Single Mother Struggles to Provide

Ratna's husband was obsessed with having a son.  So after Ratna gave birth to a second girl instead of a boy, he was enraged and threw them out.  They moved in with Ratna’s parents, but then her father died.  It was a struggle to survive on her mother's income as a field worker.

Ratna explained, "My eldest daughter is four years old and my youngest is one-and-a-half-years-old.  We spent most of our money on milk for the baby.  Many times we didn't have anything to eat."

Ratna thought she could bring in more income if she worked in the fields while her mother stayed home with her daughters, but it didn’t' make much of a difference.

"Sometimes, both my mother and I didn't get any work," said Ratna.  "It was very difficult, and I really didn't like leaving my baby at home."

It was during this time that Ratna learned about Jesus.  She made Him her Lord and Savior and prayed that He would help her.   Then her pastor told her about a free, six-month-tailoring course offered by CBN.  Ratna took the course, hoping she could start her own business after she was finished.  But that meant she would need to buy a sewing machine.

Ratna explained, "Even if I was able to save every penny I made from work, it would take me over two months to buy a sewing machine.  So I did the only think I could, I prayed some more."

During the graduation ceremony, Ratna’s prayer was answered when everyone received a sewing machine.

"I thank God and you for giving me a sewing machine," Ratna said.  "I am earning enough to support my mother and children.  And now I can work from home and I no longer have to leave my daughters.  I am so happy!  I will never forget how much you have helped my family."

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