After Derek Chauvin Convicted of Murder

A day after former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the Department of Justice is investigating whether the Minneapolis police engaged in a pattern of unlawful policing. 

The 700 Club - April 19, 2021

An ER nurse experiences the high cost of being a health care worker suffering from chronic pain for ten years. Learn about her jaw-dropping miracle. Plus, from the jungles of Colombia, CBN News brings a first-hand look at the travesty of human trafficking.

Obesity Hits New Milestone Largely Due to Sugar Consumption 

Americans are more obese than ever, and it's a serious health problem. Overconsumption of sugar is the main culprit.

Biden Attempts to Reverse Trump Abortion Referral Ban, Restore Funding for Planned Parenthood

The Biden administration on Wednesday began to undo a Trump-era ban on clinics referring women for abortions, a policy directive that prevented Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading abortion provider, from receiving one type of federal funding. 

Health Researcher Explains Steep 5.8% Drop in Suicide Rates Amid COVID Pandemic

Despite concerns over the mental health and wellbeing of Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, one researcher is highlighting recent data revealing the rate of suicides decreased by 5.8 percent in 2020. 

Biden Announces All U.S. Adults Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccination by April 19

The United States set a new record of four million COVID-19 vaccinations in a single day, while the CDC is cautioning Americans eager to return to normal that the fourth wave of infections is on the horizon.  


Obesity Hits New Milestone Largely Due to Sugar Consumption 

Americans are more obese than ever, and it's a serious health problem. Overconsumption of sugar is the main culprit.

Dr. Michael Roizen: The What to Eat When Cookbook

Dr. Michael Roizen continues helping people live better and longer through proper nutrition and a healthier eating schedule with his latest publication, “The What to Eat When Cookbook."

Food and Encouragement for Holocaust Survivor During COVID-19 Lockdown

Thanks to those who support CBN Israel, Tanya, a Holocaust survivor, receives the food and encouragement she needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

'Get Fit – Don't Quit!' Fitness Expert Jake Steinfeld Shows You How to Fuel Your Mind, Body, Spirit

For years, Jake Steinfeld of "Body by Jake" has been showing people how to get healthy with is "Get Fit – Don't Quit" program. Now he's added a nutritional component to it.

Relief After Twelve Years of Burning Stomach Pain

John Woody never expected to find relief from a twelve-year battle with acid reflux until he heard his prayers being answered on the 700 Club and believed in God for it.

CBN News Asks Dr. Josh Axe Your Questions About the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pt. 2

CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson spoke with Dr. Josh Axe. Axe is a doctor of natural medicine and a clinical nutritionist, who oversees one of the top natural health websites in the world today, and co-founded the Ancient Nutrition supplement company. This is the second part of the interview and features more user questions.

Boost Your Immune System and Beat Quarantine Cravings

Dr. Ian Smith discusses how to setting goals is the key to success in weight loss and good nutrition while people are home due to the coronavirus.

CBN News Asks Dr. Don Colbert Your Questions About the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pt. 2

CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson spoke with Dr. Don Colbert, a Christian physician, best-selling author, and creator of Divine Health nutritional supplements, to ask him your latest questions about the coronavirus pandemic. 

CBN News Asks Dr. Don Colbert Your Questions About the COVID-19 Pandemic

CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson spoke with Dr. Don Colbert , a Christian physician, best-selling author, and creator of Divine Health nutritional supplements, to ask him your latest questions about the coronavirus pandemic. 

Eat Real, Lose Weight

Brittany Williams shares how eliminating processed food from her diet helped her lose 125 pounds.

The 700 Club - February 18, 2020

A woman ditches dieting and loses 125 pounds! Hear her secret. Plus, Tyler Perry speaks out on the movement to free the wrongly convicted on today’s 700 Club.

The Key to a Younger You

Dr. Josh Axe talks about collagen, and how it is the key to glowing skin, great gut health, and a younger you.

The 700 Club - February 13, 2020

A cabin explodes with a man trapped inside. Watch a miraculous story unfold in the ICU. Plus, Dr. Josh Axe shares tips on glowing skin, gut health and how to feel like a younger you.

What The Heck Should I Cook?

Dr. Mark Hyman discusses lifelong health and how to use food as medicine for a vibrant, healthy body and mind.

Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into One-Pot Wonders

Best-selling author Ellie Krieger shares how you can make quick, healthy meals out of thanksgiving leftovers.

Try These Healthy, Easy One-Pot Meals

Ellie Krieger discusses healthy eating and how to make a complete meal in a single pot, pan, or skillet.

Weight Loss

Do You Find Processed Foods Utterly Irresistible? Here's Why

Many doctors call processed foods the number one enemy of our health. They are extremely high in calories, which is bad enough, but combined with the fact that a lot of people simply can't stop eating them leads to a worldwide weight problem that's only getting worse.

ORU's Cinderella Run Ends with Sweet 16 Loss - Their Tourney Put Jesus at the Forefront and Faith Under Fire

Oral Roberts University's Cinderella run in NCAA's March Madness came to an end Saturday night with a narrow loss to the #3 Arkansas Razorbacks in the Sweet 16 round in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Family, Friends Mourn 10 People Killed in Colorado Supermarket Shooting

Family and friends are sharing their stories about the victims of Monday's mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

CBN NewsWatch PM: March 24, 2021

President Joe Biden’s efforts to see public schools reopen across the nation. A look at how public schools are fairing with this in comparison to private and faith based educators. As Bolder, Colorado mourns the loss of ten residents to a mass-murderer – the victims are remembered for loved-ones. A look at efforts in Congress over major legislation and issues and whether there can be bi-partisanship. Two law makers on different sides of the aisle weigh-in. As the votes are counted in Israel – th

The 700 Club - March 24, 2021

MSNBC host Richard Lui reveals why he put his career on hold. Plus, see why the key to losing weight is not working out more on today’s 700 Club.

Diet or Exercise? New Research Shows Which One Leads to Weight Loss

People who want to lose weight need to cut calories, not increase their exercise expenditure. Although exercise is necessary for overall health, research shows increasing our movement can't make us thin.

Mastering the Business of Film to Redeem Culture

At a young age, Jeral developed a keen interest in filmmaking, but after the traumatic loss of his mother, he began to seek answers to the bigger questions of life. Eventually he enrolled at Regent University where he received insight on the business and redemption of culture through filmmaking.

The Life You Long For with Christy Nockels

Singer and songwriter Christy Nockels reveals in her new book, “The Life You Long For,” how she drew near to God during a devastating hearing loss and discovered the right pace to live her life to the fullest.

"My Wynter Season" with Jonathan Pitts

In his book, "My Wynter Season," Jonathan Pitts shares how God walked alongside him while he grieved the sudden loss of his wife.

'The Worst of Times': Biden's Keystone XL Cancellation Means Job Losses and a Host of Other Problems

The Biden administration's recent cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline has shaken an entire industry and may cost thousands of workers their jobs. Some of those workers are already facing sudden unemployment.

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 4, 2021

President Donald Trump can be heard suggesting election officials in Georgia "find" more votes and overturn his election loss in the state, the runoff election in Georgia happens tomorrow, Sunday marked one year since the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, two churches in New Mexico are facing steep fines for holding worship servies on Christmas Eve.

'An All-Consuming Grief': After Her Own Miscarriage, Christian Author Charts Her Mission to Provide Hope, Comfort for Others

According to national estimates, roughly 15 to 20 percent of all pregnancies in the US end in miscarriage. Women who suffer the loss of a baby struggle with grief in silence. But one mom is on a mission to change that narrative.

Healthy Living - December 29, 2020

Dr Mark Sherwood, author of The Quest for Wellness discusses how to keep New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and live healthier.

Barber Finds Out He’s a Son of The King

Stricken with tremendous familial loss, Greg tried to fill the void of wanting nothing more than the love and guidance of a father. Imagine his surprise when he found out he was the son of a King...

CBN NewsWatch PM: December 8, 2020

The first COVID19 vaccine injected into a patient in England as the U.S. prepares to administer them as well. for California’s extreme lockdown measures have residents at a loss and some businesses and churches feeling discriminated against. The State of Texas files suit directly to the supreme court over potential illegal election actions in several battle ground states. Free speech on college campuses and online at risk in the current culture. A new guide to help parents navigate what’s been

Moderates and Progressive Democrats Point Finger at Each Other for House Losses

The new Congress will be sworn in less than a month from now. Democrats can expect two more years of controlling the House of Representatives albeit with fewer members in 2021.