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Katherine has been ministering prophetically for the last 16 years and her ministry has been compared to that of Katherine Kuhlman. She says praying is the all-access pass to the power of God.  “The name of Jesus is like a badge that gives you clearance into areas that other people can’t access,” Katherine says.  “You don’t have to strain to see the power of God released.” She says her relationship with the Holy Spirit has grown dramatically over the years.  “I’ve asked Him to take me by the hand and teach me,” she says.  Katherine reminds us that God is relational and not exclusive with people who will recognize who He is and come to Him in faith.  “He delights in revealing Himself and sharing His nature with us,” she says.  When we are introduced to the Holy Spirit in the Bible, He is hovering over the face of the waters.  He also manifested in physical form as a dove and then as a mighty rushing wind.  Katherine says the Holy Spirit is our Comforter, helper, teacher and guide.  

One day, she began to ask the Holy Spirit for help.  At the time, Katherine wasn’t sure why people fell down in prayer meetings.  “Would you teach me about the falling down thing?” she asked Him. “Would You please heal me of the ganglion cyst on my wrist? And will You take away the fear that my husband might die?”  The cyst had been there for awhile.  Katherine, then 23, had been married for three years and fearful of her new husband dying. That night at the meeting, the preacher called for people to come up for prayer.  Katherine was at the end of the line and long before he got to her, Katherine was on the floor.  When he finally got to her, the preacher asked the ushers to pick her up.  He said, “Oppression, go!”  Immediately Katherine hit the floor again, overwhelmed by the power of God.  “I knew the Holy Spirit had just answered my first question,” says Katherine.  While she was on the floor, the Holy Spirit set her free from fear.  “I was trembling, and I saw the face of Jesus,” she says.  Jesus told her, “Katherine, I’m setting you free from everything.”  From that day forward, she has been different.  A few days later, Katherine noticed the cyst on her wrist was gone!

Katherine says the Bible is clear about the person of the Holy Spirit and what He does.  He is our Teacher, Comforter, the Spirit of Wisdom and demonstrates God’s power to us.  She says He is there in our times of need and empowers us to love others, but the Holy Spirit wants to be more than our crisis manager.  “He wants relationship,” says Katherine.  “I love that the Holy Spirit is there when we cry out for help, but the relationship is created to be so much more than that.”  She reminds us that there is a level at which He comforts and encourages as a companion.  “That’s the best part of our relationship with Him.  If we’re not cultivating that, we’re missing out on the best gift He has given us: Himself,” Katherine says.

If you’re struggling to hear God’s voice, Katherine says to just start reading your Bible.  “The Holy Spirit will speak to you there; just keep reading,” she says.  “He is the Word and He wants to speak to you.  Write down what He shows you and meditate on that for the day.”  The Holy Spirit not only speaks through God’s Word but also in different ways.  In order to cultivate an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, we have to invest quality time.  “It doesn’t matter how much you love someone; if you don’t spend quality time with him, you will not experience the richness and depth that is available,” she says.  Fellowship is powerful.  She says we need to slow down and spend time with Him.

Holiness, humility, forgiveness, and power are all connected. “A happy and whole believer is much more equipped to walk in the supernatural than a burdened and bitter one is,” shares Katherine. At one time, Katherine shares how she had issues in her relationship with her daughter who was away from the Lord at the time. Inwardly, Katherine began to judge her daughter’s behaviors that she didn’t like, until one day the Holy Spirit said to her, “Your thoughts are defining her.” So Katherine began to shift her focus from what she didn’t like about her daughter’s behavior and began to imagine her daughter worshipping God and loving Him instead. Slowly, her daughter began to feel safe rather than judged. The relationship today is sweet and she often travels with her when she ministers.

The Holy Spirit wants you to fix your mind on God. She says, “The Holy Spirit doesn’t just want to restore lives through you; He wants yours to be one of the lives restored.” When you read God’s promises, meditate on them and apply them to your life His promises will impact your heart and change you.

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Guest Info


Author, her latest: Life with the Holy Spirit, Charisma House 2017

Founders/Senior Ministers with her husband Tom of Glory City Church, Brisbane, Australia

Overseer of International Glory City Church Network

Host of TV show, Glory City TV

Conference Speaker

Has appeared on Sid Roth’s TV show, It’s Supernatural!

Married to Tom for 25 years

Children: Jessica, Emily and Joseph


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