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Operation Blessing Helps Hurricane Victims Toward Recovery

When hurricane Florence hit new Bern, NC and flooded Judy’s home, she had nowhere to turn for help.

Judy explains, “I’m a widow. My brothers are all older than me. They broke down.  They can’t help me.  I don’t have a lot of young family members here.  And the ones that I do have, they can’t leave their good jobs to come here help me, even though they may want to.”

The devastation was so great and there were so many families who needed help, Judy knew only God could provide.

Judy says, “And if you live by God’s covenant and put God back first, he’ll be right there for you.  And I know that.”

Then a volunteer team from operation blessing arrived.

Judy says, “I knew God had not forgotten me, and he sent people when I needed them the most. I needed walls done and floors up, it was right on time because he is right on time.”

CBN’s Dan Reany adds, “Judy’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing the contents of her home.  The insurance company will even cover putting in new drywall.  What they won’t cover is the cost of tearing the old drywall out.  So, we’re here to help.”

Operation Blessing got right to work! We tore up her old flooring and cut out that drywall that was already starting to mold.
“I can’t do it.  I was rescued.  I knew it was God sending y’all to me.”

When our work was done, our volunteers took the time to pray with Judy. Now, she can begin to take those first steps toward recovery.

Judy concludes, “Ya’ll was the cavalry.  The only thing you didn’t have was white horse and army uniform on. But you had operation blessing it was the best uniform, they came when I needed them. Thank you, Lord!”

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