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CBN NewsWatch: April 20, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 20: As Robert Mueller's investigation continues the President receives new assurances and gains legal help from a well-known, outspoken lawyer; teachers in Arizona have voted to walk off the job later this month; a LGBTQ bill is moving quickly through the California state assembly; Israel is warning Palestinians to stay away from the Gaza-Israel border; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 19, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 19: New information today about that deadly Southwest Airlines explosion and the pilot who landed the plane safely on the ground; President Trump says meeting with Kim Jong Un is not a sure thing; California governor Jerry Brown says he will join President Trump's border mission; for the first time in 60 years...Cuba will not have a Castro as president; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 18, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 18: Presidents, first ladies and many others who knew Barbara Bush are remembering her today after she died Tuesday at the age of 92; a Southwest airplane carrying 149 passengers exploded in mid-air;Starbucks will close more than 8,000 stores next month to conduct racial bias training;Americans are getting an extra day to file their taxes after the IRS website crashed on deadline day; and more

CBN NewsWatch: April 17, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 17: President Trump is set to meet with Japan's prime minister;The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on whether businesses should collect sales tax for online purchases; The American Pastor on trial for his faith in Turkey is being sent back to prison; today the trial begins for an Oregon Judge who believes the case stems from the exercise of his Christian beliefs. and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 13, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 13: President Trump is weighing his options on the best way to respond to Syria's use of chemical weapons against its own people; Vice President Mike Pence is heading to Peru for the summit of the Americas; Arizona governor Doug Ducey has proposed a boost to teacher pay this year; Gospel singer Jekalyn Carr shares her secret to winning; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 11, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 11: President Trump continues to consider a military strike on Syria after the country's apparent use of chemical weapons against civilians; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be back in front of congress today; Bill Hybels is stepping down from Willow Creek Community Church; Yvonne Staples of the hit-making gospel group, the Staple Singers, has died; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 10, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 10: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in Washington for two days of congressional questioning; federal agents have raided the office of President Trump's personal attorney... Michael Cohen; Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have all made pledges to send troops to the US-Mexico border; wild weather has been sweeping through most of the country; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 9, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 9: another horrifying gas attack against civilians in Syria followed by a military response; for the first time North Korea has told the U.S. it's prepared to discuss the de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula; hundreds gathered Sunday night to honor the life of 15 Canadian hockey players; police have arrested six men connected to a planned terror attack in Berlin;and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 6, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 6: President Trump says America isn't in a trade war with China because we lost that war long ago; Facebook says most of its 2.2 billion users have likely had their data compromised; critics say the Hamas assault on Israel's border is part of a larger war against the Jewish state; Hollywood shines a light on the power of faith in the midst of tragedy in the new film "The Miracle Season."; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 5, 2018

President Trump has signed a directive ordering National Guard troops to the U.S. –Mexico border; Youtube is boosting security at all their offices after a woman shot three people Tuesday; Facebook now says the data firm Cambridge Analytica gained unauthorized access to up to 87 million user's data; PGA Golfer Marc Leishman shares the story behind his "Begin Again Foundation" ; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 4, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 4: A woman who believed she was being suppressed by YouTube and "hated" the company opened fire at their headquarters; the U.S. China trade tensions continue to boil; today marks 50 years since the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but his message of love and forgiveness continues to develop; Hip-hop artist Lecrae talks discipleship; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 3, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 3: investors are hoping that stocks may have bottomed out after Monday's steep plunge; There could be a potential meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladmir Putin; Nelson Mandela's former wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has died; Israel announced a deal with the UN on Monday to resettle African migrants living in Israel, but hours later they put the agreement on hold; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: April 2, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 2 : The president is pushing back against what he calls "big drug and people flows" coming across the US Mexico border; China continues to raise tariffs on US products;thousands of teachers across the country are skipping school today; and more.

CBN NewsWatch: March 30, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, March 30: With tension between the United States and Russia, The UN Secretary General says it's rising to cold war level; President Trump says the US is pulling its troops from Syria soon; hundreds of Palestinians are clashing with Israeli troops on the Gaza Border in the start of a six-week protest; the third installment of the "God's Not Dead" franchise hits theaters today; and more.