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Protests & Divisions Erupt in Israel | CBN NewsWatch March 27, 2023

Strikes and protests surge in Israel against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform plan; CBN’s Chris Mitchell looks at what the plan would, why the Israeli Left is angry about it, and how the protests could be making Israel more vulnerable in the Middle East; recovery efforts beginning after extremely powerful tornado devastates parts of Mississippi, leaving at least 25 dead- CBN’s Operation Blessing sending relief aid to the scene; why some experts believe a Chinese invasion of Ta

China Spying on Americans?| CBN NewsWatch March 24, 2023

TikTok CEO grilled by both parties on Capitol Hill amid concerns that the Chinese government could use the app to collect info on users and spy on Americans; politics and education: two Congressional take on education, including what books should be allowed in school libraries and the Republican measure called the “Parents Bill of Rights;” US military launches “precision airstrikes” in Syria after a strike by a suspected Iranian-made drone killed a US contractor; a new church arises: nearly 2,00

Netanyahu Say No to Anti-Conversion Bill| CBN NewsWatch March 23, 2023

Taking a stand: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the country will not pass a measure proposed by two ultra-Orthodox members of his own ruling coalition that would have made it a criminal offense to persuade anyone to convert to another religion, tweeting “We will not advance any law against the Christian community;” Congress taking on TikTok in Capitol Hill hearing today, amid concerns the Chinese government can utilize it to collect info on users; deadly fungus, called Candida Aur

Ban on Religious Conversions Proposed in Israel | CBN NewsWatch March 22, 2023

Criminalizing conversion: a measure offered in the Israeli Knesset would make it a criminal offense to persuade anyone to convert to another religion- and the bill specifically targets Christians; CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell talks about the implications of the bill if it becomes law, and whether it’s likely to pass; as former President Trump awaits possible indictment, news on another case: a federal judge has found that the special counsel investigating Trump’s handling of

A Prophetic Sign in Israel?| CBN NewsWatch March 21, 2023

How five special red heifers, now in place in Israel, are part of an Old Testament ceremony and a process toward a third Jewish temple- which is mentioned in the Biblical prophecies of the last days; meeting of the minds in Moscow: China’s Xi Jinping visiting Vladimir Putin in a meeting that could have a serious global impact; a look at the controversial investing strategy of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), which critics say puts a liberal agenda ahead of the best investment returns-

Major Revival Events Set for California | CBN NewsWatch March 20, 2023

Revival events, called “Hope California,” planned throughout the Golden State, including in stadiums, and how churches are coming together to fulfill the vision for “Luke 4:18 gatherings;” a terrorist attack against a family in Samaria, as CBN will hold a live prayer event for Israel Tuesday, praying for peace in the Israel during the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan; former President Trump says he expects to be indicted by New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg in hush money case p

Freedom of Speech Under Fire| CBN NewsWatch March 17, 2023

Freedom of Speech under fire after a prominent U.S. Judge was "shouted down" during a visit to California's Stanford law school. As Americans worry about what's next for the country's banks Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was on Capitol Hill Thursday to take tough questions from lawmakers. A Federal judge pressed both sides in a hearing questioning FDA approval of an abortion drug. A life-or-death election. “That’s what pro-life organizations consider the battle for control of Wisconsin's Suprem

The Deadly Border Crisis | CBN NewsWatch March 16, 2023

Deadly drugs flowing across the southern border: Republicans hold a field hearing in Texas (boycotted by Democrats) on the border crisis- which includes discussion of how Mexican cartels are flooding the US with drugs like fentanyl; praying high school football coach Joe Kennedy has been officially reinstated in his job in Washington state; Pentagon releases video of Russian jet encounter with US military drone; US Commission on International Religious Freedom investigates Russian persecution of

Your Own Personal – But Untrustworthy? - Artificial Intelligence | CBN NewsWatch

ChatGPT- an AI program you can have a conversation with- has quickly gained tens of millions of users, and it’s often very helpful - but analysts have pointed out it doesn’t always give true answers, while critics say it can be biased against conservatives and belief in God; major winter storm hits parts of the Northeast with heavy snow, while on the West Coast, parts of California are drenched with still more rain; can the Federal Reserve keep raising interest rates to fight inflation – which c

CBN NewsWatch AM: Swamped By Floods in California - March 14, 2023

Swamped in California: more rain on the way in areas that have already been drenched by floods, while on the East Coast, a Nor’easter is set to bring up to 30 inches of snow; speaking for believers: Brent Leatherwood of the Southern Baptist Convention, who represents the denomination’s public policy arm in Washington DC, talks about how people of faith can influence policy makers; revival update: evangelist Nick Hall of Pulse ministry talks to CBN’s “The Prayer Link” about the revival movement s

Israel & the Stunning Iran-Saudi Deal | CBN NewsWatch March 13, 2023

Middle East shocker: Iran & Saudi Arabia agree to restore diplomatic relations; CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell looks at the implications of the deal for Israel, the Abraham Accords peace agreements, and the Saudis’ lack of trust in the Biden Administration; here at home, federal regulators move quickly to protect depositors and prevent a potential crisis after the failure of Silicon Valley Bank; North Korea conducts submarine-launched cruise missile tests as the US and South Ko

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 10, 2023

Senators grilled the head of the Norfolk Southern Railway Company more than a month after a toxic train derailment in Ohio. Eight people are dead after a shooting at a Jehovah's Witness Hall in Germany and there is no word on a motive for the attack. Nearly $7-Trillion dollars is the cost of President Biden's new budget proposal. The White House maintains it will cut nearly $3 Trillion from the deficit over the next decade. The 40-day period leading up to Easter is a time of turning attention fr

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 9, 2023

Where did Covid really come from? That was the question at a GOP Congressional hearing, after the media long called the idea of a Chinese lab leak a ‘conspiracy theory;’ China poses a serious security threat to the US, say top intelligence officials in Senate hearing- and Oklahoma Senator James Lankford questions FBI Director Christopher Wray about a leaked memo on ‘violent extremist Catholic ideology;’ Christian writer Mark Burrell, author of the book “Rediscovering the American Covenant: Roadm

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 8, 2023

Invoking the Bible: facing a potential nuclear threat from Iran on the eve of the Biblical holiday of Purim, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refers to the story of Esther, who was used by God to save the Jewish people; after two Americans are killed in Mexico, members of Congress want the US to fight the drug cartels with the same intensity as the war against ISIS; in the wake of the revival at Asbury University, revival events are spreading to campuses, churches and youth meetings acr

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 7, 2023

Kidnapped in Mexico: the FBI offering a $50,000 reward as the search is underway for four Americans taken at gunpoint in the city of Matamoros; ISIS is on the rise again: a look at the threat it poses to the US; the controversy over a pro-life doctors’ exhibit being banned at a major OB-GYN conference after hosting it for the last 15 years; the Biblical patriarchs and prosperity: what one entrepreneur in Israel, Jon Medved, says about the Bible and money; Myra Kahn Adams, author of the “Bible St

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 6, 2023

Snowed in: historic snowfall in California leaves thousands without power, dangerous roads, and long walks to stores where people have to stand in long lines; President Trump dominates Conservative Political Action Conference annual meeting, as many other potential Republican candidates go to a Club for Growth event instead; Youth With a Mission Founder Loren Cunningham diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and his wife Darlene credits the miracles they have seen with him to the prayers of the saints;

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