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A Very Sick Little Boy With a Giant Dream

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

After both of QuanShou’s parents died of health complications, he moved in with his Aunt Huan and decided to honor his parents and help the sick.  

“I want to be a doctor and rid people from the torture of disease and save lives,” QuanShou declares.   “So I have to be disciplined.  Even if I don’t eat until I’m done with homework and I’m like a starving wolf.”

But soon, he found out he was sick and needed help himself.

“All of a sudden, my legs hurt so much that I couldn’t even walk,” says QuanShou.

The pain continued for a month and QuanShou started having frequent fevers.  When his aunt brought him to the doctor for testing, he said QuanShou’s legs hurt because of poor circulation, and the real problem was that he was missing a heart valve.  

“Sometimes the pain was unbearable and I cried,” admits QuanShou.  “But I was worried that my sickness would keep me from my dream of being a doctor!”

No matter how bad he felt, he still wanted to go to school, so his aunt carried him.  But his heart just got worse.

She remembers, “I would bring him home, hold him and tell him he would be okay.  I was so afraid for him.  He’s just a little boy without a mother and father.  I did my best for him, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford whatever medical treatment he needed.”

Aunt Huan didn’t know how much longer her nephew would live.  Then her sister told her about CBN, and we quickly set up open-heart surgery. A doctor restructured QuanShou’s heart valves so now he has good circulation and lots of energy.  

He says with excitement, “Now I am healthy. I’m like a bird, flying freely in the sky.”  

Aunt Huan adds, “I’m so relieved.  Thank you to all the kind people at CBN who helped us.  You’ve done a very kind deed.  If QuanShou’s parents were still alive, I know they would be very happy.”  

QuanShou concludes, “I believe God gave me this second chance.  And now I’m closer to my dream of being a doctor and saving other people’s lives.”

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