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Navy Wife Faces Life-Threatening Medical Needs

Jason and Tiffany enjoy recognizing Veterans Day!  They believe it’s an opportunity to celebrate everyone who serves or has served in the military. Jason is a sailor on board the USS McFaul.

Tiffany explains, “I’m incredibly proud of him because he’s making a sacrifice, not just for the freedom of our nation but also so that he can provide for us and have a better future.”

Deployments are never easy on families but when Jason is out to sea, he knows he can count on Tiffany to be strong. “I think she does a great job. Even when she’s down she would do her best to keep herself up. I don’t have to worry about her.”

But the couple faced the biggest challenge of their lives when Tiffany developed an allergic reaction to nearly everything.  She was diagnosed with a rare chronic immune deficiency disease.

“It was just really hard being sick and especially being sick from having such a rare condition that is very hard to understand. And that makes you basically intolerant to a majority of the world around you. Food is becoming an issue. Breathing, just when anyone gets near me because of their clothes and their shampoo or anything.”
Jason says, “I feel that she’s like very strong for dealing with this and to keep going. I can see how tough it is.”

Their leaders at Wave Church in Virginia Beach learned that Tiffany needed an infrared sauna that could help her immune system heal, but costs several thousand dollars.  Wave asked helping the home front to step in.  Pastor Steve Kelly had a surprise for the couple at their Veterans Day service earlier this week. A gift card to Whole Foods, powerful water filter for their home, and the infrared sauna.
Pastors Steve and Sharon Kelly presented them with desperately needed items to help the young couple. 

“First of all, I think we have gift card to whole goods for 4oo dollars that we wan to present tonight.  And, we’ve also got, this is pretty cool, a water filtration system for your entire house.  Thanks to CBN. Last thing is a heavenly heat sauna that detoxifies your whole system.  CBN has jumped in and said they wanted to that.  The total value that you get tonight is $6,000.  Isn’t that awesome? Turn around.  Here it comes.  Oh my gosh. Look at that!  That looks fantastic!”
“We love you guys.  Thank you for your service.  Thank you we honor you.  We thank God for you. Amen.”

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