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The 700 Club - July 27, 2022

A single mom is worn thin by hand pain so serious it puts her job in jeopardy. See how she’s supernaturally healed in her sleep. Plus, a champion diver almost goes off the deep end. Watch how his coach comes to the rescue on today’s 700 Club.

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A newlywed has a massive tumor and in just a few weeks it quintuples in size. Hear the promise that keeps her alive and makes her family whole on...

A man makes a pact with Satan and begins a journey in darkness. See what breaks the spell on today’s 700 Club.

An SUV explodes on the road and a young man is trapped in the flames. Experience the amazing rescue and the miraculous recovery on the next 700 Club.

He was a soldier at 14 and then a POW at 15. Meet a teenager who survived the horrors of World War II. Plus, Senator Tim Scott shares why he’s...

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