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TPi - Life On Purpose

A woman hears a voice while intoxicated that changes her life.

TPi - The Hope Train

A man discovers purpose after being wrongfully convicted of murder.

TPi - Looking for a Way Out

A woman struggles to regain her life after losing her husband, mother and father in a matter of months.

TPi - Freedom From The Sex Industry

An ex-con finds himself trapped in the sex industry.

TPi - From Surviving To Thriving

The queen of Disco, Gloria Gaynor, shares how her music career has ‘survived' for over 40 years.

TPi - Finding Freedom

A marriage is on the brink when infidelity is discovered.

TPi - Against All Odds

A couple receives a deadly prognosis.

TPi - Hanging In The Balance

A man recounts being kidnapped, tortured, and almost killed.

TPi - Looking For A Way Out

A woman decides suicide is the answer to her problems.

TPi - A Pastor’s Secret Struggle

A Pastor has a secret that, when revealed, causes him to lose everything.

TPi - The Road To Restoration

Grammy Award-Winning Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae shares what led him into a deep depression and his journey to restoration.

TPi - Lived To Tell The Story

A woman finds a new lease on life after surviving a deadly plane crash.

TPi - A Life’s Song

Singer Jenny Weaver shares how she went from homeless and drug-addicted to leading thousands of followers in praise and worship on Social Media.

TPi - Overcoming Life’s Hurdles

A man narrowly escapes an assassination attempt.

TPi - Pursuing Greatness

TPI is location in Antigua with legendary cricketer Sir Vivian Richards.

TPi - A Life Recovered

Nigerian athlete becomes the country’s first to compete in the Skeleton Sled competition.