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Ukrainian Widow Faces Starvation

Before she became a widow at age 22, Myroslava lived her with her husband and three children in a drafty house with peeling paint and a leaky roof.    

“Before he died, my husband was a kind man,” Myroslava told us. “He loved the children and helped me.  Then my world fell apart.”

Myroslava was forced to sell everything they owned to pay for his funeral.  

“We had nothing,” she said with tear filled eyes.  “I had no stove, no furniture. The house was empty, the walls are raw.  And we were starving.” 

Desperate, Myroslava sent her two older kids to live with their grandma. Myroslava kept the baby with her since he was nursing at the time and there was no extra room at her in-laws.  Myroslava’s 6-year-old daughter Snezhana told us how sad she was. 

“I love my mom very much,” she said. “I wanted to stay with her but she didn't even have a bed.”

That’s when CBN’s Orphan Promise began to work with the family.   First we provided construction materials and then hired a crew to build a new house for Myroslava and her children.

“When my children saw what a beautiful house you were building for us they could hardly wait for us to move in!” exclaimed Myroslava. 

We also gave them some beds, a stove and other furniture.     

“The men built us a beautiful new house!” added Snezhana. “It’s warm in here, and I like it very much.” 

“We have everything!” chimed in Nastya, 5.  “We can live with our mama now.  She loves us!” 

Recently Myroslava prayed to become a Christian.  

“I’m so happy that my children have all they need. I’m full of joy and so grateful to you, thank you so much!” she said.

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