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CBN NewsWatch PM: January 15, 2021

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 15, 2021

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 15, 2021

President-elect Joe Biden has unveiled a $1.9 Trillion plan to turn the tide on the pandemic; President-elect Biden's plan aims to speed up vaccines and provide financial help to those struggling during the pandemic; conspiracy theories helped fuel last week's deadly assault on the capitol; Israeli's will head to the polls for the fourth time in two years; students are falling behind in school, especially those with learning disabilities and those who live in poverty; The NBA is calling for addi

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 14, 2021

The next step in efforts to impeach President Donald Trump and another move to abolish the electoral college. Twitter’s stand on blocking Trump account and critics calling it a dangerous double-standard and threat to free speech. A case about two students and their college before the U.S. Supreme Court tackles the two issues of freedom of religion for students and accountability for schools and others who might infringe on those rights. A look at why pastors don’t want to preach about racial rec

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 14, 2021

On Newswatch AM January 14th: House Democrats, joined by 10 Republicans, impeach President Trump for a second time; heavy military protection for Joe Biden’s inauguration next week due to concerns of violence; Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends ban on Trump’s account; researchers sent by the World Health Organization arrive in Wuhan, China, to study the origins of the Covid pandemic; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to expand settlements could anger the incoming Biden administra

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 13, 2021

: The latest on impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump. Trump Faith Advisor Tony Suarez speaks out against conspiracy theories. More large locations used for mass distribution of COVID19 vaccine distribution. How Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fight for free speech in the face of what appears to be growing big tech censorship against conservatives. What one expert thinks is a growing double-standard by the media and tech companies when it comes to what happened at the Capitol, cens

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 13, 2021

On Newswatch AM January 13th: Democrats push to impeach Trump over Capitol Hill riots last week, with five to possibly a dozen Republicans joining them; YouTube suspends Trump channel uploads for seven days over concerns about violence; Supreme Court hears case on freedom of religion and speech on college campus; governors and state officials resisting more lockdown measures to stop the coronavirus; Trump administration pushing for more vaccinations, including for those over 65; could you be for

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 12, 2021

President Trump talked for the first time in days about the violence at the U.S. Capitol. Christian Leader Ed Stetzer talks about moving forward from these times and how Christians should navigate them. Disneyland prepares to be a major COVID19 Vaccine distribution site. Pro Life groups speak out against a radical NJ Abortion bill that would even allow non-physicians to perform abortions. Critics say corporate America leans left with its stand against Trump supporters. Alabama Crimson Tide footb

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 12, 2021

On Newswatch AM January 12th: House Democrats move ahead with plans to impeach Trump for a second with just a week left in his term, while Franklin Graham calls it a mistake that will divide the country further; Parler sues Amazon for taking it offline amid the growing debate over censorship vs free speech; more major locations, like football stadiums & baseball parks, being used for Covid vaccinations; CBN Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson talks about the pace of the vaccinations, possible side ef

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 11, 2021

The latest efforts from democrats to see President Donald Trump impeached for an historic second time following violence at the Capitol last week. First Lady Melania Trump address the violences in a written message to the nation. Rev. Franklin Graham talks with CBN News about the violence. Graham also talked about two new field hospitals in California and North Carolina to help hospitals overwhelmed by COVID19. Four years of effort pay off for the Trump administration when it comes to protecting

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 11, 2021

On Newswatch AM January 11th: Congressional Democrats prepare to impeach President Trump a second time over incitement of the Capitol Hill chaos last week, but the overwhelming majority of Republican’s aren’t on board; Big Tech war on free speech?Twitter bans President Trump permanently, while Apple & Google remove Parler’s app, and Amazon takes the site off its web servers, removing it from the Internet; a look at the conspiracy theories of Q Anon, and how the church should respond; the crisis

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 8, 2021

The latest fall-out from Wednesday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol including calls for fast-track impeachment of the President. A powerful prayer from a Congresswoman in the midst of the chaos goes viral. One video journalist with CBN News tells his story after being locked down in the capitol for hours. Israel goes into another COVID19 lockdown. The United States sees the numbers of deaths growing from the virus. One Church’s efforts to gather to worship in the face of restrictions. Two pastors

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 8, 2021

Demands for the President to resign have mounted, Israel is working to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, The COVID pandemic has upended the lives of millions of millennials, The sports world is reacting to the events at the US Capitol on Wednesday, A skating rink owner in Poland says he's found a way to open.

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 7, 2021

The aftermath of the violence at U.S. Capitol Wednesday and how the nation moves forward. How to address constitutional concerns as a nation with personal rights and election integrity. Where we are spiritually in all of this and what Jesus says in the Bible about it. Latest on COVID restrictions and one group of school’s victory to open and hold classes. A look at what’s best for students and their families in the midst of the pandemic. Armenian Christians talk about their struggles over the ho

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 7, 2021

On Newswatch AM January 7th: Congress votes to certify Joe Biden’s electoral college win after pro-Trump protestors storm Capitol Hill, leading to chaos; Democrats take control of the Senate after Jon Ossoff wins his runoff race in Georgia; Sudan signs deal with US paving the way for normalization of relations with Israel; what will it mean for you if we are living in – or approaching- the end times?; and a college campus vending machine dispenses do-it-yourself Covid tests.

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 6, 2021

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 6, 2021

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 6, 2021

On Newswatch AM January 6th: Democrats pick up at least one seat in Georgia Senate runoff races, as control of the Senate hinges on the outcome of the final race; Congress to convene for joint session today to confirm Electoral College vote, as some Republicans plan to protest; Christians travel to Washington for a “Jericho March” around the Capitol Building in response to the problems with the Presidential election; why critics call “The Great Reset” a move toward global socialism; and how the