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Pat says he has been watching winners for many years. What he has discovered is that extreme winners are not normal, they are not average, and everything they do is to an extreme level. “Many talented people fall by the wayside and don’t live to their full potential because they are missing one or more of these 12 extreme elements I have discovered,” shares Pat. Those qualities include the following:            

  • Extreme Dreams – Pat encourages everyone to dream big and often. Without a dream nothing is going to happen in your life. For Pat, he was seven when his dream to be in professional sports began. He went to a Major League Baseball game with his dad and sister. The next morning he woke up knowing exactly what he wanted to do with his life. “I had a dream; an extreme dream. I wanted to be a ballplayer,” he shares. Pat began to pursue his dream. He eventually went to Wake Forest University on a baseball scholarship and signed with the Philadelphia Phillies out of college. He spent two years as a minor league catcher. He had fulfilled his extreme dream, yet there would be more dreams for Pat.
  • Extreme Preparation – Coach John Wooden, one of basketball’s greatest leaders, was very prepared. In his file cabinet every one of his basketball practices going back through all the decades he coached was neatly outlined on 3 x 5 inch index cards. Preparation was a huge part of Coach Wooden’s success.
  • Extreme Focus –Michael Jordan was always totally locked in, totally focused in a game. He was so focused that nothing could break his concentration. Extreme winners focus on being perfect, they know they will not be able to achieve it, but in the process they achieve greatness.
  • Extreme Passion – Many people disconnect from the passion they once had. To keep your passion alive you have to fuel it daily. For example, Sam Walton had an extreme dream to build a retail store empire. He pursued it with extreme passion. In order to be an extreme winner, Pat says, “You have to be enthusiastic, be energetic. It’s easy to do when you’re extremely passionate about what you’re doing.”
  • Extreme Work – Michael Jordan became perhaps the greatest player in NBA history. He had talent, he had skills, and he had drive, but the reason Michael was the best is because he outworked everybody in professional basketball and never let up. His trainer would sometimes meet Michael in the lobby of the hotel to make sure he had a gym ready somewhere for him to use. It might be two or three in the morning, but Michael would want to lift weights before he went to bed.
  • Extreme Responsibility – Taking ownership of who we are and what we do are not popular topics in today’s culture. Be responsible. Be accountable. Hank Aaron was accountable for how he played. In fact, he asked a reporter to include criticism of his performance when he messed up on the field as easily as he included praise when he played great. 
  • Extreme Positive Attitude – “Winning is a mindset; a way of life,” shares Pat. You must choose to have a good attitude and positive outlook. Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda is one of the most positive people sports has known. He always let his players see him upbeat, confident and enthusiastic despite what was going on in his personal life. His positive attitude spilled over unto his players and they played better.                                                                    
  • Extreme Goals – We are driven and motivated by goals. Pat said years ago he set for himself a goal to get to 100 books published. “Extreme Winning” is his 100th book; his goal is now 200 books published. He also had a goal to run 100 marathons. He got to 58 when multiple myeloma changed his goal. Goals need to be reviewed constantly and revised when necessary. “It’s okay to reach for the stars and get to the moon,” shares Pat.
  • Extreme Perseverance – Walt Disney’s unwavering perseverance led to the creation of Disneyland and Disney World. Pat says don’t give up, don’t quit trying, and don’t give in.
  • Extreme Competition – Don’t be afraid of competition. Life is competition against others and against yourself. Hall of Fame baseball manager, Tony La Russa said, “Competition brings out the best in you. It breeds improvement, a betterment of yourself. It also reveals who you are.”
  • Extreme Desire – Drive, dedication and determination are the components of desire. Tom Smith, former athletic trainer for the Orlando Magic shares how Kobe Bryant showed up for a workout during off-season. He was on vacation with his family, but wanted to work out before he and his family went to the parks later that morning.
  • Extreme Teamwork – If you take the 11 qualities listed above and apply them to your life you can be successful. However, they won’t be an extreme winner until it is done as a team.


In 2011, Pat was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer of the blood and bone marrow).  Pat says “In many ways, the diagnosis of multiple myeloma has turned out to be a blessing – and an opportunity.  We all have influence, we all have an impact on the people around us – and we have all been shaped and impacted by the influencers in our own lives.”  After a stem cell transplant in 2012, chemotherapy treatments and daily oral medication Pat’s cancer is now in its fifth year of remission. He is doing well and keeping a full schedule. He says there hasn’t been a day when he hasn’t implemented one if not all of the 12 qualities of extreme winners in his fight against cancer. “There is no way I’d still be here if not for my wonderful wife, Ruth, my family, my team of doctors, my nurses, and my fellow chemotherapy patients. If you ever want to see the power of teamwork, watch someone fight cancer,” shares Pat.


Pat has spent 53 years in professional athletics. He started his sports career in Minor League Baseball as a catcher then left in 1968 and took his first NBA job as the business manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. He has been in the NBA as general manager for teams in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia—including the 1983 World Champion 76ers—and now the Orlando Magic, which he co-founded in 1987 and helped lead to the NBA finals in 1995 and 2009. Pat has been an integral part of NBA history, including bringing the NBA to Orlando.  He has traded Pete Maravich as well as traded for Julius Erving, Moses Malone, and Penny Hardaway. He has won four NBA draft lotteries, including back-to-back winners in 1992 and 1993. He also drafted Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Maurice Cheeks, Andrew Toney and Darryl Dawkins.  He signed Billy Cunningham, Chuck Daly, and Matt Guokas to their first professional coaching contracts. Nineteen of his former players have become NBA head coaches, nine have become college head coaches while seven have become assistant NBA coaches.

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Author of 100 books, latest, Extreme Winning (Health Communications, 2015)

Co-founder/Senior Vice President of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, 1987

Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame (2012)

Served as General Mgr. for Chicago, Atlanta, Philly, including 1983 Champion 76ers

Motivational speaker

Radio Host

Education: BS, Wake Forrest; Masters, Indiana Univ.

Doctorate in Humane Letters, Flagler Univ.

Married to Ruth

Father of 19 children (4 birth kids, 14 internationally adopted, 1 by remarriage), 14 grandchildren         


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