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CBN NewsWatch AM: August 3, 2021

At least 88 wildfires are burning out West and this weekend alone… 35 new fires ignited in Oregon due to lightning. The US finally reached President Biden's goal of 70-percent of Americans being at least partially vaccinated. This as the Delta Variant continues to spread. All eyes are on the Senate to see how quickly it might act on a new Bi-partisan bill. The number of two-parent families is on the rise in America according to the Census Bureau. While Wildfires continue in some parts of the US

CBN NewsWatch AM: August 2, 2021

Senators have unveiled a nearly 1-Trillion dollar bi-partisan Infrastructure package Sunday night. Anger and frustration mounted in Congress as the Nationwide Eviction Moratorium expired Midnight Saturday. Violence between Israeli Arabs and Jews flared recently in a way that rocked the country. The city of Brisbane extended a lockdown due to increase numbers of COVID-19 infections. Jonathan Lotz is out of the hospital after a battle with COVID-19. Simone Biles is set to compete on the balance be

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 30, 2021

The CDC says the Delta variant of the Coronavirus can spread as easily as Chicken Pox, Israel will offer a booster shot to people over 60 who have been vaccinated, the Biden Administration says it will allow a nationwide ban on evictions to end Saturday, The US Navy has charged a sailor with starting a fire that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard last year, the number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits is down again, Sunisa Lee won the gold medal for Best All-Around Gymnast at the Oly

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 29, 2021

Delta Variant cases are soaring and hospitalizations and deaths are rising leaving many in the Health care sector on edge. 17 Senate Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, voted with every Democrat to advance a $1.1 Trillion package. The Left's reaction to the Cuba protests shows they're a lot less supportive when it comes to Communist Dictators. Tsunami warnings are in effect after a magnitude 8.2 Earthquake struck the Alaska Peninsula late Wednesday evening. A Web Designer fro

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 28, 2021

The CDC is updating it's mask guidance due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant. Christian Author Max Lucado says he recently tested positive for COVID-19 despite vaccination. Officers testified that January 6th was unlike any protest they'd ever seen before. At least 2 people dead and others injured in a chemical plant leak in Houston, Texas. Many parents are deciding to continue Homeschooling their children despite many schools returning to in-class instruction. Simone Biles is out of the

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 27, 2021

Extreme weather out West has turned deadly with Wildfires and severe weather. The highly contagious Delta variant is being blamed for most of the new COVID infections. COVID is responsible for more than one million children around the world being orphaned after losing one or both of their parents. New vaccine mandates in the works for government employees and health care workers in New York City. Secretary of Veteran Affairs Denis McDounough says the department will require all-front line health

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 26, 2021

The C-D-C is considering new mask mandates. Optimism about the direction of the country has collapsed. Vaccinations are down now the White House is pointing the finger at Social Media. Israeli Warplanes struck a target in the Southern Gaza strip. Chinese Communist Party reportedly raided a Virtual Chinese Service. A Pastor and his family in India forced to flee their Village. Homeschooling has surged across the country due to COVID. Christians in the Middle East have been through a lot over the

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 23, 2021

The number of Americans contracting COVID-19 is surging across the us, new details are emerging about a massive outage affecting major corporate websites, the select committee investigating the January 6th capitol attack holds its first hearing Tuesday, ice cream company Ben and Jerry's will not sell its product in west bank settlements and Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, the opening ceremony of the Olympic games started earlier today.

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 22, 2021

On Newswatch AM July 22nd: Debates over big spending bills- and raising the government’s debt ceiling – in Washington; Republicans attack increases in inflation under Biden; GOP blasts House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she refuses to seat two Republicans on January 6th investigation committee; Senator Rand Paul accuses Dr. Anthony Fauci of lying to Congress in an exclusive interview with CBN News; former high school football coach Joe Kennedy taking his case over post-game prayers back to the Sup

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 21, 2021

On Newswatch AM July 21st: Infrastructure bill that was supposed to be bipartisan may fail to advance in Senate vote today; almost all Democrats no longer support Hyde Amendment, which forbids abortions paid for by taxpayer money; fiery confrontation between Senator Rand Paul and Dr Anthony Fauci during Covid hearing; Israel pushes back against Ben & Jerry’s boycott; Studio 5 talks to the makers of upcoming film “Respect,” about the life of Aretha Franklin; and how Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight Tuesda

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 20, 2021

On Newswatch AM July 20th: stocks look to rally after big drop on Monday, President Biden says the economy is fine, & concerns over the huge Democratic spending bill in the Senate; Biden walks back criticism of Facebook on Covid vaccine misinformation; China denies US and European condemnation of cyberattacks; federal court rules University of Iowa discriminated against Christian student groups; a look at the “extra-continentals,” illegal migrants who come to the southern border from around the

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 19, 2021

On Newswatch AM July 19th: the controversy over the White House working with Facebook to target misinformation- which some are calling censorship; can Republicans retake the House and possibly Senate next year?; Dan Andros of Faithwire.com explains why Maya Moore stepped away from her outstanding pro basketball career to help free Jonathan Irons, who was unjustly imprisoned; researcher and author Harry Moskoff believes he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is, and he says that finding it will h

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 16, 2021

Coronavirus cases are rising across the country as the number of people getting the vaccine continues to drop, the one trillion dollar Infrastructure plan could be voted on in the Senate as early as next week, the fourth heat wave in the West is reaching dangerous and record breaking levels. Lebanon's prime's prime minister-designate Saad Hariri has stepped down early. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will face the New York State Attorney General's Office this weekend, millions in the US are fac

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 15, 2021

On Newswatch AM July 15th: Democrats pushing big spending plans, which could add to the national debt; anonymous White House reporter tells journalist Julia Ioffe that Democrats expect journalists to be “on their side,” reports Fox; former President Bush criticizes President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan; Pentagon making Artificial Intelligence a key element in their plans for the future; the legal battle over a Texas abortion ban; Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell says its report on a F

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 14, 2021

On Newswatch AM July 14th: Democrats, Republican spar over voting rights/election reform at the state and federal levels, as Biden speaks out against GOP election measures in states; Senate Democrats announce $3.5 trillion budget plan; International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington puts a spotlight on the persecution of religious minorities around the world; home of Billy Graham for sale to help with medical treatments for his granddaughter; Promise Keepers to hold conference Friday and Sa

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 13, 2021

On Newswatch AM July 13th: Cubans take to the streets to protest against their Communist government, and President Biden says the US supports the protestors; Biden to give speech on voting today; concerns that Christians and other religious minorities face persecution in Afghanistan as the Taliban’s influence goes while the US pulls out; group hangs “God Bless Abortions” banner on statue of Jesus in Arkansas; the threats against the US power grids that could knock out your power; Angela Alexande