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From $80,000 in Debt to Prosperity

Without warning, Cheryl’s 18 year marriage ended.  Her husband left for reservist training – and never returned – leaving Cheryl with two young children, a household to run on a part-time salary, and $80,000 dollars of debt.   

“It felt immobilizing…like history was just flushed down the toilet.”

Around that same time, Cheryl was laid off from her job as a part time teacher.

“I didn’t have time to show fear during the daylight hours. When my children were asleep at night, I’d get on the floor and cry and pray. I just knew that life had to go on. I had this thing to do.  I had to manage with what I had or didn’t have.”

Cheryl began shopping at thrift stores and food banks.  Still, there was one thing that Cheryl refused to cut back on.

“I learned that it said in the bible that God would bless you if you tithed. I didn’t start off right away with 10%, I said Lord, I have 30$ that I can give. When I am able, I will give the 10%.”

One of the places she gave was to the 700 Club.

“Brother Pat did something on reciprocity. He said that when you plant a seed, it’s not even just money, the seed you plant, it comes back. It can come back 30 fold, 50, 100 fold.”

Soon after, Cheryl received a job offer to be a special education teacher.

“That job tripled my annual salary.”

 So Cheryl increased her giving to her church and The 700 Club.

A few years later, Cheryl received another promotion. With the extra income, she was able to earn a doctorate degree and become an adjunct professor at LSU and Northwestern.   

“So God has blessed me many times with just unexpected things. There is a scripture in the Old Testament that says ‘every place your foot shall trod, you shall possess.’ I used to walk around the house and say and pray that, and ask God to be debt free one day.”

Cheryl’s prayer was answered. She paid off every personal debt, and even provided a college education for her children. Several years ago, she was able to retire comfortably.

“Tithing is as much a part of my life as breathing,” Cheryl says.

“Start with what you can do and be faithful with it. Don’t limit yourself to where you think your resources are coming from God stretches your 90%.  God will show you how to use that so that you can be successful in what you need to do for the kingdom and for your family and for your ministry whatever it is, he will give you wisdom.”

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