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Free From a Lifetime of Migraines

Dr. Lilia Santiague pursued her passion for a career in higher education, despite a lifelong struggle with migraine headaches.  

"I am a professor, and I teach and serve as the faculty supervisor and student supervisor.  I love what I do as an opportunity to help students to get their doctorate and to be able to go out into their community and help others. It's the perfect way to serve. Butt,  I know that for as long as I could remember, I've suffered from migraines."

"I could remember as far back as going every six months to get an MRI or every year to get one. In the last eight years, maybe I've had six of them. It would be so, so incredibly painful that when the doctor asked me between zero to 10, what is your pain level? I would say 11! So, I'd go through years of, 'Take out chocolate, take out the cheese, avoid stress, avoid noise or anything of that nature.' But there was never a conclusive, 'here's the reason you're getting the migraine.'  I've taken a lot of different kinds of medication, none of it has worked. So currently, I work from home, but before, I would go into the office. And if I started feeling nauseous, then I knew I was getting a migraine. So, then it would become hard to see the screen. It would become hard to see the lights, and I would put on my sunglasses. I would feel nauseous. My head would spin, my eyes would water. You simply can't do anything with the pain.  While I wanted it to go away, it wasn't something that I specifically prayed all the time for."

On the evening of May 29th, 2018, Lilia was at home nursing the familiar headache pain that always led to a full-blown migraine.  

"I was at home with my god-sister, and The 700 Club was on. She was in front of the television watching, and she heard Pat say," 'Here's another migraine, the Lord has just touched you. It's like His hand is on your forehead, right at this moment.'

"And she says," 'Come over. I think this is for you.'

Pat Robertson: 'Just touch your head in the name of Jesus. Touch!'

"And I started to touch my head and stretch my hand out to the screen."

Pat Robertson: 'That migraine is gone in the name of Jesus.'

"And here I was healed at that moment. You want to dance, you want to laugh, you want to run around my house.  But it's like….I was in such, oh my gosh, it's happened. I don't feel what I was feeling before. It's amazing.  I think we-we-we raised our hands. We were praising God. We were singing hallelujah and amen. It was amazing!

Two years have passed since The 700 Club - that instant and I feel great. I don't have any migraines. I could stay in front of the computer all day long and not have any problem with that. I can do more. I can now go outside. I  can now go outside, and I'm not worried that stepping outside, the sun is shining, I may get a migraine, so I'm not going out. I'm not concerned about that anymore." 

"God is amazing. I mean, Jesus is everywhere, right? So, to happen through a television screen,  I can tell you honestly that it took me to another level. It was simply the most amazing day of my life!"

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