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Donna Richardson Joyner's Body Gospel

CBN.com According to Donna Richardson Joyner, there are three components of the Body Gospel fitness program: cardio, strength and flexibility.  Strength training gives muscles shape and increases metabolism.  Cardio is the fastest way to burn serious calories.  Flexibility training is usually the most neglected, but stretching will increase range of motion around joints and help prevent injuries.  She says there is a connection between faith and fitness.  “Total wellness is about loving, respecting and caring for your mind, body and soul,” says Joyner.  “It’s important to take time out every day to improve your health and well-being.” 

Joyner studied dance since grade school and grew up dancing and participating in sports since she was five.  A friend challenged her to take an aerobics class and soon she began to enjoy this type of workout.  After training and becoming certified, Donna started teaching at health clubs.  Eventually she started her own business and later produced her first exercise video.  In 1992, her career ventured into a totally different direction when she joined ESPN as a co-host of the ESPN Fitness Pros show.  With Nike’s endorsement, Donna co-starred in her first commercial fitness videotape, Platinum Buns of Steel.

“For the past 20 years, I have traveled to over 30 countries helping people get healthier,” says Joyner. “My greatest challenge was here – my family, my church, my community, and our country.  Most people have tried everything, but there was one missing ingredient: God.” 

She designed her Body Gospel program to combine Christian music and motivational messages.  She reminds us that while it is easy to “fall off the wagon,” it can be incredibly hard to jump back on.  “Be encouraged: with God, there is no such thing as falling off the wagon.  There’s only the chance to be caught by Him,” she says.  She provides a Nutrition Guide and Total Transformation Guide.

Joyner designed the 30-day Body Gospel program to include seven workouts that incorporate cardio, flexibility, strength and interval training.  “I promise if you follow the Body Gospel program for the next 30 days, you will witness an increase in your faith, a decrease in your weight, and double your blessings with abundant good health,” says Joyner. 

She will demo some of her Gospel aerobic moves (cardio) including the Cross Country Skiing, Side Leap and Lunge Back, and Lunge Side and Power Kick using her Body Gospel bands (resistance and strength).  She says the Body Gospel bands are unique from other resistance bands because they are separate bands and allow for strength and cardio training at the same time.  The bands help shed fat, firm muscle and increase all-over body toning. 

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