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Hannah Kerr Performs "Christmas Eve in Bethlehem"

Hannah Kerr has been singing in front of crowds since she was five-years-old. As the daughter of worship leaders, shy Hannah felt at home in front of the church, singing with her parents in Buffalo, New York. But when they moved to Nashville for her father’s work, things changed. “That transition was the hardest time of my life. I felt so alone and I didn’t want to let my parents know how badly I was hurting. I would dig into the Bible and ask, ‘God, why am I here? Do you have a purpose for me?’” During that time, her mother encouraged her to try out for the worship team at their church. Worshiping God was where Hannah found her place in life. However, because Hannah was such an introvert, she never dreamed she would go on to be a Christian artist.” She explains, “I think my journey is a little different than most. A lot of people grew up thinking they were going to be a singer or an artist but that was never on my mind. I thought I was way too introverted to be a singer who performs in fronts of thousands of people, but as I was leading worship… I felt as if that ministry could be expanded to leading worship for the collective church, across the whole nation, and across the world. I felt that God was calling me to do something bigger through music.” God opened the doors and Hannah not only sings but also writes most of her own material.

She began touring in 2016 and shared the stage with major Christian artists including Casting Crowns, Matt Maher, Building 429, Jonny Diaz, Matt Hammitt, as well as for KING & COUNTRY, Newsboys, and Kari Jobe. Her previous album, Overflow, has earned over 16 million streams and features "Your Love Defends Me," the top 5 Christian radio hit, also garnered her the "Most Performed Song Award" at the 2018 ASCAP Christian Awards.  Her song “Warrior” also became a top 15 Christian radio hit.

Her new Christmas LP, Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, released October 19, features many holiday favorites along with two original songs co-written by Hannah - "Emmanuel," which she wrote with Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips, as well as the title track co-written with Jason Earley, the ten-song project was produced by Mark Miller. This CD is a follow-up to her 2017 holiday EP, Emmanuel.

Hannah’s latest single, "Split the Sea," released everywhere digitally on November 16th and "Glimpse" on September 14th. On October 15th, Kerr was awarded a "Most Performed Song Award" at the 2018 ASCAP Christian Awards for co-writing “Your Love Defends Me” with Matt Maher.

Kerr has been named the 1st Ambassador for Youth for Tomorrow’s Jodi McQueen Therapeutic Music & Arts Center and “YFT Heart Beats” campaign. Kerr currently attends Belmont University in its Ministry and Worship program.

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Latest CD: Christmas Eve in Bethlehem (Provident Music/Black River ENT, 2018)

Most Performed Song Award at 2018 ASCAP Awards for co-writing Your Love Defends Me, top 5 hit

Overflow album has over 16 million streams—featuring song

Has toured with Casting Crowns, Matt Maher, Building 429, Johnny Diaz, Matt Hammitt, for KING & COUNTRY, Newsboys, and Kari Jobe

Song Warrior top 15 radio hit

Attends Belmont University’s Ministry & Worship program

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