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Jackie met her husband Steve at church camp when they were teenagers. They married the summer after high school graduation and never looked back. Jackie worked for the family business until she became a mom at twenty. After her youngest child started kindergarten, Jackie began to pray about what God would have her do with the rest of her life. That was the year the Museum of the Bible was established. She found herself by Steve’s side, called to launch a world-class museum inviting all people to engage with the Bible.

Lauren, one of Jackie’s five daughters, met her husband Michael when they were in Sunday school. They married while still in college and finished up their last year of school together. Just as Lauren was finishing her undergraduate degree she had the privilege of being the first person hired to work with the newly found Museum of the Bible. She experienced firsthand the rapid growth of a start-up project, which turned into a world-class museum. She recently transitioned into a role with Hobby Lobby where she works as corporate ambassador. “I want to be intentional with the opportunities and challenges ahead of me,” shares Lauren.

As they traveled to events over the last three years, they met many amazing women and noticed that women’s stories had similarities. The women they met wanted to live a life of integrity, serve their families and friends well, and utilize their time, talents, and treasures for God’s kingdom purposes. Jackie found herself wanting to encourage these women to be intentional about their busyness and use their gifts for things that really matter. She says, “God can use every one of us to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves: to be a light to those around you and point them to the God of the universe.”

Jackie and Lauren examined several characteristics of legacy by pointing to women of the Bible, women of history and women of today who have and are leaving remarkable legacies. “Christian women can and do lead. History is filled with examples of bold, courageous, innovative women who love God and rose to face the challenge of their times, forging a lasting impact on the course of human events in the process,” share Jackie and Lauren.  Some of the women of legacy included in their book include:

  • Susana Wesley – a woman who would make time for God each day by pulling her apron up over her head while ten children read, studied, or played all around her. No one would disturb her during this time when she would read the Word and pray for her family. She was the mom of John and Charles Wesley – world-renowned leaders of the global Christian movement.
  • Elizabeth Anne Everest – a woman solid in her faith who served as a nanny to Winston Churchill. Winston had emotionally detached parents who displayed very little affection or interest in their son. Elizabeth became his sole source of emotional support and encouragement for the first two decades of his life. She also modeled and taught Winston the value of a personal faith in Christ by teaching him scriptures, praying with him and giving him a Christian worldview. God used the faith of an obscure woman of humble origins to shape the character of one of history’s key figures.
  • Barbara Green – a mother and grandmother who is very devoted to prayer. As God leads, she’ll often wake up in the middle of the night to pray. Barbara will cover herself with her prayer shawl and pray for people and for issues of the day. Through the years, she has prayed each of her children into the kingdom of God, prayed through the arduous years of launching Hobby Lobby from the family’s garage. Her intercession has been an anchor in the storms for both the family and the family business through the years.
  • Christine Caine – a wife and mother who works tirelessly to see the healing and wholeness she has found in Christ extended to others. She and her husband founded A21 and Equip and Empower Ministries to help liberate victims of modern slavery including human trafficking.
  • Hannah – a woman who prayed fervently. God answered her prayer and gave her a son, Samuel. She dedicated him to the lifelong service of the Lord. He went on to become one of the most beloved judges in all the history of Israel.
  • Mary – Christ’s mother exercised faith in the little decisions and the big moments. Her faith made her a vital part of God’s plan to bring the Redeemer into this world. She believed in the impossible (virgin birth) and believed that God was limitless.

The characteristics Jackie and Lauren identify for women of legacy include: (1) courage; (2) wisdom; (3) compassion; (4) generosity; (5) faith; (6) prayer; (7) witness; (8) teaching; (9) rescue; (10) boldness; (11) tenacity; and (12) loyalty. Jackie shares how she struggled with the characteristic of courage. She did not go to college and became a mom at twenty. For most of her life, she was involved in the day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning, and the kids. Suddenly, she was immersed in the spotlight when her husband began pursuing the Museum of the Bible. She helped organize women’s events and sought support for the museum efforts. As a result, she found herself on stage speaking to hundreds, even thousands of people. God slowly began to remove her fear of the stage. For Lauren, she exercised her characteristic of faith when she went from managing a busy team of curators and registrars in an archival warehouse facility to raising funds needed to build and equip the Museum of the Bible. She was overwhelmed at first because she left a comfortable situation to begin speaking publicly and making presentations. Gradually, she felt more and more comfortable as she trusted God to unfold His plan for her life.

“Legacy is not the idea of leaving financial wealth to someone. Instead, it is the story of your life that lives on after you leave this earth. You write this story every day through the values you embrace and live out,” shares Jackie. Together these ladies stress the importance of leaving the right kind of legacy for your children and grandchildren.  They encourage women to incorporate kindness and faith into the mundane so that every action becomes eternal. Lauren says, “The hope for a legacy: to outlive our lives by the impact we leave behind.”

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Guest Info


Jackie Green: Co-author, Only One Life (Zondervan, 2018)

Co-founder Museum of the Bible

Serves on the Advisory Board of a local Crisis Pregnancy Center

Worked with her family in orphanages worldwide; Married to Steve, President of Hobby Lobby

Six children

Four grandchildren


Lauren Green McAfee: Co-author, Only One Life (Zondervan, 2018)

Corporate Ambassador, Hobby Lobby

Doctoral student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Married to Michael


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