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When the Earth Shook—Their Business Died

After an 8.2 earthquake hit their small town in southern Mexico, Robert and Marcia’s first thoughts were for their children.   

“I was screaming like crazy!” said Marcia. “I heard the school had collapsed.”

Thankfully all of the children were safe, but the quake damaged Robert and Marcia’s home and destroyed the wood burning oven they used for their business.

“We make the bread every day and we sell it in the villages,” said Robert. “I thought, how can we recover from this?  How can we make a living?”

When CBN met the family they were sleeping in their van.  We learned that the government would help them fix their house.  So we offered to help them restart the business. We gave them everything needed to rebuild their oven and supplies to restart the bakery business.    

“When you came,” said Maria, “I felt God had sent you to answer my prayer.  I have many clients and they are all buying bread from me since you rebuilt our wood burning oven.”

When the family asked CBN why we were helping them, we told them about Jesus.  They all prayed with us to receive Jesus as Savior.

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