Studio 5: Laughter is Medicine

I have many memorable moments from my conversation with comedienne Chonda Pierce at her home, just outside Nashville, Tennessee. But the line that stands out the most is her answer to my question about what tragedy has taught her.

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Chonda laughed and said, "I have been in euphoric (church) services where, honey, we will throw babies and eat fried chicken in the sanctuary. It's wonderful. But you can't base your salvation or your relationship with God on that emotion or you are in big trouble."

Chonda's husband of the 31 years died; her mother died, and she battled depression. The events also unfolded while the Christian comedian had cameras following for a documentary on her life. 

That wasn't the script the country's most awarded female comedian planned for her film story, aptly titled Laughing in the Dark. But the journey has grown her relationship with God and her two children. It's also a story that has blessed thousands who have watched it.

Chonda noted in our Studio 5 interview, "When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death with God, you will have such a stronger sensibility of knowing that He is the rock. And I shall not be moved because of Him."

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