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When Tragedy Strikes, Good Prevails

Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

Jim and his wife rose are dedicated to serving their community and country. She’s in the US air force.  He works as a sheriff’s deputy in Jacksonville, NC. Neither ever imagined they’d be the ones asking for help after hurricane Florence flooded the home they’re renting.   This pile of rubble is all that’s left of their belongings.

Rose says, “It's hard. We've both worked our whole lives to get where we are, and we had nice things and a nice house and now it's all gone and we have to start over.”

Since the storm Jim, rose and their three kids have been living in this borrowed camper. It sits on her sister dawn’s and her husband Randy’s property.  Despite that part of randy and dawn’s roof blew off their own home and the master bedroom destroyed, they took the family in.

Jim comments, “I'm eternally grateful for it. There's nothing that we can do to – I mean, I will do anything to try and repay them for this. I mean, it's just huge.”

Jim and rose hope to move into another rental home soon. But even when they do, they won’t have any anything unless they buy what they need on credit.

Jim explains, “We finally had paid stuff off. We finally didn't owe anyone or any bank or anything and we were in a really good spot, a really comfortable spot, and then just in the blink of an eye, now we're facing that again”.

Rose adds, “We struggled before, and god always pulls us through. So, I’m hopeful.”

Their situation was about to change because the lord’s table church contacted cbn’s helping the home front.

Pastor ken Jefferson says, “being a nationwide, worldwide organization has many more resources than the local churches do.  So, for them to come along side and help a family like this to that level is awesome.”

Pastor ken Jefferson stopped by for a visit.

“We want to make sure that you can replace a lot of the things that you've lost, so we want to give you some commissary and exchange gift cards, [so, $2500 worth of that.”

Pastor ken wasn’t finished. "In a way to help you guys get back on your feet we want to take care of your deposit and first month's rent when you find a place.  Speechless. Thank you. Made her day.”

And there was one more surprise.

“Later today, they're gonna take you to Ashley furniture, they've partnered with them and they want to make sure you guys have all the furniture you need for your new house.  Putting your heads on real beds, sitting on real couches, real dining room tables.”

Jim replies, “Speechless. I'm speechless. I can't say thank you enough.”

It was then that pastor ken told them CBN's Operation Blessing was going to help rose’s sister and brother-in law.  

“They’ve gotten some help from operation blessing so that they can help your family as well.”

Jim and Rose exclaim, “It's amazing, I can't believe it. It's overwhelming.”

Back outside, they told randy and dawn that operation blessing was going to pay fix all the damage to the roof and master bedroom.

Randy says, “I don’t know what to say.  I really don’t.  Thank you, man.  Thank you guys so much.”

Afterwards they headed to Ashley’s to pick out furniture for their new home.  Ashley’s was more than happy to provide a deep discount to honor the couple’s service.

Rose concludes, “I am grateful for CBN because this really means a lot."

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