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Deadly Drinking Water

In this jungle village of St. Martin in Northern Peru, people have been dying from the contaminated water.    

“My neighbor’s baby died because the water was really bad,” a woman named Deydamia (day-dah-me-uh) told CBN.

Deydamia’s daughter Julie drank the water and got sick too.   

“She had fever and diarrhea,” said Julie’s mom.   

Julie got so dehydrated that her parents had to take her on a small motor powered canoe upriver to the closest hospital.  The journey lasted 5 long hours.   

“We were desperate to get there,” said Julie’s mom.  “I thought we were going to lose our daughter too! But thank God she recovered.  The doctor told us never to drink the river water again!”

A narrow tributary with brownish colored water is the community’s only source of water. A water test confirmed it is filled with e-coli and other dangerous bacteria.

Julie got sick many times,” her mom added. “We thought about leaving the village but it’s hard to leave your home.”

Then CBN learned about the plight of the family and the village and dug a well for them.  One by one the children began to taste the cool clean water.

“I like this water because is so fresh,” said Julie. “Thanks CBN for bringing us clean water!”

“Thanks CBN.  Our children do not get sick anymore and we are very happy,” said mom.

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