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During Pandemic Suffering Woman Asks, “Will this last forever?”

When Certified Medical Assistant Jennifer Waldo started working with with Alzheimers and dementia patients in 2016, she knew it was where she was supposed to be.

“It was very encouraging to go to work and feel like you're making a difference in the lives of people,” said Jennifer about her role as a CMA.

While the job did have its moments of stress, COVID took it to another level for her and her patients.

Jennifer recalls the impact of the pandemic at work, “There were some that were afraid of COVID. There were some that I saw pass away. It made me feel like there was just not much I could do to help them.”

Like millions of people, she felt it at home too.

“COVID was very challenging because we were all very isolated for a very long time, feeling very lonely,” Jennifer recalls.

Through even the darkest times of the pandemic, Jennifer was able to manage the stress and loneliness.

Then in January of 2021, it all caught up with her as she started feeling anxious and afraid.

“The conversations I had with myself was, 'Is this going to last forever? What am I going to do? What would happen to me if I would get COVID?'” Jennifer asked herself.

Making it worse, she started suffering from insomnia, which affected her at work and home.

“I was having some hard time at work, concentrating on my work duties. I did just really get so tired that I just couldn't cope anymore with things,” Jennifer said sadly.

Jennifer took her fears and sleepless nights to God. Jennifer remembers “Crying out in desperation of 'Lord, let me get some sleep!'"

Then on January 20th of that year Jennifer, a regular viewer of the 700 Club, tuned in to the show just as Gordon and Wendy were offering Words of Knowledge through prayer. It was then she heard Wendy.

“Someone - you’re saying you have not slept in days and God is healing you right now from that severe insomnia,” prayed Wendy.

“I just felt all the anxiety and restlessness leave. All that just totally was gone. Then I was just laughing, and I had the joy of the Lord. I became very happy,” said Jennifer.

That night, for the first time in weeks, “I was able to rest well and it was very restful sleep,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer is grateful for God healing her, and restoring her joy at work and in life.

“It made me feel very special and loved by my heavenly Father. I don't struggle with fear and anxieties anymore. My job is secure and I'm happy - not worried about bills, not worried about my independence. I've really moved forward in knowing that God's got everything under control,” Jennifer joyfully shares.

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