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TPi - Hanging In The Balance

A worship leader barely escapes with his life after being kidnaped by a Terrorist organization.

TPi - Running For Our Lives

A Nigerian family flees their home country to save their lives and discovers their son is a Chess Prodigy.

TPi - The Heavenly Sounds of The Kingdom Choir

Karen Gibson, the founder of the famous Kingdom Choir, shares her struggles and triumphs in pursuing a musical career.

TPi - From Prisoner to Sex Worker

A man is released from prison and lured into a sex trafficking ring.

TPi - A Dope Fiend Finds Hope

A crack-cocaine addict overcomes his addiction through the power of God.

TPi - I Survived a Deadly Plane Crash

One of five survivors of a deadly plane crash recounts the events of that fateful day.

TPi - Southside Blooms

Southside Blooms: A young man is using flowers to transform the Southside of Chicago.

TPi - Looking For A Way Out

A woman decides suicide is the answer to her problems.

TPi - Redeemed

Former lead singer of the hit group Virtue, Karima Kibble Trotter, shares her struggles that shaped her life and new music career.

TPi - Broken to Beautiful

A gang member finds a new life in an unexpected place.

TPi - A New Narrative

TPi answers the question, “Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion?”

TPi - A Captured Heart

A man recounts how he survived one of America’s worst mass shootings.

TPi - Out Of The Ashes

Pastor, Author, and TV Host Stephanie Ike shares the importance of living a life of purity.

TPi - A Pastor’s Secret Struggle

A Pastor has a secret that, when revealed, causes him to lose everything.

TPi - Out of the Pit

A man is shot in the head at close range and lives.

TPi - Pursue Your Dreams

Actress Sope Aluko shares her journey to landing a dream role in the mega-hit movie Black Panther.

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