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"It's a miracle. You have touched us by helping our children."

Arusha, Tanzania

Samwell and Asinari are cousins in a Maasai village in Tanzania. When they first started walking, their parents noticed something was wrong with their legs.

Samwell’s mom explained, “Walking was always a struggle for them. At times, my son, Samwell, fell down, held his legs, and cried out in pain. I knew something was very wrong, but I didn’t know where to get help.”
When an outreach team supported by Operation Blessing came to their village, they learned about our surgical program. After a long journey, they arrived at Plaster House, and Operation Blessing paid for both of their surgeries.
Samwell’s mom said, “It is a miracle. You have touched us by helping our children, they will have normal lives because of you. I would love to welcome everyone who made this possible into my home to thank you personally. I pray you will prosper in everything.”

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