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Is There Life on Other Planets?

Recently a Facebook user created an event called, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” which was organizing a group of alien hunters to meet at 3 pm on September 20, 2019.  The area is near the top-secret US Air Force Base in southern Nevada.  (The term Area 51 originated from a CIA document from the Vietnam War.) The group planned on running with their arms stretched behind them like a character in a  Japanese series, Naruto, calling it the Naruto Run.  More than 300,000 said they were interested in attending.  The primary purpose for the base is unknown but based on historical evidence there is a possibility that it supports the testing and development of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. The secrecy has fueled speculations about conspiracy theories and UFOs.  Yet many believe that the government is withholding information about UFOs. The event has since been cancelled.

Dr. Ross says there is nothing quite as tantalizing as the thought of UFOs, aliens and government secrets about them.  He believes in this day and digital age it would be difficult for the US government to keep a tight lid on an operation like Area 51.  “No credible evidence has ever emerged that US leaders conspire to keep information about UFOs a secret,” says Dr. Ross.  The question still remains: Is Earth really so unique as to be the only home to life?  Is it possible that UFO sightings and close encounters with other worldly type creatures validate that we have been “visited?”  Dr. Ross has examined the farthest reaches of the universe and offers thought provoking content that is both biblical and scientific.

“Lights in the sky and little green men and speculations about them may always persist,” says Dr. Ross.  “But solid answers to questions about them do exist.” Also, the vast number of known characteristics required for a planet to support life essentially rules out the possibility that a suitable home for advanced physical life can be found anywhere in the universe but here on Earth. “For advanced life to be possible on a planet, you have to have a just-right sized star where the planet is a certain distance from that star.  And the probability is far more remote than one chance in 10 to the 1050th power,” says Dr. Ross. Apart from this, if extraterrestrials somehow did exist, traveling to Earth would pose insurmountable obstacles for it/them. UFOs do exist and are real, but they do not obey the laws of physics.  “If one takes the extradimensional hypothesis to man that entities could come into the universe from a spiritual realm, one can see a remarkable correspondence between science and Scripture,” he says. “A closer examination of UFOs shows that they are consistent with the Bible’s descriptions of demons.”

When Hugh was 7 years old, he asked his parents about the stars.  They suggested he read books on astronomy, so he went to his school library and read every book on physics and astronomy.  That same year, Hugh did the same in the children’s section of Vancouver’s Public Library!  At the age of 8, Hugh began to save his money to buy a telescope and was stunned when he first peered through the lens to the heavens above.  “I had never seen anything so beautiful, so awesome,” says Hugh.  By the time he was 16, Hugh was convinced that some form of the Big Bang Theory provided the only explanation for the origin of life.  “If the universe arose out of a big bang, it must have had a beginning.  If it had a beginning, it must have a Beginner,” reasoned Hugh.

From that point, Hugh never doubted God’s existence, but presumed the Beginner was distant and non-communicative.  His high school studies showed the peoples of the world taking their religions seriously, so Hugh looked for insight by reading the holy books of the world’s major religions.  “I figured if God was speaking through any of these books, then the communication would be noticeably different from what human beings write….but if
humans invented religion, their message would contain errors,” he says.  In the first several holy books Hugh read, his initial hunch was confirmed: the statements were at odds with established history and science, that is, until he picked up the Bible.  “It was simple, direct and specific.  I was amazed with the quantity of historical data and scientific references and with the detail in them,” says Hugh.  It took Hugh 18 months to read the entire Bible to test the accuracy of all of its statements on science, geography and history, but afterwards, he found no single provable error or contradiction.  “I was now convinced that the Bible was supernaturally accurate and thus supernaturally inspired,” he says.  As a final exercise, young Hugh mathematically determined that the Bible was more reliable by far than some laws of physics.  One calculation showed less than one chance in 10138 that the chance fulfillment of 13 specific Bible predictions could come true without supernatural intervention!  He also derived a similar conclusion based on the many instances in which the Bible accurately forecasted future scientific discoveries.
Hugh founded Reasons to Believe in 1986 to bring the scientific evidence for Christianity to light.  Hugh leads a team of scholars who keep tabs on the frontiers of scientific research with the goal of demonstrating that sound reason and scientific discoveries support -- rather than erode -- confidence in the God of the Bible. 

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Best-selling Author; Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men, 2002

Founder/President, Reasons to Believe, an interdenominational, international ministry that communicates the basis for belief in the Bible as the true Word of God

Minister of Apologetics at Sierra Madre Congregational Church

Host of weekly broadcast TV program, Reasons to Believe, TBN

BS, Physics, University of British Columbia

MS & Ph.D., Astronomy, University of Toronto

Married to Kathy, 2 sons



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