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Mike and Martha Bryan have always enjoyed helping people. Both grew up in the church where they learned about tithing yet for most of their lives, it was more of an obligation than a joy.

Mike recalls, “I was giving because I felt that you were supposed to do this. It wasn't really very heartful. And there was quite a number of years there where I was fearful to really give as much as, you know, I knew inside myself that I should.” When they got married the couple had a change of heart about giving.

They wanted more of their money to help people in need, so they started giving to CBN’s Operation Blessing. Mike says, “We wanted our money to be going out into the world and helping people that really need help.

Of course, we would like to be out in the field ourselves, but our money sent to Operation Blessing accomplishes much more than we ever could.” Martha agrees, “It is a great feeling to know that we have had an impact.

Even though we're physically not able to be there, we certainly know that that we've given resources to help those out there.”

Mike and Martha are self-employed home inspectors and Martha also does their accounting books. She’s seen firsthand how God has provided for their business over the years.

She says, “It hadn't been easy for me sometimes. When I look out a week and see it a little lean, I start thinking, ‘Should we give this much?’ However, just as soon as I look at that lean calendar, God opens the doors and the phone starts ringing off the wall.”

Their business has grown since their change of heart and the couple has increased their giving along the way.

Martha says, “Since we have started giving more to CBN we've seen so many blessings. Business has grown probably at least 150%.”

And Mike thinks, “It seems like the more we give, the more we've been blessed.”

They also love making CBN a part of their daily lives. Martha likes to start her day with devotions on CBN’s Family app.

She says, “It's very calming and it sets the tone for the day.” While Mike says, “I like being able to turn on The 700 Club and get Pat Robertson's and a Christian view of what's going on in the world and the nation and know that I can trust what I'm hearing.”

Mike and Martha say that trust has been key. As they have been faithful and made giving their top priority, they have seen God move on their behalf, even through turbulent times, like the pandemic.

Martha says, “There's some home inspectors out there that are struggling. We haven't skipped a beat. COVID did not impact our business. It's probably increased. It's God.”

They encourage others to take that step of faith to start giving from the heart and see how God will use it.

Martha encourages people, “Give, give something. And just see what God will do with that one gift.”

Mike says, “I fell in that category of being reluctant and really not trusting in God for probably two-thirds of my life. Life changed when I started giving. I would say, you know, take the step, you just got to take the leap and you won't regret it.”  

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