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TPi - On The Battlefield

A young missionary remains in the field to impact thousands of children after a brutal mob attack.

TPi - Transformed By Grace

An Atheist scholar decides to research the validity of the crucifixion; what he discovers transforms his life.

TPi - Episode 37-19

An Atheist scholar decides to research the validity of the crucifixion; what he discovers transforms his life.

TPi - Episode 35-19

TPI reflects on the country’s Genocide 25 years later and how forgiveness helped to mend this nation. Up and coming artist IAMSON, shares his journey to faith and his unique style of music.

TPi - Episode 34-19

Louie Giglio, internationally known Author, Minister and founder of the Passion Movement joins Muyiwa on the TPI stage to discuss his new book Forsaken and the impact fathers have on families and society.

TPi - Episode 32-19

Simidele Adeagbo trained with the hopes of winning Olympic Gold in track, but in a turn of events, she makes history as Africa's first ever female to compete in the Skeleton Sled.

TPi - Episode 31-19

Facebook Executive, Nona Jones, shares how she overcame a sexually abusive past to become a leader in digital discipleship.

TPi - Episode 30-19

Dr. Gladys West went from a poor farm girl to creating astronautical equations that would lead to the development of the GPS.

TPi - Episode 29-19

Muyiwa speaks with Ken McKenzie, CEO of the Museum of the Bible, about how one book has influenced the world's culture.

TPi - Episode 28-19

Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad, offers an inside view of rescuing sex traf?cked child slaves. Miss African Union Diaspora Lukwesa Morin shares her hope and vision for her home continent.

TPi - Episode 27-19

A Washington D.C. church turns a former crack house into an award-winning coffee shop that helps serve the community and the world. Muyiwa speaks with the Director of DC Dream Center to see how the Church is impacting their community.

TPi - Episode 26-19

Despite being born with Cerebral Palsy, Fanie Van Der Merwe became a gold medalist runner who helps young athletes with disabilities ful?ll their dreams. Erica Linney has a candid conversation with author and speaker Mo Isom about her book, "Sex, Jesus and Conversations the Church Forgot to Have.”

TPi - Episode 25-19

CBN News shares hidden biblical symbols engraved in Washington DC’s most famous monuments. Muyiwa speaks with singer/ songwriter Casey J about her sophomore album and the difference between being a worship leader and an artist.

TPi - Episode 24-19

Pastor, worship leader, and now author William McDowell sits down with Erica Linney to discuss the revival that is happening at his church. Internationally known Prophetess and author Francina Norman shares valuable lessons of ministry with Muyiwa from her book "Signature of a Prophet."

TPi - Episode 23-19

Growing up in foster care from age six to sixteen, Anthony prayed someone would adopt him. His answer came curiously. Author, Pastor, and Psychologist, Dr. Faith Wokoma joins Muyiwa to share what it means to be marked by God.