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Woman's Miraculous Healing Comes after Radical Forgiveness

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Margaret Green shares, “And the doctor comes in and he says, ‘She has about a 95% chance of not even making it. So you all need to go home and make arrangements.’”

Margaret was 34 years old when doctors told her and her husband Jermaine she had two life threatening conditions.

Margaret says, “I said, ‘No. I can't receive that."’ And my husband was like, ‘You know, we're going to trust God.’”

Jermaine says, “I knew that He could heal her, but the question was ‘Are you going to heal her?’”

But Margaret’s story of healing isn’t just about whether God would heal her, but how.  It begins when she was a young girl growing up in a rough St. Louis neighborhood with an abusive alcoholic father. She was four when her mother who was afraid for her life, grabbed two of Margaret’s younger siblings and fled. Margaret and an older sister were left behind with their dad to suffer his abuse.

Margaret shares, “He would slap me in the face or he would, you know, kick me in the face. He never missed a day where he wouldn’t, you know, call me names or, you know, blame me for my mother leaving him.  

Her nightmare didn’t end there. For the next three years she would be molested by a friend of her fathers. At eight years old, she attempted suicide.

Margaret remembers, “I took the whole bottle of pills that were there.  And I said, ‘Life was just better without me.’”

Afterwards Margaret was sent to live with her mom who started taking her to church. At 12, she made the decision to follow Christ but there was something she couldn’t understand.

Margaret shares, “I began to ask him who He was and if He was real and if He was there, why did He allow all of this to happen to me? When God didn't answer me, I felt like He did not hear me.”

As a teen, Margaret rebelled, becoming promiscuous, drinking alcohol and using and selling drugs.

Margaret says, “That's what happens when you're damaged.”

By 21, she had four children and was stealing, selling drugs and stripping to provide for them. She spent six years in and out of homeless shelters, and abusive relationships.

Margaret recalls, “I would always pray even though I felt like God wasn't listening.  It was almost like checking to see, maybe one day He'll hear me and come and save me from this.”

Then one night, Margaret went to a party with two men she had just met. While there she was violently raped. They plotted how to kill her and that’s when Margaret began to call on the name of Jesus, which only angered the men.

Margaret remembers, “And he said, ‘Don't call Him, He can't hear you.’  So he began to punch me in the back of my head. It didn’t matter how much He punched me, I continued to call on Jesus' name.”

They eventually let Margaret go, leaving her on the streets to die. The next morning, she turned her life over to God and began to seek after Him.

Margaret says, “And I decided to stop going to the club and stop selling drugs.  Everything!  I mean, everything.”

Over the next seven years Margaret began her new life in Chirst. A few years later, at a church event, Margaret met Jermaine, they married and they blended their families together.

Margaret shares. “The Lord really, really put his hand on our marriage, you know?  He was right for me and I was right for him and our family was perfect.”

Then two years later, Margaret went to her doctor with severe abdominal pains. Tests revealed she had a dissecting abdominal aortic aneurysm. Three weeks later, they discovered multiple blood clots in both of her lungs and one next to her heart. They could treat one or the other but not both.

Margaret remembers, “He said, ‘If we remove the blood clots, you'll die of the aneurysm.  If we repair the aneurysm and treat you for the blood clots, you'll die of the blood clots.’”

Surgery was risky so instead Margaret was prescribed blood thinners to avoid more clotting. But even then, she had only a 5% chance of survival.

Jermaine shares, “He told me that basically at any time, she could go. So I needed to cherish all the moments that I have with her. And the news was very scary. We prayed. I encouraged her, I said, ‘Hey, it's okay. Dry your eyes, God's going to bring you through this.’”

Three weeks later, Margaret went for a follow up visit. They discovered the blood clots had dissolved.

Margaret says, “And they said, ‘We've never seen a case where blood clots have dissolved that fast.’  They said, ‘There something to you we don't know, but there's a plan, God has a plan.’”

But the aneurysm still threatened her life. Over the next two years, Margaret’s activities were restricted. She was even hospitalized 28 times. She didn’t know whether she’d live or die. Despite it all, she and Jermaine continued to pray and believe God for a miracle. Finally, she says during a time of prayer, God spoke to her about her condition.

Margaret shares, “And He said ‘While some issues are hereditary, some are connected to your heart.  And He said,  ’Your sickness, Margaret, is connected to your issues that you've having that's in your heart.’ The Lord said, ‘Hey, I need you to forgive everyone that's hurt you, everyone that has rejected you.’ He said, 'I'm going to use what was meant to kill you, to heal you.'”

So she started praying and after three months, she noticed she was no longer in pain.

Margaret says, “I said, ‘I feel different.’  I just felt so different in my body.  And I said, ‘Something has changed.’”

Jermaine says, “And I said, ‘Okay. So are you saying God healed you?’  She said, ‘Yes, the Lord healed me.  I’m healed.’”

The couple went to her doctor who ordered CAT scans. When they returned home they got a call from the doctor’s office.

Margaret remembers, “He said, ‘I don't know what happened,’  ‘but that aneurysm is no longer there.’ And they're like, ‘This does not happen.’  You know, ‘Aneurysms don't regress, they don't shrink.’ And they're like, ‘We cannot explain this, you know?  So we can only put ‘resolved.’  This issue has been resolved.  Miracle, she's a miracle.’”

Jermaine recalls, “She was so excited she just broke down crying.  So we just held each other and we were just very happy that God did what he said He was going to do.”

Margaret and Jermaine just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary. They share hope and encouragement to their followers on their weekly radio show. She’s also written a book where she encourages everyone to trust God to heal the broken places in their lives and be kingdom created!

Margaret says, “The power of forgiveness is able to heal.  Any time you're broken, any time you're down and out, just forgive. God is still a healer.  He's able to work miracles. All you have to do is trust Him.”

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