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"Waist" Away with Intermittent Fasting

Chantel Ray is well-known in the Hampton Roads community for her multi-million-dollar real estate business. She openly gives God the praise for her success in business but Chantel has always struggled to find success with weight loss, until now. She believes she has found the key to losing weight and keeping it off with intermittent fasting. Chantel believes in the power of fasting and it was the very thing that helped her break her smoking addiction when she was 21 years old. After yo-yo dieting for years and struggling to lose weight, she decided to go to the Bible to find anything she could on eating and fasting. Chantel found 77 references to fasting in scripture. This inspired her book and weight loss journey.  She says that fasting brings clarity, healing and breaks strongholds and she needed God to help her break her addiction to food, which led to bulimia. “It’s important to know you can’t win a spiritual battle with natural means,” she says. Chantel also began to ask thin women what worked for them. After interviewing over 1000 thin women she found that they were practicing intermittent fasting (whether they realized it or not). Chantel also learned that the difference between thin women who are free versus those in bondage is that the free women only use food as fuel. They are not addicted to it. After losing over 30 pounds, Chantel decided to write this book. She explains, “A lot of this book is a combination of information I wrung out of my thin friends, personal research, and the ‘secret sauce’ (length of eating window) that finally cracked the code for me and my weight loss.” Intermittent fasting is not a diet, rather it is a window of time when you eat and a window of time when you don’t. These windows of time are not set. Instead, you choose them. You can decide on an eight, six, or four-hour window each day when you eat. The remaining hours left in a 24-hour day, you fast -- drinking only water or non-calorie beverages with no artificial sweeteners.  “The basis of this lifestyle is this: you don’t restrict what you eat, but when you eat.” In addition, she says that you also need to follow the 10 Chantel Ray rules:

  1. Savor the Food
  2. Never Eat Past 4 (satisfied) on the Hunger Scale
  3. Don’t Eat Your First Meal of the Day Until Your Stomach Growls
  4. Pick an Eating Window and Stay in It
  5. Eat the Best First
  6. Eat What You Really Want
  7. How Big is the Differential
  8. Remember the Law of Diminishing Returns (flavor matters)
  9. Portion it Out
  10. Use the 3 Bite Rule (typically after 3 bites you are satisfied)

It is also important to remember that sometimes our bodies hold onto the weight and then it begins to fall away. It is called the “Whoosh effect.” It took Chantel two weeks before she began to lose weight with intermittent fasting. She knew that the Lord led her to fasting to break her addiction, so she stuck with it. Chantel says that water retention is the culprit that causes us to hold to the weight until the body finally eliminates the water. You lose a lot of weight fairly quickly, whoosh. Chantel realizes that we cannot fast forever but we can fast intermittently for the rest of our lives and still eat what we want in moderation. Chantel teaches four-week classes online to help others break free from their addiction to food. They can find out more by going to ChantelRayWay.com.

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Author of: Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way, Self-Published, 2018

Founder multi-million dollar Chantel Ray Real Estate

Regular presence on K-Love

Club featured reciprocity story

BA in Mathematics, Virginia Wesleyan

Married, 2 children


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